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Wall Building AI

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Game Version: 1.00
Hi all, it's been a while, and I've been off playing all sorts of other games, but couldn't help but come back to AoE3. And of course, I ended up trying to pick up where I left off with getting the Draugur AI to actually build walls in a reliable and sensible manner.

First of all, I do use the Extreme Fortifications 3.0 mod by Lord_KiLLMS, but I don't think that should change much in getting this to work. If the AI is gonna build walls, it should build walls. However, in my version of the game, which is heavily modified (hey, I gotta have my German Snipers lol), I've built in the wall upgrades for all civs as they age up, otherwise they'll just sit there with wooden pallisade type walls lol. I may try to include with this a modded version of the standard (Extreme Fortifications 3.0) Tech file the way I have it rigged up, so they will actually upgrade their miserable walls.

Secondly, I'm not a computer programmer, so I have no idea WTF I'm doing, just a combination of common sense and trial and error.

All I've done is tweak on the Draugur Main AI file to get the computer AI teams to build walls around their towns. So far, it seems to be working fairly well. They should build walls about 70% of the time.

The only problem I'm having at this point is getting the Asian civs (India, Chinese, and Japanese) to build gates in their walls. I've looked the through the file and can't really spot any place where it calls on just Asian Civs to build gates differently, as the Rule TurtleUp and FillIn Wall Gaps should be universal.

So, I'm putting this up here for a few reasons...

1. In case I fry yet ANOTHER computer, I'll be able to get this back and pick up from this point.
2. So that others might be able to enjoy it.
3. So that someone who knows what they're doing can have a look and fix / improve what I've done.

Just some notes:
I have no idea why just the Asian civs would have trouble placing gates. I'm currently messing with the part of Rule TurtleUp that says

gNumTowers = ( (btOffenseDefense * -1.0) + 0.7 ) * 3.0; // 5 for extreme turtler, 2 for balanced.
if (gNumTowers < 0)
gNumTowers = 0.0;

because that section does differentiate between Asian, Aztec, and everyone else...

INSTRUCTIONS: LOL I always suck at this part. If you don't know what the Draugur AI is or how to use it, you probably don't need to be messing with this anyway. If you still want to try this , it is for Asian Dynasties only.
1. Get the Draugur AI latest version.

2. Follow the Draugur AI instructions. (Basically the files go into your My Computer> C:> Program Files (x86)> Microsoft Games> Age of Empires III> AI3 folder. Back up whatever you gotta back up. ALWAYS

3. If you are already using Draugur AI, back up the aiDraugurMain file, even if you think you already have it backed up, do it again just because you love kittens. This file replaces it, and is in fact the same file, just changed a little.

4. Give it a try, and have some fun. If you don't like it, copy and paste the original aiDraugurMain back in there and overwrite mine.

5. Become a genius at coding and tell me how to make the Asian civs make gates. Or just plain improve on what I did here and make it much more awesome. The kittens will love you.

6. ???

7. Profit.

***Yes, I set the radius to (between) 0 and 65.0 units, because I play on big maps. If they are building the walls too big, try a bigger map, or change that 65.0 to 50.0 or something. So, there you go. Once again, if anyone notices where I screwed up, or what I need to add, please let me know! Thanks and remember, Have Fun! If it's not FUN, then why are you playin' it??? :)
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Moved to misc. files as demo mods is for mods for the demo versions of the game, not mods that are in progress.
xfactornos Awesome, Im going to try it out. I love walls so I hope my comps build them too.
GenErick Thanks for the work.... is this for AOE3 original or TWC or TAD? or did I miss something.
GenErick nevermind you talked TAD so im asssuming.
murdilator I can explain why the Asians and Aztecs do not build gates in their walls. It is a bug in the techtree file. Therefore, you must open the Techtree file, and enable


In the "Age0IndiansBuildings," "Age0ChineseBuildings," "Age0JapaneseBuildings," and "Age0Aztec" techs (Also for the Sioux if you intend them to build walls). The computer has to detect the ingame ability to build walls, whereas Human players can regularly use the "Transform Gate" ability at walls to make gates. The computer, does also use this ability, but needs to have the building "cWallGate" enabled.

"cWallGate" is found in every one of the European Age0 Techs, and in the Iroquois Age0XPIroquois tech, just as "WallConnector," "WallStraight2" and "WallStraight5" are (The Sioux do not have "WallConnector," "WallStraight2" or "WallStraight5" enabled. In order for them to build walls you must enable them to do this).

I have a method I have the computers upgrade bastion on ("cTechBastion," Greater than 20 cUnitTypeAbstractWall, Researched at "AbstractWall," add at the end of the Veteran Techs, Elite Techs and Disciplined Techs), but I think your current system is quite good. I suppose another method would be to make the Europeans simply use the Heavy Fortifications card, but then what would the Natives and Asians do, lol?.

Just as a note: I used your AI as a basis for mine, and I learned much by working through it, as I understood little or nothing before I tried to modify. Best regards to you!

I hope this helped!

regards again,


[Edited on 10/21/12 @ 03:18 PM]

Rating: 5
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Additional Comments:

This file got me started on the N3O AI Script, and I am very proud that I could do it! Wouldn't have got the inspiration without this!

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