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Dogleg Islands Extreme

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File Details
Game Version: TAD
I decided to make a new map instead of updating the old version because there is so much going on that some players might want to play the older versions first.

This is a large file download mostly due to the AI file and the size of the extra sounds. This map is very complex and will need some effort to load correctly as well as learn to play. This version is for TAD(assumes you have TWC). Easily modified for vanilla or TWC: I'll take requests or look at the beginning of "dogleg islands extreme.xs".

Dogleg Islands Extreme is not the type of RMS you are use to. Not only does it have the usual build, defend, and conquer aspects; but it also has pirates, quest, challenges and opportunities on the smaller islands. It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget what you are doing. I suggest you explore slowly. I feel that it has a large replay value. It is tutorial in nature and you will have to play many games to get the most out of it.

While some aspects of the game, like the main islands shapes, are similar in each game; the location of the smaller bonus islands and the pirates buildings on those islands will vary greatly from game to game giving a lot of replay value: especially when you change the number of players and the play options like nomad and FFA. There are many map types(about 20) randomly selected in each game that include a silk road version. KOTH is enabled but only for an even number of players.

There are 2 players on each dogleg shaped island on this water map; 1 at each end. So a 2 player game would have 1 main island, a 4 player game would have 2 islands, etc. See the included readme for details on positioning the players. Makes a good FFA game. Each island has a trade route and a native village.

Works with any number of players, but an odd player(like player 5 in a 5 player game) gets their own smaller island, with no trade route.

With the proper AI, you have to balance: building you colony, being rushed by your island mate, being assaulted by an enemy landing party, sending aid to protect allies and completing quests. A 7 player game with an extra enemy is a real rush.

Players usually start with two fishing boats at their home city water flag and one fishing boat at each ally's water flag; except nomad where you get one to three fishing boats but with a caravel/war canoe/fune. The computer players will start to fish and explore at about 20 seconds after the game starts, if you have loaded the AI correctly.

The Nomad start has been modified so that human players get a small landing party(with boats) and computer players only get fishing boats and a covered wagon(no explorer), since the AI can'thandle landing parties. The human player has to collect enough wood from trees and treasures to build a town center. This works against the computer but I don't do multiplayer so I'm not sure about that. I tried to make the script so it would work with any combination of computer and human players; comments would be appreciated on this. See "Normal Nomad" to get the regular nomad start(where you get the covered wagon, explorer, etc) that you are probably use to.

The game is easily modified(see readme) and can be made to run with TWC or the vanilla AOE 3, but not as is. If anyone wants me to do the work, let me know and I will upload a modified version.
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chilinmichael Thank you so much!
File Author
You're very welcome. Can't believe I devoted so much of my life to this map. Between all the Age games, it has been quite a ride. Hope there are many more to come. Though my field of expertise if RMS and that future looks bleek.
RF_Gandalf Nice work. Played it a couple of times, just getting a feel for what all it contains.

Sorry I do not have time to extensively test this out or do a review - my time is pretty tight right now.

Couple of comments/questions - do the quests vary in difficulty based on the level of difficulty of the game?

When you start the Naval expansion quest, building docks on the various medium sized islands, dose the opposing AI targete those docks?

Re: the Naval expansion quest, I once got an message pretty early on that the quest might not be able to be completed - I assume that was because of a problem creating enough medium sized islands? Would it be possible to then change the quest parameters(less docks needed or count some on the smaller islands)?

And I have not accomplished the White Jaguar quest - have to figure out how to convert it without the other units on the island killing it or how to keep my units from killing it. I think I was able to accomplish pretty much each of the others in at least one of the games I did.

And I tried one 'Nomad' start, but the opposing AI seemed feeble on that one even though I left it alone for quite a while. On the rest of the games the opposing AI was aggressive, on land and sea, invasions by sea, great job!
File Author
The quests themselves do NOT vary depending on difficulty.

The AI only seems to attack Naval Expansion docks when they are close to their home base.

