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Two Front War (REBALANCED)

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Game Version: TAD
# of Players: 6 players 3v3
Welcome to Two Front War a scenario that is made for any civilisation to play.
Everyone has an easy start and already have about 75% gather rate. There is no Town Centre so no one can produce villagers, however you will start with some settlers, 4500 resources and some defence buildings. This is 3 verses 3 game where the civilisation you pick matters to your team as every nation gives some sort of bonus to all of you.

This map was originally called Two Front Strike. This version is updated and you have more features in this map.

List of advantages that civilisations can provide to your team.

Nation Team Bonus Hero
- Spanish -------- Fast coin gather ----------------------Explorer
- British --------- Musketeer and grenadier combat ------ John Black
- French --------- Ranged unit combat------------------Beanmount
- Portuguese ---- Artillery combat-----------------------Explorer
- Dutch ----------- 1 bank wagon-------------------------Explorer
- Russians -------- Fast military training----------------Explorer
- Germans -------- 3 settler wagon--------------------- Explorer
- Ottomans ------- Artillery unlock----------------------Sahin
- Iroquois --------- Fast Wood Gather-------------------Kanyanke
- Aztecs ----------- Fast Coin Gather--------------------Aztec War chief
- Chinese --------- All unit combat----------------------Huang
- Indians ---------- All resource trickle------------------Nanib
- Japanese -------- Unit upgrade is cheaper-------------Kichiro
- Sioux ------------ Cavalry combat-----------------Lakota Warchief


Every 200 kills you age up.
Every 60 kills you get 1 villager.
For the first 50 kills you get 10 villagers.
Every 100 kills you get crates.
Every 150 kills you get Bonus units.
Every 400 kills you can get upgrades of: “Resource gather” or “All unit combat” or “Team Building HP”
Every kill gives you 30 resources 10 food 10 wood 10 coins
Industrial age provides you with a factory. (Doesn’t matter what civilisation you are it will still work.)
At some time the resource wagon will spawn in the middle of the map you must make sure it gets to your base so it could provide you with resource crates.

How to play

Pick a civilisation that you think will be the best for your team.
Train units and destroy enemy command posts in order to win.
Control your economy as you might run out of resources.
Take control over the land to provide more shelter for your main base.
Work as a team and do not let each other down.
Your best economy is by getting in to fight.

The game can sometimes be balanced and unbalanced please encourage you teammates to pick each different civilisation. This will balance the gameplay more.

If you found a glitch or have any questions about this scenario please leave a comment below

Have a suggestion to improve gameplay? Leave a comment below or send me Email RedWarsClan@gmail.com


- Added Treasures
- Fixed Some Bugs
- Map renamed to Two Front War
- Upgrade shop added
- Walls Hp have been improved
- Bonus units are awarded for every 150 kills
- Cannon Limit added to reduce lag and increase gameplay
- Cows added in the middle of the map
- Sound is played when player advanced in age
- Units can now be upgraded After every 400 kills
- Units are now trained Faster
- Building is now easier
- Added more walls
- Fixed Sioux War chief
- Fixed Sioux Team upgrade
- Fixed Screen Lock when skipping tutorial
- Fixed bug when sometimes resource wagon doesn’t give resources to some players.
- Added Natives


- Removed bugged triggers that caused the game to lag during online gameplay. (it runs better)
- Automatic team arrangement is added (you don’t have to tell people to go in teams)
- Ottomans have been rebalanced increasing the amount of abus guns they can train. Plus abus cost is increased by 75 resources.
- Russians have been rebalanced increasing sterlet hit points.
- China has been rebalanced; every Chinese unit is slightly stronger than normal.
- Added more bonus units


Most of civilisation have been balanced to make this scenario as fair as possible.

- Russia: Musketeer attack increased from 18 to 21 (hit points stay the same) Sterlet attack and hit points increased from 8 attack 72 hp to 10 attack and 80 hp.

- Britain: Upgrades musketeer combat by only 30% instead of 45% the rest of the team gets 15% upgrade.

- Germany: gets 3 settler wagons as usual but the rest of the team only gets 2.

- Dutch: gets 2 bank wagons but the rest of the team only gets 1 bank wagon.

- Ottomans: Abus hit points have been decreased from 130 to 100.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Very fun map! i love how CV give bonus to your whole team.

The balance isnt sometimes balanced as some players choose wrong cv. But i it is very Balanced when everyone works as a team.

Very good idea! my friends and i play this map alot ;)

Map Design:
I love your map design that isnt lazy as other maps i played. You put effort in to the map design. Well Done

The instructions are given and it is a good thing that you can skip them.
Its a good thing you added tips for this map because some players are a bit (noobish) :P

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Map Design5.0
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