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P77 cats and mice

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5
Hey it's me, Pegasus77! I am back with my favorite scenario:

P77 cats and mice

Last update: 1st November 2014

Brief description:
This is a rather untypical cats and mice game, taking place on a convoluted map. Throughout the map the players will discover a bunch of special areas like shops, upgrades and hidden treasures, to name a few.

-Download the map
-Unzip from .zip file
-Move the scenario file into the folder:
C:\...\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario

Since this is a multiplayer-scenario you will have to host it online. Assure that the players of the first three slots are the mice (Team 1).
Thus the cats take place on slot 4+5 (Team 2).
The chosen civilisation matters as well. The mice will receive certain benefits depending on what they have chosen, while the cats simply have to make their choice basing on their unit preferences.

General Features:
- About 950 triggers
- Balanced since v3.2
- Works with any amount of players (at least 1 mouse and 1 cat though), but is best fun with 5 players.
- Big map with well designed landscape, many regions and secret areas
- Building limit for Outposts and others, to ensure that winning actually requires skill and not tower-spamming
- 1 out of 28 different random events every 3 minutes
- It's automatically postimperial

Mouse Features:
- About 80 different shops for units, upgrades and much more
- Spawn in a town that grants mice several resources and the possibility to spawn some units for free
- Level up system to gain access to powerful upgrades, items and units
- Inventory + Hotkeys. Collect items and use them in the right moment by comfortably pressing a key
- Different benefits, basing on the CIV chosen at the start of the game
- It's your decision whether you hide in one place or take the risk to go out and explore the map. The latter option will of course reward you with alot specials
- Possibility to deposit your gold in a bank account for a while to let it grow from the interests. You can always withdraw your gold again
- Award system with 24 helpful events
- Obtain resource wagons to earn food, wood or gold

Cat Features:
- 24 different units to spawn, 6 for each level
- Automatical level up over time
- Upgrades and specials due to destroyed mouse buildings
- Upgrades due to destroyed mouse towns
- Heroes with enormous strengh and the ability to invoke a magic power
- Decision whether you spawn units, or train them in your fort
- Monster-Trucks at the end of the game
- The choice of the CIV affects the abilities and the appeareance of the hero and the fort
- Infinite resources to assure that units are trained fast
- If a cat resigns his/her mate receives a reward to balance the game a little

Download Features:
- The latest and official version. Not edited or manipulated
- A readme-file with some helpful tips about tactics, CIV's and areas

Just a perfect place for a little hide and seek game.

Feel free to leave ratings, comments, suggestions or simply criticism. Everything is appreciated.

This game was tested a several times online and it should not contain any major bugs. Yet if you find something disturbing the game, feel free to contact me:


or visit my homepage!
(currently under construction)


If you are not comfortable with an update you may ask me for an older version. It's always funny to see how the map has changed since v1.1

Alright, have fun playing!


v3.7 - Japan Update:
- Added a new japanese area
- Added new events

v3.8 - Asian Update:
- Asian CIV's are allowed now!
- New events
- Removed AI-Player

v3.9 - Resource Update:
- 2 new shops
- 6 new recource upgrades
- Fixed glitches of 3.8
- Some new areas

v4.0 - Native Update:
- Natives are allowed now!
- 1 new (native theme) shop
- Fixed Hero ability

v4.1 - Heaven Update:
- 2 new shops with weird stuff to buy
- New sky area
- Fixed clone ability
- You may get your tower back if you lost it!

v4.2 - Lottery Update:
- 1 new shop near the vulcano
- Lottery system
- Fixed treasure ship
- You may spawn units at allied towers

v4.3 - Inventory - Update:
- New Inventory/Hotkey system! Press a key
to fire an action and collect items like in
an RPG (currently just available for mice)
- 1 New (inventory) shop
- 1 New random event
- A random wagon (food/wood/gold/all res.) will
spawn every 4 minutes
- Ranking systems, to show the best players

(Mister SCP created the Inventory and the Hotkeysystem, all credit goes to him)

v4.4 - Business Update:
- New banksystem. Deposit your gold and let it grow from the interests!
- New award system with 24 different events!
- New shop, near Player 1's town.
- Possibility to trade all your gold for food
- Fixed res. wagon speed
- Cats can use res. wagons also
- A new item: Golden Dice
- New hell area
- Some changes in the landscape
- Currently the biggest update

v4.5 - Gem Update [2014]:
- Major bugfixes (names, chats, bank interests, bank deposit, inventory, hotkeys)
- Reduced the lagg enormously
- Extended japanese area
- Added music
- Changed towns and landscape a little
- New item: Gem
- RPG-levelsystem for mice
- Some shops require a level now
- Some new events

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
Hey hans! Thanks for rating this map!
I must say all what ya say is true, except one thing. You said the mice are a bit OP, but normaly the cats are the OP part :P
(well, you played alone with a bad civ against 3 good mice! Of course you say its unfair :P)
And at all the other guys, pls feel free to write questions, comments, critism or whatever.

[Edited on 01/02/11 @ 11:33 AM]

File Author
Thank you very much for rating this, maxulino.
And you´re right, some parts are really hard to figure out. Often some confused players leave the game or dont use specials, like the shops, teleporters etc.
But I cant find any way (without deleting the specials) to make it easier to understand.
Almost, you have to play the map like 2 or 3 times to understand all.
loard of peace just a queastion btw works the hotkey effect now,becuase i bought 2x every item (magical shild etc...) but it only shows that i bought 1 mgical shild. xD
File Author
Well, this version doesnt include the hotkey effect. But I´ll upload it soon, so thx for telling me, actually Iam checking it out :). EDIT: This version does include the hotkey/inventory system now!

[Edited on 02/17/11 @ 02:27 PM]

loard of peace somehow sad that your game become so often oos =(

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