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(updated/Native music & many fixes) Mayan Empire

Author File Description
omarin This is a scenario of mexican culture, involving
Mayas, Toltecas and Aztecs.


- Real Locations
- Yucatan and central México map
- No fire weapons
- Native Drum music during all the game
- real caracters
- not true story but a good one!
- micro managment
- 5 objectives
- Big army
- lost of triggers
- my first scenario :)
- Real cities of mayans and Aztecs
- more than 12 ways you can lose
- 3 cinematics during the game
- 1 sacrifice
- no resources
- hard play
- big ending batle
- instructions all the way

Im not a very good story teller when it comes to writing!
and my english is not excellent so i will just give a
few points that describe the scenario, I put a lot of
work in to it so i hope you enjoy.

its my first one so any coments are well recieved.

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File Author
Would be nice to recieve some sugestions, coments, and Ratings.
sentry41 It looks really cool, but something isn't right. During the opening scene when everyone is fighting, I can control the mayans if I want to. Once the objective is given, I no longer have control of any troops, instead I end up assigned as mother nature. I can control the animals and can even move some buildings but no troops/human units of any sort. Because of that I wasn't able to do anything else. I tried it twice with no luck.
File Author
:s you are right my friend looks like at the end of some testings i made i changed in the object manager to gaia player and saved it so thats why you control animals LOL. I apologies for those of you who downloaded the game allready, at this moment im uploading the game again dont know how long it takes to update. sorry.

thanks for telling me sentry
sentry41 D'OH! Well, glad to know it wasn't me, but sorry there was a glitch.

I'll be watching for the update to post and will be sure to try it again.

File Author
I have a litle question since this is my firts time I deal with triggers.

The end of the scenario is a big batle and my intention was to make a trigger with the condition of unit population ... if you are left with 5 warriors you lose ... but i cant get it to work ... am i doing it right? - (condition: population < 5 / efect: end game - set player defeated.)

anybody has a sugestion?
sziggi hi omarin

for the trig -if the editor is counting units an ai is building there may be a descrepency. Try a bigger number. Use Player unit count for settlers, < 10. U can also use "or" in the conditions and add some "is dead" commands for the towncenter and such. I'll play your dl in a few days.
File Author
272 downloads .. has anybody finished the scenario? did it work well? was it easy, normal, or hard?
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
I was not a player per se but good old Mother Nature. I guess it was OK being Mother nature because I could run all around the map and nobody seemed to notice me.

Balance: 2
I found the girl but my alligators made a lunch out of her... oops! 8-)

Creativity: 2
I've never seen a game where I could move buildings and when I worked quickly, delete all the little added treasures.

Map Design: 2
Pretty much the same thing

Story/Instructions: 3
For what I could tell, the story was good. I get the impression that you are not a native English speaker but your English is still much better than many who are. 8-)

Additional Comments:My friend, for a person who has been so critical, of late, of the works of others, I was hoping for more from you than being Nature Mom. As I've said before, complaining about someone elses efforts is a LOT easier than getting it to work yourself. This game (AOE3)has big problems with editor AND the AI. I truly believe that it was more meant to be played on-line, human vs. human, and little effort was put into AI or scenario editor. RMS scripts appear to work much better but you still must contend with an ineffective and arbitrary AI.
File Author
Hi johnboyz thanks for the review but i think you had the same problem that sentry did, you must of downloaded the game during the first days i uploaded it and i made a big mistake saving the game with mother nature selected, thats why you played as mother nature but i alrready fixed that problem and many other details that the scenario had (i have been studing from scenarios from other people)
it now has native drum music during the game, i apologies for the mistake and i invite you to download it again so you can play it the way i designed it (as player 1/chichen itza).

hope you change your mind :) thanks.
sentry41 Well, it works now! Unfortunately I don't like timed games, so it wouldn't be fair for me to give you a score.

I do think it's too difficult. Find and escort type missions are really annoying and even worse with almost no forces, no way to build more and a timer counting down. After several tries I did finish objective #1. When I got to #2 I lost again.

I do think you made a very nice map. It has great terrain, lots of eye candy and detail. It's obvious there's alot of time and effort into making things work.

Thanks for making it!
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