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Seven Years War - Europe

Author File Description
johnboyz The year is 1761 and war has been raging for over five years, now. In her attempt to gain allies, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria has exploited Czarina Elizabeth's hatred of Prussia's Frederick the Great so that she can regain territory lost to the Prussians in the War of Austrian Seccession.

The Russians have advanced and taken the Prussian city of Colberg on the Baltic Sea and this presents a grave threat to Prussian security. If you, the Prussians, can force the Russians out of Colberg, you will break their line of communications and prevent their joining forces with Austria against you.

This scenario begins with a large battle (approximately 750 Russians vs. 500 Prussians). Depending on the age and such of your computer, you "might" suffer a little lag. Generally, the battle takes about three minutes after which time everything is fine again. 8-) Frederick the Great was well known for defeating enemies despite being greatly outnumbered and depending on your forward movement, this battle should be no exception. You will not be able to add more troops until your population reaches the 200 mark so take care of what you have. It is still a good idea to build barracks, stables, etc. so that the upgrade of your troops is possible.

Because of constant skirmishes, you must be careful not to leave your Town Center vulnerable to Russian attack. If you lose your TC, the game is lost!

The Russian may or may not attack you. If they do not, it is because they have built up formidable defences that you must overrun in Colberg.

Load files to: My docs/my games/AOE3/scenario
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
It was enjoyable. The opening battle was a little cumbersome, but after that it became entertaining.

Balance: 3
A little on the easy side. They didn't attack.

Creativity: 2
The idea wasn't that special. Simply two opposing armies and towns.

Map Design: 4
The map was nice and varied.

Story/Instructions: 3
There was nothing requiring special instructions, and the story was adequete.

Additional Comments:
In general I enjoyed playing this. It kept me occuppied for a while. However you need attacks to make it more challenging, and you have to work on the ending. I had researched spies and saw all the towers, but it wasn't worth it to destroy them all. I figured that I would spend a lot of time plodding through the map and hitting each one, and then I might get a "you win" message. It wasn't worth the effort.

A good criteria for victory would be capturing the trading posts. It means you've sufficiently destroyed the enemy, and you could state "you must re-capture the trading posts", so the player would know what to do to win.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
overall very good... it would have been better with more varied and challenging attacks, however

Balance: 3
It appeared to have adequate balance. if i took too many men to destroy the towers, the "spawns" threatened. If I took too few, I was overpowered by the Russians from the city

Creativity: 4
most games concerning this period have been from American colonies (aka as Frenh & Indian War) this is the first from the European side of the war

Map Design: 4
Quite varied and complete

Story/Instructions: 3
Story is fine... a bit like history lesson but OK

Additional Comments: More attacks rather than spawns would help this. Whomever "WTBeef" is the smurf of seems to be quite bitter. You not have liked a game he put up. ha!ha! Next time, try fewer "spawns"
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4

It is easily playable and I experienced very little lag considering how many units and triggers were involved.

Balance: 2

It only got a 2 because, although the Prussians ARE outnumbered, your units are imperial while the Russians are only Guard, and you play to one of the German strengths (Needle Gunners). To counter the spawn, I would post a heavy cannon and a few needle gunners by the spawning ground, and use the heavy cannon while they were piled on top of each other and use the needle gunners to defend the cannon from the ones that escaped. A solution might be to either make your army even smaller or make the needle gunners more susceptible to cavalry.

Creativity: 2

I was going to give this a 1, but I decided that this was slightly cut above regular mass infantry plus cannon vs. mass infantry plus cannon.

Map Design: 2

Well, it wasn't all default. The trees were good, but a little way past the initial position of your army, the terrain is patchy. The idea is to make one type of terrain flow into another one, not suddenly put white polka dots then back to normal.

Story/Instructions: 3

Short and simple.

All in all, I think this is a good distraction. I used my uhlans to kill the cannons, and I did everything I could to lose my army (splitting it into small groups of needle gunners against large numbers of enemies, hanging back and letting them spawn, etc.) and I still won despite myself. The army is simply invincible, and I would probably have a happier time playing it if it were a bit tougher.

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Map Design3.3
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