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Shrink Teams start on either side of the map, with the ocean to the west and south west.
There are always three trade posts: one for each team and one positioned in the middle, next to a Nootka or Cree village; a hot spot for combat on the map.

Each player begins with a caravel in the sea - a good ship for exploring the coastline and gathering resources.

Snow-laden cliffs jut out into the ocean as well as wrap round a resource heavy region to the east, while also providing a natural wall for your troops. The only gold mine and Lakota village rest on a small island off the coast.

Plentiful Caribou and Musk Ox roam the snowy hills and forests, while the sea is littered with fish and whales.

It is fully possible that there are not enough silver mines for a full game. If this is the case, use the evenly spread whales of the ocean.

Historical and geographical inaccuracies were purposely added for reasons of fun.

The LOAD SCREEN uses the descriptive text from the Yukon random map. For Alaska, the text is inaccurate, but I have not discovered an effective way to change it. Please just ignore it, and bear in mind the above description when playing.

The map is not designed to be amazing, or a technical wonder. it's supposed to be another random map which fits into the library of ES random maps. I hope to have achieved this.

(Map based off the New England code)

Visit the AOE3H thread at http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=12,28287,0,10 for more information.
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Jugit Just an initial comment. I noticed that the home team has two water flags. Had to find out why. It appears that you tried to add a caravel as a colony ship but only did that for team 0 and used the water flag name instead.
File Author
Yes, that's rather clumsy of me.
Fixed and reuploaded, with some more eye-candy to boot.

So, re-download! :D

[Edited on 02/19/06 @ 02:44 AM]

Etivac Your Map is just awesome!!!!! Very, very good work! A few comments though:

1. Gold mines doesn't seem balanced whereas my next mine is usually farther off than my opponents. Please check this.

2. Just a bit too much huntable animals... but really doesn't bother me anyway...


1. Will this map be bigger if I played 4vs8 on it?

2. Could you please make more Real World (Canada to South America) maps? Especially the places where ES haven't (won't) done yet?

Thanks for the really great map!!!
Etivac Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

[Rating removed - check out the rating guidelines before rating a file]
~ Kastor

[Edited on 09/01/06 @ 07:57 PM]

File Author
Thanks very much for the comments and rating.

"1. Gold mines doesn't seem balanced whereas my next mine is usually farther off than my opponents. Please check this."
- Gold mines should be quite even. I'll look into it though. It's more than possible that it sometimes randomly biases towards certain player, but whales certainly don't.

"2. Just a bit too much huntable animals... but really doesn't bother me anyway..."
- There aren't that many huntables, in reality; it's just that the individual members of a particular herd are more spread out, which can give the impression of more animals.

1. Yes, the map is bigger with 6 players+
2. I think I might have a go at both California and Andes, yes. :) We'll see.

[Edited on 02/22/06 @ 10:31 AM]

johnboyz Nice map... Thank you!
I had no problems with gold or animals but the Lakota were stranded on Kodiak Island... don't know if THEY are too happy! 8-)
Ikol I like the map, but have encountered a glitch. When I play it with 3 computer opponents, one of them always resigns early in the game, and from what i can tell never even builds a city.

Anyone else seen this?

Any advice would be welcome.

Map Design4.0
Rating: 4
A pretty good map but yes, I had the same difficulty as the other player did with one of the computer players wanting to bail out early on. I found the gold and animal herds balanced in quantity but it was the distance to the next gold that was an issue.

Additional Comments:
Thanks for the hard work!!
Pretty good in general.
However to put Caravel is not a good idea.
I think scaling can use some tweak too, resources seem fine for two players but too many for teamgames.
Olen_Seim Rating: 4
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:Meh... It was ok. I'm from fairbank's Alaska my self so I thought it was pretty cool. Nice map but Alaska is known for its many gold mines... so yeah.

[Rating removed - check out the rating guidelines before rating a file]
~ Kastor

[Edited on 09/01/06 @ 08:04 PM]

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