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Special Civs on ESO

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
Welcome to my mod for Age of Empires III. You'll be able to create or to play with new epic civs. The civs are from the campaign or they're the civs from the revolution. First I'd like to say, that the most civs are unplayable.

List of civs inside
- Knights of Saint John - SPCAct1 UNPLAYABLE
- John Black's Mercenaries - SPCAct2 UNPLAYABLE
- United States - SPCAct3 PLAYABLE
- Native American PLAYABLE
- Pirates PLAYABLE
- The Circle PLAYABLE
- Black Family Estate - XPSPC PLAYABLE

- Chile - 0Higgins (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE
- Peru - Bolivar (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE
- Brazil - Bonifacio (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE
- Mexico - Hidalgo (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE
- Haiti - Louverture (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE
- Argentina - SanMartin (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE
- Colombia - Santander (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE
- USA - Washington (Revolution civ) UNPLAYABLE

Version 1.1 | December 2012
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Roman2211 you serious?
Rating: 1
Encourages unfair advantages.

Additional Comments:

Using special civs in rated games is possible with this, and therefor confers and unfair advantage.
File Author
All those civs have DISADVANTAGES!
Those civs are legal using on ESO. (ask the actual Age3 Moderator). I made this mod just for fun. The only "all new" civ is the American one...
All those campaign civs start with no explorer and with the most of them you are unable to play :-/

[Edited on 12/13/12 @ 02:00 PM]

P3IX0T0 Good's...

Im young in this things of the "hacking" the games, and i love the AOE series and im lovening the AOE3.

Soo, im searching, and you "mod" to we install, that new civs, that new civs replace above the original civs?

PS: Sorry for my english, don't is the best :X

Ty, P3IX0T0
File Author
Adding the civs of the Campaign isn't "Hacking" the game. The Microsoft moderater said by himself that this is legal.
You're old homecities won't be deleted. All you have to do is adding a file to your Age of Empires directory, creating the civ, and then delete the added file. While the "new" file is copied to the directory, you won't be able to delete your old homecities, and you won't be able to play (?¨ CRC-Missmatch)

I hope I helped you! :)
onfiregun17 i won't download this unless you post a screenshot or something that proves Ryzon said this is ok. ie an email, link to forum where he stated this is ok, ect.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
File Author
Check my Homecity, if you don't trust.

Update is here!

[Edited on 12/16/12 @ 10:04 AM]

Rating: 4
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Great mod, and I feel like celebrating because I got the American Civilization working!

I haven't gotten a custom online homecity to work yet.

Still good Job!
Town centers and factories built with a wagon are built incredibly fast.
Have manor.
The card "heavy fortifications" is aviable on ageIII.
The cards of mercs(AgeIV) are aviable on ageIII.
Rockets aviable in artillery depot.(100 wood & 500 gold), has 2 improvements in the factory and advanced arsenal.
Royal Units: Musk & Husar.
The Royal decree offers 2 surgeons & 16 Minutemans(AgeIII) free.
On Age Up: for age 4, you can select +1 factory or +1 Fort, but the limit of the fort do not change.
No Starting units, you can't play lost map, if you lost town center, you have three ways: Aztecs with 3 Villagers Card, Covered Vagon card, EQ ConestogaWagon card. But pay ransom is aviable, useful for custom maps.
Rush is hard.
no archers on age II.
no settlers cards on age I
Heavy Cannon hasn't imperial updgrades in factory.
petard and horse Artillery are not aviable.
socket bayonet is not aviable.
Amelia, Cooper and Hot Air Ballon Cards are useless because Amelia Missing.
700 wood food gold card are not aviable until ageIII

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