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sp the Zombie City V1.14

Author File Description
loard of peace
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
sp the Zombie City
made by Spielbubi

-total new Gamelay with Hotkeys
-9 diffrent weapons
-every weapon is one Unit
-you can switch your weapons by pressing Hotkeys
-5 items like Nukes,meet,first aid boxes
-complex Hotkey system
-over 30 diffrent Zombies
-special Things like:
-a Hospital
-a Market
-Arsenals (you can buy weapons there)
-Bank (Put money in it and get interest)(total new Banksystem as in other games)
-a Stable (you can buy there horses for Cavallery Unit)
-An eye-candy Village/city with a own Goldmine and other stuff
-RPG like
-over 300 triggers
-some nice movies

Update 1.12:
-add a shop by the prision
-fix a bug where "Alex S." died
-when you move the Goldwagon to the bank you will get Gold now
-fix few other small glitches

Update 1.13:
-add 8 new Music Tracks
-fix the nuke bug
-fix few other small glitches

Update 1.14:
-fix the nuke again (works to 100% now)
-add a pay out menu at the bank
-fix small glitches
-you get more gold now per kill (5)
-goldwagons and the prisioners cant die now

Important Note to the Hotkeys: you have to press them in the Game and not in a Chat window!!!

Note: This is my first Singleplayer Scenario wich i made so it would be quite nice if you tell me what i could make better ;D

Ps:Probatly is this Game a bit bugged cause i didn't had the time to test everything :P

Pls let me know it if you have some new ideas or some suggests

I just can fix bugs or update this if anyone tell me how the game is or whether there are some bugs etc...

I'll try to assume your suggestions, so feel free to leave criticism :p

Loard of peace
or Spielbubi
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andresmar Hey, where do I put the files?
arandomperson hey spielbubbi you might want to get a tester cause some cinematics dont startsome circles dont do any thing like thatcutscence near the fort comand post and the prison. plus what are you supposed to do with the coin wagons. you should make it give you more coin once you take it to the bank. make the reward at least 200 per wagon
loard of peace
File Author
well to the circles: The circle next to the fortcenter is flashing that means that u have to kill all zombies in the area of the circle and than move ut unit to the circle to "seave" the area if you do that with all other flashing circle you will win the game
and and the circle at the prision i will add there later a shop i didn't had the time before...
And the wagons were just for a the map desing but can add a trigger that they give you gold if you want

btw wich movies don't start?

Ps:maybe i will change the win objective :P

Pss:it would be nice if someone rate thjis game or give some statesments to the map desing story or new ideas

@the first question move the files to user/documents/MyGmes/AOE3/scenarios

[Edited on 07/28/11 @ 09:52 AM]

loard of peace
File Author
@arandomperson is would be quite nice if you test everything and tell me than if you find any bug :p

btw i added your idea with the bankwagons
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The make has a gerat playability and with the hotkey shops its very fun to play. I think to make the map a bit more fun every time you get one area safe you get a bonus and a cinematic. Alsdo it would be aewesome to put some chests that with my looting trigger combinatio you cant use at the scenario at some places so it has also more things to get an d more bonus if you get to an area.

Balance: 4
The game is balanced but the chances to lose are minimal cuz the zombies for some reason don t atack you ( I am trying to fix that as you requested)

Creativity: 5
very creative never saw somethimg like this

Map Design: 5
the eyecandy is beatiful and simple perfect for the map

Story/Instructions: 5
the instructions are clear and the stoery logical

Additional Comments:Finbnally edited :P The scenario is great and with some more fixes it will be epic I would also love if it was on multiplayer :P.

[Edited on 08/21/11 @ 02:38 AM]

loard of peace
File Author
thanks for your rating max :P
but if you have the time pls give me a bit more details.

and @the online stuff xD
I'm not so often online in this time cuase my school already starts...
But if you can try it to come online against 17-21 o'clock online in german time you could see me there (sometimes) xDD

Edit:it would be quite nice maxulino if you can make the Ai a bit more agressive (sometimes are the zombies just standing stupid around) cuase i never worked wich this AI stuff and i don't have the time right now to do it



[Edited on 08/11/11 @ 09:01 AM]

maxulino I will make it more agressive for ya thanks ah and also I will e=dit the review
loard of peace
File Author
thx :P
arandomperson sorry i did nt get to you back sooner. i wasnt on the internet for a week. anyhway the scene talking about was the one with old coot and nataniel a nd nokannee scene( the people in front in of the comand post. you should do domething with the livestock too once you capture it. maybe use them as scouts or food(not too much) or something maybe if you kill them you get steaks.maybe certian things for each type of animal. sorry for the trouble oh yeah and how does the bank work cause it wsnt working for me

[Edited on 08/13/11 @ 02:18 PM]

loard of peace
File Author
to the nathaniel&Nahokee scene this is just as eye candy there they they no special function execpt when they will bitten they will also become a zombie like the other settlers in the city
The Bank system works so:
Move ur unit to the circle next to the bank than appairs a massge:
put 100% of ur gold count in the bank or 50% or 25%.
Press than the hotkey.
Eg you pressed the hotkey for 100 percent:
Than you will pay your whole gold count in the bank and you will get than every 20 secs interests for it. eg you have 100 Gold ,choose 100% you will pay 100 gold in it. and than you will get every 20 secounds 2.5% interests of 100.
That makes 2 gold every 20 secs.

i hope you understood my english :P

Edit: At the livestock: It is just there as requiste for the Farm :P

[Edited on 08/13/11 @ 03:41 PM]

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