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Jams mod pack with installer

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
Removed installer, now it only contains the actual mod files instead of exe file. Easier to use without executables. No other changes.

I know this mod could be improved in a many ways, but I haven't played aoe3 for like 5 years. Really had no time or motivation, maybe someday.


This is pack that constains all of my mods.

You can also toggle those mods on and off as much as you like, because it has JSGME; the tool that allows you to switch mods on and off.

For now on, I will only be updating this pack, not individual mods.

All mods are ESO compatible


UI mod for TAD
It combines xentelian's and Ekanta's UI mods.
I added some own things too.
I added some toggle-able buttons and statics for game. Now you can use fire pit and golden pavilion without even selecting it.
(I can change these to count any value in the game, so I'm open for suggestions)

To use make livestock you have to set cow/waterbuffalo livestocks/farms/villages to control group 9.
Sheep/goat livestocks/farms/villafes to group 8.

And native villages to group 7 so you can use button "spam natives", very usefull in andes.

Hotkey mod for TAD

It makes one hotkey set work better for all nations.
Now it has also hotkey for missionaries and for mansabdar units.
It has also has new make settler hotkey, that selects all of your town centers and makes settlers from there.

It is possible to make hotkeys to find any unit or building in a game, so I'm open for suggestions.

ESO friendly Bugfixes
There are bugs in AoE3, but only some of them can be fixed to work in ESO.
Fixes that I made are more like corrections than bugfixes.

Previously following things had no sound or wrong sound:

Chinese, Japanese and Indian surgeon now got british surgeon sound. (used to have no sound)
Iroquois discovery travois now got normal travois sound. (used to have no sound)
Sufi Pilgrimage goat now got normal Goat sound. (used to have no sound)
Consulate Portuguese Ironclad now has Portugal Ironclad sound. (used to have no sound)
Silk road trading post now got normal trading post selection sound. (used to have no sound)
Russian church Kalmuck (dragoon) got now Russian Cavalry Archer sound. (used to have no sound)
Indian consulate Ottoman villagers now got Ottoman sound. (used to have Indian sound)
Native Villager shipment now has always Aztec sound. Sioux and Iroquois villagers still have their original sounds. (used to have sound corresponding to civ)

Previosly these had wrong textures.

Japanese consulate Dutch church now has correct Dutch texture. (used to have British texture)
Japanese consulate Dutch arsenal now has correct Dutch texture. (used to have Russian texture)

If you know more similar bugs, let me know and I try to fix them.


Livestock mod

Herdables are now more easily distinguished from their fat and non-fat form. Fat cows are now always brown.



It modifies shipment sounds, so you now hear more easily when shipment comes and arrives. So no more 2 unsent shipments.


JSGME is made by JoneSoft

Added camera location bookmarks(like unit groups) buttons and hotkeys.

Added transparent UI option.
Added couple more location bookmarks.
Added hotkeys to toggle between notification(flare/attack warning) and your current position.
Added double click hotkey(selects every same type building in the area)

Changed the way how livestock buttons work. How you have to group the livestocks in order to make them to work. (group 8 for sheep, group 9 for cows)
Added buttons to make mansabdars
Added button to make daimyos/shoguns
Added button to make 0 pop units from explorer(discipline or pet)
Added button to assist native spam (you need to group 7 the native building(s)). It makes spamming natives easy.
Some other minor updates I cannot remember.
Added optional wagon sound(Idle wagons), so you can't no longer miss those factories or dutch consulate buildings.

-since last update was over year ago, I can't remember all the features I added
-removed some accidental stuff
-added china buttons
-added button that deletes wall connectors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QkrShW67YI
-fort wagon no longer makes annoying noice
-propably many more features, prolly to make livestocking more easier
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
anksssss can u add hotkey , that can select nearest units or buildings (that are in in some range only , not all) like barrack/stable/artilary foundry and settler, inf/cav
anksssss can u add a camera lock group , something, so we can ,aqssiagn a point on map a key just like control groups , press the key n ur view will be transfer to that point
anksssss i mean bookmarking the map , like many other games , also hotkey to selecting all pet , selecting all herd
File Author
I was thinking about that map bookmarks another day, and I think that is easily done, but wont look that pretty as those 1-9 group banners.
How many map bookmarks would you need?
I could also make keyhotkeys for those buttons.

Select every herdable is already implemented on ui mod.
That select every pet would be easy to add.
And about those other ideas, I dont think that they are possible.

EDIT: I made those changes.

[Edited on 03/21/12 @ 04:37 PM]

anksssss ty , i think 5-6 bookmark will be gud , specially needed in team game,

another idea is , to add a hotkey that cycle between areas where u r (or ur colony is) being attacked, mini map shows changing size white circles at those areas where u r being attacked , a hot key to cycle between those white circle area, is it possible ?
File Author
It currently has 4 bookmarks.(I could easily add more, but the space is problem for that)

I think that I can do that cycle between button/hotkey, but it would require two buttons. It would have one button to go to white circle thing

It would work like
button1 : save your current location and go to white circle(notification)
button2 : go back to location you saved before

Btw, is the installer working/any problems?
anksssss no prob with installer,works great, u have done a great job , microsoft should have improved ui and added more hotkeys , most rts players dont have very great hand eye cordinations , in that case hotkey help a lot in improving speed and accuracy, may be ur mods will encourage more players to play this beautiful game

in this mod i was expecting transparent version of ui ? , i think transparent better , i have many great idea to improve hotkeys and players speed ,

i have slow mouse speed and am not that accurate too , this the prob with many players i have seen too
while playing game i always have needed some hotkeys and game singnal thatz not available by default
here is my suggetions

can u add
1.sound (like ping) whenever a settler or group of settlers goes idle
2. sound when explorers ability is completly recharged
3.sound when inspiration, ceasefire or that chinease healing wonder ability is fully recharged

1.hotkey to cancel qued army from a army buildings
i mean select a barrack n press that hotkey , and it will cancel all qued infantry from that barreck , it takes a lot time to cancel it manually
2.u said 4 book mark , due to lack of space ?, lack of space ,means ?, if u r meant by lack of hotkey options , than can u add like ctrl+1 for control group 1 , and ctrl+alt+1 for bookmark on map.pressing 1 select control group double click 1 for look at control group , and pressing alt+1 take ue veiw to bookmark , rite now its alt+1 to look control group , but its waste , none look ctrl group by that way

3.i always wished find barrack hotkey will find nearest barrack , not the first barrck u have build , its such a mess if u have lot of barrack,

it will be a lotzz better if its just select that barrack and dont take ur veiw over it ,

it will be too op if a hotkey will select nearest barrack (dont take ur veiw over it), then pressing a hotkey substitute of double clickig will select nearest group of barrack

4. a double clicking substitue , if u have to seleck many barrack u have to double click on a barrack , but if u have selected a barrack and u r veiwing some other side of map , u cant double click that barrack while veiwing some other map point , a hotkey that double click that barrack without u have to veiw that barrack

keep doing good work
best wishes and lots of thanks

[Edited on 03/22/12 @ 07:44 AM]

anksssss can u also add that flare and universal ungarrisoned hotkey,
hotkey to select all husser , or musk etc in whole map


[Edited on 03/22/12 @ 08:02 AM]

anksssss and one more thing where can i find these new hot keys ,
and ur read me text has a error it write
(typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II "
it must be age of empires III
File Author
oh sth. I will be at home soon and I will repair those things.
That folder for age of empires 3 differs much.
And about those suggestions, I think that they are possible.
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