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Downloads Home » Modpacks » Age of Empires 3 TAD Balance MOD 1.0 BETA

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Age of Empires 3 TAD Balance MOD 1.0 BETA

Author File Description
Alfeu Rabelo
File Details
Game Version: 1.00
This patch try to not just balance the civilizations, try to add a bit o logic (as far as possible), change all units to really useful, so that all of them worth to be inserted in your army, discouraging armies with just 1~2 kinds of units.

Follow the file a resumed changes list that at first may seem huge, but by my experience I tell you: don't be alarmed, the major amout of changes was small, isn't a revolution in the game, it's just -- maybe -- the patch that miss to the Ensemble.

The MOD still in test, so I need the colaboration of the players to improve it.
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ArthusFTW Um, I dont understand half of your description
murdilator I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by the interesting ideas presented in this balance patch. I have taken some ideas from it myself. I especially like the idea of Hand Cavalry vs. Range Infantry combat.

However, I would say that perhaps allowing Musketeer units to have 13-14 Range (Grenadiers included), and perhaps all Gunpowder units have 3.375 ROF could help. Hand Cavalry could be slightly cheaper and faster training, but also have less armor and be faster. For instance a Hussar could cost 110 food, 80 coin, 39 train points, 0.10 to 0.15 armor and 7 speed. Cossacks could be 75 food, 70 coin, 0.25 armor and 7 speed. Ulhans could have 215 HP, 0.25 armor, and cost 55 food, 95 coin. Spanish Lancers could have 24 damage, but only 2.5x against Infantry. Hackapells could have 325 HP, 0.25 armor and 7 speed. Indian Mahouts could cost 385 food, 235 wood, have 0.75x against Heavy Infantry and Villagers, have 70 caption, and 1.35x against Hand Cavalry. Flail Elephants could be 150 food, 150 coin, have 375 HP, 0.30 armor, 5 speed, 18 hand attack, 36 caption, 110 siege attack with 170 caption (2.0 ROF). Sowars could have 235 HP, cost 80 food, 75 coin, 22 attack, 1.4x against Infantry, 0.72x against Heavy Infantry, and you could reformat the 'Desert Terror' Card to give Sowars 0.60x vs. Infantry and -0.22x against Heavy Infantry to get 2.0x/0.5x.

All Cavalry Trample damage could be 75% of their original attack with 4x the caption. Mahouts and War Elephants could keep their attack, but have
increased trample caption.

All Ranged Cavalry units (except Howdah) could have increased siege attack (+20% to +100%, depending on where unit is a stock unit or a mercenary), and increase all hand attacks to about 75% of the ranged attack damage, but keep the same multipliers against Cavalry, Coyotemen and Artillery. A Dragoon for instance could have 220 HP, 0.20 armor, 13 siege attack, 17 hand attack, 2.0x against Cav in Hand mode, 1.6x against Coyotemen in Hand mode and 1.3x against Artillery in hand mode. I have tested these and they are included in the incoming version of my mod.

Grenadier units could also be cheaper. Say 110 food, 50 coin, 42 train points, 13 range (12 siege range though), 1.25x against Heavy Infantry (or more as you like), 0.60x against Cavalry and Light Infantry, and 18 hand attack. Since Hand Cavalry also counter Grenadiers hard, it may be good to give them either a 0.80x penalty against them (equivalent of giving Grendiers 0.20 Hand Resistance) or give Grenadiers 0.75x against Cavalry Light Infantry and a 2.0x bonus against Cavalry and 1.6x bonus against Light Infantry in Hand Mode.

Perhaps Counter Infantry Rifling could give just 0.75x against Heavy Infantry? Then change the corresponding Royal Green Jackets card and

Then there is ships to consider. Too long has it been possible for 40 Musketeers to take out a Frigate. In reality that's impossible. Make European and Asian Warships have +40% to +50% HP, -40% to -50% speed, have 2 area attack, +4.0 Range and LOS for Warships with just 20 range. Perhaps make all warships have 2.0x against Infantry in Broadside attack and all Galleon units have 2.0x against Infantry. Canoes could also be cheaper and less affective. Canoe: 50 wood, 8 train points, 32 siege attack, 22 range, 6.0 speed (3.0 Turn rate). War Canoe: 90 wood, 70 coin, 22 train points, 6.50 speed, 83 siege attack, 2.0 ROF (0.85 Turn Rate). Tlaloc Canoe: 300 wood, 150 coin, 4 build limit, 5.0 speed, 110 siege, 2.0 ROF. Monitors could also have twice as much damage, but keep the same damage against buildings. Increasing their ROF to 6.0 is also vital. They should have 3.0x against Infantry, and 0.5x against Villagers in their Longshot mode. They should have 0.35x against Docks, and 0.45x against Town Centers, Forts and Factories (probably just for Longshot mode). Note that decreasing the ship turn rate proportionally to their speed decrease is also important (0.40 for Frigate, 3.35 speed, for instance. Down from 1.0 and 7.50).

Also I think that by adding ship techs like Seasoning (800 food, 500 wood, Industrial Age for Europeans and Asians), giving -15% Warship wood cost (and a prerequisite tech to Imperial Man'O'War) ships could make a mark on the field.

These are some suggestions for now, and I know they sound a bit foreign. But I hope you can take the best from my suggestions :).

Other than that: Great mod!
Alfeu Rabelo
File Author
Thanks for the comments.

[Edited on 04/25/15 @ 01:05 PM]

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