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A Few Random Choices

Author File Description
Goblin5 This is just a short test scenario to release while a larger on is in development. As you wander through the old west with Gunny you are given a number of choices to make that will alter the game. This game can be played at least 4 times with different aspects. Its not over developed just a smaller map to play with a few things. Hope you all have some fun!
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bheworker So now you want to tell me that I share an ip address with goblin5, your wrong. In fact, PROVE IT. I gave a review as I saw it, to remove it because you don't like negates the entire reason for reviews!
NAT I didn't say YOU were a smurf bheworker, I can see different IPs! Some of the reviews here before were made by someone with an identical IP as golblin5....

What confuses me here is the vast difference in the reviews, do you really think that this map deserves PERFECT scores? Your review was not meant to be removed, if you see it has been re-instated but I would like some more reasoning behind your high scores.

[Edited on 02/27/06 @ 10:53 AM]

File Author
I am requesting all reviews by johnyboyz scarylarry and mrrags to be removed from this game. They obviously did not read the game info as this was only a test to see if this game format was workable. comments made at other people such as bheworker, were unjustified and are flat out incorrect as the moderators have stated. My roomates review was removed without justification as he has a seperate account being called a smurf is childish, for that kind of action to be taken is simply wrong. There will be no further games posted by me until these issues are fixed.
NAT Hey Goblin5,
I am afraid that although some of those reviews are a little basic they are within the review guidelines and so will remain in the download section. The thing is that the downloads here are really for finished and fully playtested scenarios not test scenarios, this is why their reviews may seem a little unfair.

Also I removed your room mate's review becuase it does share the exact IP address as yourself! When I see the same IP address I usaully think smurf... However in this case I am choosing to trust you, the review has been re-instated.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Great amount of replay, I would enjoy a large scale version with tons more choices to make
Balance: 5
I gave you a 5 because as I made a few wrong choices I died, it wasn't just a walk in the old west. The small fights were totally balanced.
Creativity: 5
This is a fun idea, a large scale map of this style could be great.

Map Design: 5
Your maps have always been high quality Goblin5 as I have played many of your AOM and AOE2 maps too.
Story/Instructions: 3
The figure it out for yourself line made me laugh, but a generalized plot would improve a large scale version.

Additional Comments:
I liked the idea of a truely decision based game, I haven't seen anyone else design this kind of game- and would love to see a few by other map makers, these can be made quite difficult or super easy, I'd just like to try a few more.
Kind of a Riven type puzzle adventure would make my day, the same old attack defend games are getting old. Keep it up Gunny.
PaulRogersxyz what the hell?
i get up to the part where it says go east / west and i go east or west nothin happens
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I though this was very playable, it wasnt confusing or to hard, but it was kinda easy, the final "battle" with the outlaws, was way to easy.

Balance: 4
I had to reset like 3 times cause i died, so i felt it was balanced, But the Enemy's should have been a bit tougher to fight.

Creativity: 5
Very Creative! I enjoyed the diff options, and out comes. One choice i found to be pointless was the hooker, either choice nothing happens.

Map Design: 4
Very nice, Except when u have to choose if you want to help the settlers or the natives, if you help the natives you cant get to the center with your cav units. and nothing happens to let you know that youve killed everyone. Also in the part before the ferry i could only find 4 of the 4 ranches, but still got the units added to my team.

Story/Instructions: 2
Well theres not story or plot, But the instructions were clear to me.

Additional Comments:
try making it more difficult to win and fix it so you dont have to resign to end the game.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
Fairly easy to play, I liked it alot.
Balance: 1
It was way to easy to win, unless this was intentional, this should be fixed.

Creativity: 3
It was a fairly creative map. I liked all the choices and what happened after choosing one or the other.

Map Design: 2
It wasn't a very good map. It was very simple and plain.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were easy and simple to follow, the story was not very good though.

Additional Comments:
Playing it was easy, but it should be a bit harder. The map should be more creative, and last the story wasn't very good, add more story than choices. (I know this was mainly choices, but it still should have a fair amount of story)
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Map Design3.4
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