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Update Pack 5.0 Part 2

Author File Description
Arkantoz Jr
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
This is version 5 of the Age of Empires 3 update pack.

New features included are:

-Population limit is now 500! (Designed by Nicifer)
-Walls now make it harder to convert the buildings around them.
-The menu’s and loading screens now uses the Black UI.
-Fixed glitch where Ottoman’s could no longer train settlers after revolting.
-All Human units now heal slowly. This is to simulate the fact that people heal.
-Re-ordered units in Barracks since upgrades were not always in the right row.
-All civilizations can now build Transport Wagons.
-Flying Dutchman is added to the editor.
-New maps from the fan patch are included. (See credit below)

I had to split the file into two parts because its over the Heaven Games size limits.

The full package is located here:http://mystickypost.com/groups/age-of-empires-3/forum/topic/aoe3-update-pack-5-0/

For the 500 population limit to work, you must launch the game using the file “popmodlauncher.exe” located within your AOE3 folder. I suggest putting a shortcut to it on your desktop.

The Fan Patch and it's maps were created by Zutazuta of AgeSanctuary(Now RTS-Sanctuary).
They have graciously given me permission to use features from it.
More information regarding this patch can be found at: http://www.RTS-Sanctuary.com

If you would like to get involved in the development of Update Pack 6.0 you can visit the forum topic here.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 3
I don't know the exact point of this mod, it only unbalances the game really badly, and each civ loses its unique characteristics, the new pop cap of 500 will only cuz immense lag on weaker systems, u should've mentioned it in the description. The patrol and guard commands don't work either.

Creativity: 3
Creative in a sense that the game is more chaotic, it may appeal to some, but other more pratical people probably not.

Art and Sound: 5
Didn't specifically pay close attention to this, the mod doesn't introduce any new units or sounds, so no penalty in this section

Installation/Instructions: 5
yea, clear and quick

Story/Description: 3

Additional Comments:
This mod just doesnt have the essence for me, enabling so much content that previouly was allocated to specific civs to make them unique and orderly ruins the gameplay for me, while some of the features do shine, they cannot suffice for the mess this mod presents.

[Edited on 07/16/11 @ 09:58 AM]

One_Man_Band Don_Omar_Futurez

I don't really know what your specific problem is with this mod because I can guarantee you that the patrol and guard commands do, in fact, work on this mod. I don't use them often myself, but when I do, they never have failed on me. Also, what civs lose their unique characteristics. I've played as most of the civs using this mod and none of them have lost their unique characteristics that I know of, other than the Iroquois which has a slight alteration due to the Mother Earth dance no longer being effective because of pop cap circumstances. The Sioux still start at the max pop cap of 500. The Chinese still have their pop cap advantage of 540. The Iroquois have that advantage, as well, because of losing the mother earth dance. All other civs max at 500 like they are supposed to. Other than the Iroquois, I can think of no civ which loses its unique characteristics, and the Iroquois lost only one unique characteristic as it is.

By the way, he DID mention the 500 pop cap in his description. Notice where he says, "Population limit is now 500! (Designed by Nicifer)"

I've got a question for you. What content that was previously allocated to specific civs were enabled? Other than farms for European civs, which is actually more realistic really, and banks I can think of no other content that was specific to civs that were enabled. Besides that, the dutch still have their banking advantage because they can still build banks sooner and can build more of them than the other civs. The Asians can't even build them unless they use the Westernize advancement from their monastery, which is a unique development in and of itself and isn't even available until late in the game.

Let's not forget about such units as the Entrepreneur, Transport Wagon, Flag Bearer, Drummer, and Gatling Gun being available for the Europeans, which makes for a much more realistic game play. Or how about the Explorer's ability to build Forts and Field Hospitals. Those were only unique to Europeans, but only European Explorers, not the Asian Monks or Indian War chiefs, can build forts so that unique content wasn't enabled for every civ either.

[Edited on 07/05/11 @ 01:16 PM]

Arkantoz Jr
File Author
One_Man_Band: Very nicely said. :)
Don_Omar_Futurez owww yeah, he obviously mentioned it in the description. i meant the LAG that results from the 500 population, have u ever thought about lower end systems???? they cant handle this mod.

and fine perhaps in all this, there is some sense, but the natives are way too weak, because u guys gave such bonuses to the europeans like giving ''Explorers the ability to build Forts and Field Hospitals. Those were only unique to Europeans, but only European Explorers not the Asian Monks or Indian War chiefs''
and making europeans have an economy of settlers and fishing ships after they revolt, WTF u know how powerful that makes them??? and allowing new techs and HC cards for ALL CIVILIZATIONS... yeh, every players desire to have access to everything, but practicality.. zero.

and do realise how powerful factories are?, now that u removed the build limit and enabled them to be built by units from in-game, any diversity of strategies in resource production will be diminished cuz the factory will be distinctly the most powerful way to victory in later part of the game.

anyway my point is, this mod will probably appeal to some as i mentioned before, but for people who want to stay more casual and original, no sorry

[Edited on 07/07/11 @ 04:36 AM]

Arkantoz Jr
File Author
Look buddy, just because your computer can't handle anything but windows 95, doesn't mean the rest of ours are like that.

