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new improvements AI

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
hello everyone here my file :

it works only with latest update 1.14 and with the expansion the TAD

Installation Directions:
copy the file 'aiMain.xs' into the game folder '..\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\AI'. (Replace the exisiting file).
warning ! : save the original AIMAIN so you can replace it with the one i own and you can play online only with the original.

This archive contain the file that you will replace

it feature a lot of improvements over the standard game AI

here the changes :

-initArrays() : the asians civs chose better wonders and the settler and the pop gathers go for 99 pop .

-chooseConsulateFlag : Changes of choice for better alliances .

-createConsulateResearchPlan : Changes of the choices of unit to train in the consulate .

-createSimpleBuildPlan: The Asian villagers and native build city center .

-rule resourceManager : findenemybase : Unites explore instead of the explorer .

-Tower manager : all the civs build the maximum number of tower .

-rule age2Monitor : Addition of new rules for ex : now the explorer can build 3 town center .

-rule age3Monitor : Addition of new rules .

-rule age4Monitor : Addition of new rules .

-rule age5Monitor : Addition of new rules .

-initGatherGoal() : ottomans are forced to focuse in early food .

-military : rule turtleup : setUnitPickerPreference() : Better choices of millitary units ( AI is no longer forced to train mercenary or alot of Artillery ) there are also counter mode.

-rule popManager : gatheres go for 99 pop and millitary pop for 200 .

-townCenterComplete : asian civs build the consulate very early .

-Monastery monitor : The Asians build the monastery very late because this building is useless with these update for the economy of the Asians civs .

-rule consulateMonitor : Additions of all the updates of consulate Asian .

-Building monitor : AI build more building like british who are forced to build 20 manor in age 2 to have strong economy .

-xpBuilder monitor : the iroquois can now build farms and plantation .

-rule danceMonitor : the danse is better handled .

-rule ricepaddyMonitor : coin is better handled .

-initPersonality() : The ia is no longer forced to produce a category of unit more than the others for ex: btBiasCav = 0.5 became btBiasCav = 0.0, the choice is aleatoire and it is handled in setUnitPickerPreference ().

-ottomanMonitor : Ottomans build the mosque very early and do updates early .

-exploreMonitor : exploration is better handled ( explorer will die in your main base ) .

new rules : a lot of useful sripts for ex : the ultimate update for millitary unit and economy for better gameplay .

more changes will come like the changes of AI DECK and the Navy

try it and have fun comments about the weak point if there is so i can change and improve more :)
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File Author
hello everyone sorry for the mistake
i did in read me
in -exploreMonitor : exploration is better handled ( explorer will not die in your main base ) .

explorer will no longer die in you home city
Emperia1 "age3Monitor : Addition of new rules."
"age4Monitor : Addition of new rules."
"age5Monitor : Addition of new rules."
You can't add a rule inside a rule.

"Changes of choice for better alliances."
Better alliances?

"the asians civs chose better wonders."
Better wonders?

"danse is better handled."
.. and?

You're using alot of methods from Draugur AI and you left Felix uncredited. What did you make?

[Edited on 08/24/12 @ 12:33 AM]

File Author
hello empiria1
what i did make yah you will know when you will play.my AI can product In dificulty Hard 99 settler no AIstandard nor AIDraugur from felix did it.
and for the age monitor we can add rule i did for i added for ex :
the ultimate upgrade that AI cannot purchase
for wonder the AI will not choose random wonder but the best for their age for alliances too.
i deleted some usless dance okay.

So before talking try this AI
it take alot of time for me to make it and You just come here to criticize like a real genius while you do not know what is inside.

[Edited on 08/23/12 @ 08:46 PM]

Emperia1 Don't take it wrongly. I'm a programmer (java mainly) so i can understand the code.

[Edited on 08/27/12 @ 03:36 PM]

File Author
hello Emperia1
sorry if i offend you but i gave you ansewers from your question "what did you make" i studied a lot of AI from Age Of Empires 3 standard and from felix and realise diffrences so thanks to Felix Hermansson and microsoft devlopers.
i did change a lot of their works and i tested my AI for 2 years in the editor so i create my own AI which is more powerful and i wanted to share with you my work and have fun.
Try it and comments about the best and the weakest point so i will try to change and make the ultimate AI if i can.(comments about the gamplay)

[Edited on 08/24/12 @ 10:37 AM]

Tatanka I tried few days ago your AI improvement. And there is a lot of thing interesting, I like the way how you have constrained the AI to use kinds of units. I have added in the AImain the cannon which was forgotten. I activated also the plan for the walls, but I don't know why AI build 2 walls; one large and an other one smaller around their cities.

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