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Theocracy RPG v1.1 multi

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
# of Players: 4-6 human 2-cpu
(Disclaimer: All contents are purely fictional products of the author’s imaginations and no offense was intended to any religious, cultural, racial or ethnic persons or groups. The author denies any responsibility for any consequential emotional, spiritual and/or physical damage incurred from reading the following texts. For those who may take offense to the death and/or murder of bovine and/or the mention of human sacrifices and/or Aztec gods, please stop reading and leave this page now.)

For the uninitiated: Extract the .zip file and copy and paste the .age3scn file into C:\Users\<name>\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario

For version 1.0: The slots 1-4 should be team 1 open for humans with 5-6 team 2 controlled by European civilization comps preferably Russian on 5 and Spain on 6 at with difficulties settings somewhere between Hard/Fast (easiest)-> Expert/other (normal) ->Expert/Slow (hardest). Note: slow eco rates affects players more negatively than it does the comps especially in expert, the opposite is also true.

For version 1.1 and above: Slots 1 up to 6 human and 7-8 computers.

For the single player version and a REAL challenge, search in the single player scenarios :)

Game Type: 4 to 6-man vs armies, co-op RPG, guerilla warfare, TRANSFORMERS!

Compatibility: Made in Vanilla 1.14 so should work for everyone as long as they have a patched game.

Difficulty: Hardishly Easy to Insanely hard depending other players in your team.

Acacitli and his team were scouts for the last Aztec village. Due to growing desperation since the conquistador arrival, the High Priest begins offer more and more human sacrifices in hopes of appeasing Tonatiuh the god of the sun and Tlaxcalteca the god of war to earn their blessings.
But as the situation worsens as they run out of villagers to sacrifice and the conquistadors arrive at the doorstep of the village, the priest decides to make a gamble and order the scouts sacrifice a cow instead of offering a traditional human sacrifice. Mysteriously, these four scouts were bestowed with superhuman strength, capable of rending the conquistador armies in matter of seconds and became impervious to even the most explosive siege weapons. Their souls would even return from the dead and imbue new life to another vessel to guard the village tirelessly.
However, as the four heroes triumphed over their great victory against impossible odds, their bodies collapsed lifelessly with the setting sun, their essences seeping into to the ground to join Mictlantecuhtli, the god of the underworld, in his realms.

See guide included. Removed from multiplayer to possible griefing through pause spam (which is irremovable due to bugs) but xp rewards still active.

Game Hechanics:
See guide included.

- Remember to use Advanced Formations opened via Options! Trample Mode is OP and Stagger mode is useful in Single Player early game if using more than one eagle warrior.
- Be aware of unit counters and weaknesses, it applies throughout until late-game where the axe rider literally stomps everything with Trample.
- Try not to die too much, you will have to re-pay for transformation as your characters are respawned in scout form.
- The Horse Archer is the cheapest answer to siege unit but will fall under heavy fire; it's all fun and games until they bring out the cannons.
- Have a Jaguar Warrior engage under cover mode (no pun intended) before sending in your more expensive units.
- Alternatively lure enemies into your own units with a Horse Archer.

Single vs Multiplayer versions:
see guide attached.

(if interested, you can get an idea of why things are balanced like this in the game mechanics guide)

v1.1 multi (current)
- reworded intro which stated it was the single player version.
- added 2 more human player slots due to popular demand.

v1.0 multi
HOTFIX - removed convert function remaining that respawned units as player 1 units.
- epiphany! overhauled experience system to resemble the single player version: experience now shared as a team to provide party-wide level up and eliminate kill-stealing; also easier for balancing/porting between single/multi versions.
- increased xp cost and for each soft level cap tier for buffs due to passive trickling effects accumulating more swiftly
- gold costs of transformations quadrupled from single player version due to each player paying for only one unit each.
- objectives removed, reward triggers remain, however.
- replaced cinematic mode & dialogues with disable user controls & spoof chats for retention of chat system except ending cinematics.
- removed respawn countdown display (the fail only-1-countdown-displayed-at-a-time... feature... sigh)

v1.0 single
- XP to buff ratio increased to 30
- removed respawn countdown display (the fail only-1-countdown-displayed-at-a-time... feature... sigh)
- added soft level caps at certain breakpoints in buffs gained to reduce lategame immortality

v1.0 base (unreleased)
- XP to buff also gives 1 gold per occurrence
- cow quest XP gain increased to 600 from 500
- introduced gold cost transformations for balancing purposes: 3 for Jaguar Warrior, 5 for Eagle Warrior, 10 for horse archer and 50 for axe rider (trample too op!)
- added heal object by storyteller
- respawn by timer at 30 seconds
- altered various spawn timers and more cavalry to make jaguar warriors and horse archers more usable
- added cliffs to map borders to make cinematic mode less ugly
- added backdoor method

from scratch to v0.9 base (unreleased)
- anything and everything
- XP to buff ratio at 25
- Attempted the turn-into-Kanyenke resurrection method wherein team members will rez you (but it was bugged!)
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File Author
Hotfix: removed convert army function remaining that turned units when they respawned into player 1's units.
lukeabbs Your scenario keeps going out of sync the single player worked fine but maybe this one has too many triggers?
File Author
I only made this for fun while waiting for Guild Wars 2 release so sorry for the long absence.

Out of sync errors are generally caused by bad camera tracks coinciding with each other or too many triggers running at the same time (especially at the start). But as at that time my sole testers were Mac users playing on GameRanger, this problem was never seen.

I will eventually remedy issue but unpopularity/lack of motivation, this will take awhile to sort out as finding the problem/testers is very difficult for such a dead game.

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