I never removed the build limit from buildings. So quit making idiotic comments.
One_Man_Band Don

So let me get this straight. You need to be informed that a higher pop limit might lag your computer. No offense, LOL, but that's as stupid as lawn mower manufacturers putting a warning on lawn mowers to not use them to cut hedges. It's as stupid as, say, Starbucks needing to warn it's customers that the coffee may be hot. It's common sense. You see, most players know that a higher pop limit could lag their computers if their computer isn't good enough. That's something you learn when you're 5 years old, for crying out loud.

Also, producing citizens and fishing ships after revolting doesn't really make them too powerful at all. It does, however, make it more realistic.

I should also add that NONE of the civilizations have access to everything. The only new tech for all civs is Piracy. Only the Asian civs have Westernize. The new card offers improved defenses.

And what do you mean remove the build limits of factories. Before this mod, the build limit of them was 2. With this mod, the build limit of them is 2. Boy, I guess 2 is greater than 2 now, lol.

The practicality of the game actually increases with this mod because this mod actually makes the game more realistic without actually unbalancing it. By the way, sorry if I insulted your delicate sensibilities.
mandosrex i really don't want to get involved, but you messed with one of my guys, and for a dumb reason.

first of, i like to modify aoe with the constant idea that, the producers of the game knew better.
now when the producers made revolution to disable villagers, THEN IT'S WITH A DAMN GOOD REASON!

secondly, no matter how much anyone modifies aoe3, it will never be realistic enough. i mean, you can play as aztecs in siberia or indian maps... come on...
aoe3 must be modified with a sens of balance in mind. i'm not saying remove the realism, but don't use it as an excuse for a mistake...

and now regarding the 500 pop limit...
One_Man_Band, you said that a player should know, with a pop limit of 500, when the game would start lagging. well let me tell you something, the AI doesn't know that... the AI doesn't care if you have lag, doesn't care if you try to train lesser units to prevent lag, if you modified the AI to use all 500 pop, then it is inevitable to stop massive lag from occurring in late game, especially if you play with more than 2 AIs...

and in a situation where the AI commands an army of 400 soldiers, even if you have the same number of soldiers or more, you will never be able to command all of them as the AI does. from the simple fact that you can select only 50 units at a time, the balance between humans and AI disappears. yes, the AI also groups them in armies of 50 units, but they can move them all at once, you can't. the AI moves 400 men 50 times faster than any player.

aoe3 is not total war... and many people forget that.

kangasrok123, this is not what i meant and you know it... and i also meant that the AI can perfectly command more armies at once, a player can too, but not as fast and good.

[Edited on 07/12/11 @ 06:02 PM]

kangasrok123 mondosrex, isnt there a button next to the minimap that lets u move all military units at once?
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 1

Creativity: 1

Art and Sound: 5

Installation/Instructions: 5

Story/Description: 1

Additional Comments:
I dont know how much I liked this mod before ...
Now I just hate it
Its better to DELETE this mod

[Edited on 07/13/11 @ 07:49 PM]

One_Man_Band mandosrex,

I did not say that a player should know when the game would start lagging. I said a player should know that a higher pop limit might lag their computer. I played on a large map with 4 players, myself and an AI ally versus 2 computer AIs, and the only time I even noticed any lag was during water battles, which is what I expected. My computer isn't even a top of the line model, either.

Also, I don't see any disappearance between the human and AI balance. The balance between human and AI is exactly the same with 400 or 500 units as it was with 200. The balance just doesn't change.

Finally, concerning disabling villagers after revolting. I find the game much better with the villagers enabled after revolting. It makes the game much more realistic without actually unbalancing the game.

Oh, by the way, what dumb reason did I mess with one of your guys for? The comments HE made were dumb comments, you know. The comments I made were simply correcting his mistakes about this particular mod. He critiqued the mod without actually knowing anything about it.

[Edited on 07/14/11 @ 04:00 PM]

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Art and Sound5.0
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