You are somewhat correct about not enough medium size islands when you might not be able to complete the Naval Expansion quest. The whole quest is so complex I decided to just start the game over when this happens. I did this a lot when things don't place. My thought was that I couldn't change the map after it was made but I could change the count. I'll look into it. False starts can be annoying, especially if you get several in a row.

The White Jaguar quest is hard. I made it as a challenge to myself. Then I made the process of other quests so you don't have to complete it to win.

I have been trying to balance Nomad since I created it. On average, over several games, I think it is somewhat balanced. I think it depends a lot on the AI personality.
phomnarak Hi jugit! i really love it that you created a map. i have installed it and how i do play it ? and is it multiplayer accessable?.. can you help me out. im new to AOE and i have installed TAD and TWC . all everything is fine and well installed , how do i play your levels?

thanks, phom
File Author
phomnarak - If you are new to AOE3 and haven't played customs maps yet, mine is not a good one to start with. If you are not really that new, I apologize if I offend, for the following explanation on how to play the game:

Make sure the files are loaded according to the readme in the files you downloaded.
Start the game and select Single Player on the first screen.
Select Skirmish on the next screen.
Select Play on the next screen.
Check the little box Custom Maps on the next screen.
Select Dogleg Islands Extreme in the drop down Menu below Custom Maps.
Select your options and select Play.

It should work multiplayer but I don't play multiplayer and have never tried it.

Good Luck.
phomnarak yes im just started out. i really like to play it multiplayer too. but it doenst show up in the game... i tried to do what you said in the readme. perhaps i did it wrong?.... this is what i have done :

1 : i copied the file "dogleg islands extreme.xs" and "dogleg islands extreme.xml" into the folder; My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM3\ folder

2: i copied the folder "dogleg groups" in: Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3\RM3\groupings\
so it looks like this : ....\Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3\RM3\groupings\dogleg groups\

3: i copied the "dogleg sounds" folder in: Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3\Sound
so it looks like this : Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3\Sound\dogleg sounds\

4:i renamed my old "aiLoaderStandard.xs" and copied "aiLoaderStandard.xs" and "aiMainDoglegTAD.xs" in: Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3\AI3

5: you said in the readme > You have several options about the AI. i choose option 4. ( i guess what i needed to do is like i did in 4: above , right? )

i guess this is what i had to do right? and did i do it right?

i have installed AOEIII + warchiefs + asian dynasties , all games work well and multiplayer aswell. what did i do wrong , can you help me please?.. ;)

[Edited on 09/30/10 @ 09:00 AM]

File Author
Does it not show up for single player or just not for muliplayer? Like I said, I don't do multiplayer, so I can't help you there. It looks like you loaded it correctly and should be okay for single player. You are the first to ever mention trying to play it multiplayer.

[Edited on 10/01/10 @ 06:18 PM]

phomnarak hi jugit,

i doesnt show up at all with single player.

i can start AOE III (AOE3.exe) or any of the other 2 i have installed as i mentioned earlier. then click single player > skirmish > at the map selection i can see something like
"unknown" when i hover it. it says : "a mysterious uncharded wilderness " i assume this is not your creation. since it doesnt say "doleg Islands Extreme" . so i really cant find your map.

one more thing.. did you hardcoded your map etc.? coz i never play games with the default instalation dir. for obvious reasons. i installed it in a separate terrabyte disc X:\games\ .this works for all games so there is no problem with installing games there i do this for a decade ;). so perhaps you hardcoded something in your xml's or .xs files?...

[Edited on 10/04/10 @ 03:43 PM]

File Author

If you can see the Unknown map, you are NOT looking at the right maps. On the top right of that screen you will see where you select the number of players, under that is a picture of a map, under that is a little box labeled Custom Maps. Click the box and make sure the it has a check mark in it. A new set of maps will be available below where you should see dogleg islands extreme. All the random maps you download should be there.


[Edited on 10/04/10 @ 05:39 PM]

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