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Downloads Home » Modpacks » large scale combat with more population, resources and some little gameplay modificatinos

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large scale combat with more population, resources and some little gameplay modificatinos

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Game Version: TAD
didnt play aoe3 for years cos didnt like the gameplay (too few units, low resources, small maps, etc...). few weeks ago friend poked me to start play it again in lan with him so in order to play it cos i wanted to play and hang out with him i little remodified the game how i like it.

okey first download this mod (from one awesome and cool dude and tyvm man for this nice mod)


after u install that mod do next:

copy paste those 2 files that i uploaded into yours: /program files/age of empires 3/data/ (or whereever your aoe3 game is installed on your hard disk) directory.
when u copy paste it, it should ask u to copy and replace/overwrite files so press yes.

before doing that make backup (copy those files from /program files/age of empires 3/data/(protoy.xml and techtreey.xml)) to some other directory or just rar it. so u have original files incase u wanna return back to original boring game again:P so u dont need to reinstall complete game. and ofc start aoe3 TAD:)

what is changed*?

basicly everything like it says in that supercool mod

-doubled the ammount of settlers to build (normal ones and special like france or germans) and they all cost 0 population. (i know there is a bug ingame with russian when u put settler population to 0 and i fixed that on way that russian settlers now spawns automaticly same like ottomans settlers - its only way to fix it afaik so either that or bugged russians:P) and trust me u need doubled ammount of settlers in this gameplay:)

-all army now cost 1 population no matter what you build. so now u can make 200-230 units to pew pew with and against. also this is needed cos its impossible to play against comp if u cant make that much:). i got i5 procc 8gb of ram and some retarded gfx 4870 i think and only playing at those 10x bigger maps sometimes i have LITTLE lag but when 1-2 players out of 8 dies i got no lag at all. also its impossible to play against that much players unless its ffa mode. i tell u later why

-resources like ALL tree are now 30000 instead of 300 - i hated when u kill all the forrest:) cos map becomes ugly and retarded, also silver mine now have 200000 instead of 2000 coin, bushes are 100000 instead of 1000 and farms, coin plantations etc are infinite (atleast i didnt menage to haul them dunno what they were before i edit it). u need that much resources so u can buy large armies.

walls are now 30k hp and also u can build 70-80 those outpost towers to defend your colony instead 7. they also got more hp. why? basicly when computer attacks you your wall dies in 1 sec. now it takes ateleast 1-2 minutes for them to kill it and u got time to sort yourself

i might change something else not sure but at this moment i dont remmeber:)

game play goes like this.
i start playing on expert against 4-5 computers on normal aoe3 maps and die insta:) cos all computers (since they are in team) sends legions of army at me:)
i start playing on expert against 3-4 computers in team on those 4x bigger maps - on bigger maps computer basicly needs more time to send army that gives u time to semi smoke:) (if u need those bigger maps poke me here in thread theres also some cool dudes that make that and il let u know how u install it). with that setup and 40 min threaty i menage to get enough settlers that gathers me lots of resources so i can build large armies and with wall around me and 50 outposts towers i menage to somehow defend but u still got no time for full smoke break or figure out how to organize attack:.
when u menage somehow to defend and send few settlers to make base close to their so u can counter attack them while defending and when u menage to beat them u end up game by killing like 4-10k units and gather 2mill resources that u most spend on units. computer also gathers same or more then resources then u and throw thousands of units at you so basicly u get those large scale fights that i like and those that also like can try this mod. so play on expert against 2-3 or even more if u are pro and download those 2-4 time bigger maps and game will change for you.

for multiplayer game over gameranger or whatever ur friends needs to have same mods installed like u are. everything is tested and working perfectly atleast for meh:) and now i can really enjoy game
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mandosrex haha, nice and thank you.:)
File Author
if i didnt download your mod m8 i wouldnt enjoy game that much as i enjoy now.

ps. i also got modified aoe2 with expansions with same thingie (large ammount of resources on map, infinite farms, population, fixed wall and towers hp and range, also added croatian kingdom instead koreans:) since i am from croatia) if anyone likes aoe2 gameplay style. only difference is that i gave up on that game cos it wasnt possible to play with friend cos hes connection keeps droping after hour of lan playing over gameranger for some reason and i wasnt able to fix it so i switched for aoe3 which works perfectly over gameranger without single connection drop and we played dozens of lan games since modification.
mlzovozlm nice mod,really nice :P
i let AIs built their bases for 1 hour,and needed 1.5 hour to defeat them :))

[Edited on 05/18/12 @ 07:35 AM]

NicolasLeason for some reason when i played the game with this mod my crossbowman would just repeat the same dieing animation over and over again and never attack. Also the sioux when i have them as a team mate or enemy will do nothing. Anyone else have similar problems?
dowdy I downloaded the mod pack that u specified and copies the two files into the data folder of AOE3 but when i open TAD i don't see any changes the game continues as normal.no error is shown though but the changes also don't occur.please help.
dannyb so im a little confused, i downloaded the guys mod as instructed, tested it, and found it amazing,but when downloading your mod, it says the zip file is invalid?? help???
conquerorspc28 Man, This iz Coolz
Idontwantaname Mine is semi-working. I can have extremely hard walls and the AI's build them too but the population and the outpost limits are still the same. Help :/?
jacquesmail Download AOE III Unit Editor V2.
Works on AOE3 , WC and Asian

You Can Change Hit Points and Cost of Units and Quantities, also Population Count per unit.

outpost to 30 Quant. and 9000 Hitpoints
fortfrontier change to 100000 hitpoints

Place tour 2 forts (fortfrontier) inside your base (not Outside to protect your camp), suround them with outpost and a towncentre

Those will Protect you against any Bombardment against 7 Other players

Also change hit point on your calvary
different name for different race.

aoegamefans it's work for every one..no need cheats..

1 ) Unlimited Population ( you can check in the video the population never increased.)

2) Unlimited Army you can built. ( you can check in the video the population never increased.)

3) No need to produce Food,gold,wood to build Army. ( you can check in the video villagers no need to work)

4) Free army check in the video Cost : free

5) Instant Quick Army No need Cheat code.

6) Our Army just like Super Hero's. one warrior can kill 100 enemies. watch the video

7) Our warriors can smash buildings and Strong enemies with one shot.

8)Everything is free of cost in game..no need food,gold,wood.

9) unlimited Buildings.

Go to that link to get the code : https://gospaces.com/s/_eM_

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