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Update Pack 4 - Mod

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
**Installation Directions**

1. Back up your files by copying the AI3, Art, Data, RM3, and Startup folder and the files loading1024y0.ddt, loading1024y1.ddt, loading1024y2.ddt, and splashy.bmp to a safe location.
2. Copy the contents of the "Age of Empires III" folder to your game directory. (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III) (Replace the existing files)

That's it. It's installed!

If for some reason it does not work, please read this.

Open up the ZIP file you downloaded. In there, should be a folder. Copy the contents of that folder to where Age of Empires III is installed. Age of Empires III is usually installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III. It will ask you to replace the existing files, click yes.

If it does not ask you to replace the existing files, then you are copying the files to the wrong location. If it does ask you to replace the excising files, and it still does not work. Then please insure that you are running the Asian Dynasties, and have the War Chiefs installed. If it still fails, try re-downloading the Mod, because it could be that your original download was corrupt.

To uninstall, delete the AI3, Art, Data, RM3, and Startup folder. Then replace them with your backups. You made a backup right?

1.The goat can be trained from the Mill and from the Livestock Pen. Made by me

2.The Mill and Plantation can have max 15 gatherers. Made by me

3.Added the Hoop Thrower to all european civilizations (sorry that i didnt gave the name of the creator but i didnt find it).

4.Added the Rifleman to the Dutch. Made by ergopad

5.The dutch can build the Bank from the settler's but cannot build it from the entrepreneur. Made by me

6.Added the Mounted Rifleman from improvement mod 1.6.8. (I'm not sure who created this,but I founded it in the improvement mod so I give credit to Mandosrex)

7.Added new tech called "The Wild Calls" that allow's you to train wolfs and bears from the Mill and from the Livestock Pen.It can be researched by the Russian,Dutch,German,Ottoman and Spanish.The Ai can not research it because I cant understand the aiMain.xs file. Made by me

8.Added the "Civilized Government" tech from the improvement mod 1.6.8,but it doesn't makes the towncenters to support more population. Made by Mandosrex

9.The AI can research the "Civilized Government" (coppyed from improvement mod's aiMain.xs file).

10.The Entrepreneur can build Field Hospitals. Made by me

11.The new Outpost build limit is 15. Made by me

12.The new House build limit is 40. Made by me

13.The Explorer can't build Forts. Made by me

14.The Explorer Can build Field Hospitals. Made by me

15.The new Saloon build limit is 3. Made by me

16.The new Capitol price is 2000 Wood and 2000 Gold. Made by me

17.The Dutch are starting with a Bank Wagon. Made by me

18.The Explorer can build Native Embassy. Made by me

19.Removed the Patrol command because it didn't work. Made by me

20.Removed the Drummer and the Flag Bearer from the dutch. Made by me

21.Added new tech called "Swiss Bank" that increases the bank's production.The AI can not research it because I cant understand the aiMain.xs file. Made by me

22.The AI trains and upgrades the Hoop Thrower. Made by me

If something is wrong tell me because im not sure if i added all the files and folders to the .zip file
That's my modded Update Pack 4.0
I give credits to:
Arkantoz Jr (Shayne Thiessen)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Art and Sound4.0
Playability: 3
This mod was OK, and that is all I will say,I tried to play my campaigns, my Black family estate on the act 2 of fire and shadow changed to the Aztecs, and my aztec villagers were building Iroquois war huts instead of aztec ones in the campaign. Apart from this, which I think is quite a big issue, it was alright.

Creativity: 2
The reason for the two is because you only added on to the pack, and you used other peoples mods, albeit not entirely. However, the things you did add in were ok.

Art and Sound: 4
I did like all of the art in this pack, and the sound on the entrepeneurs works well, I just had the issue of the mounted riflemen, they said nothing, but everything else was pretty good

Installation/Instructions: 4
You gave incredibly clear, easy instructions to install, and for that, I gave you a four, however it was a bit of a hassle for me to un-install, but that doesn't change the rating.
Story/Description: 3
You described clearly what this mod was, this is what I like to see, and you clearly said what it's use was.
Additional Comments:
Remember to keep up the good work, I'd like to see a few stand-alone mods from you, you have great potential.

Hello from England Ironmaidenrock3

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Art and Sound4.0
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Size:7.22 MB