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Downloads Home » Miscellaneous Files » N3O FP AI for TAD 1.03, Version 6 (updated May 5th, 2013)

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N3O FP AI for TAD 1.03, Version 6 (updated May 5th, 2013)

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
This is the AI used in N3O Fan Patch, except that it has been made compatible for an unmodded copy of Age of Empires III, with both expansion packs.

EDIT: Version 6: May 5th, 2013:

- AI builds only 80 villagers in Industrial and Imperial Ages (down from 85 in Industrial and 90 in Imperial)

- Added a few more specific cards to civilizations, and added more rules to incorporate them in the right time of the game

- Natives now include the 'Town Dance' card in their decks, and use it when you besiege their town instead of the Firepit 'Alarm' Dance.

- German AI uses Settlers Wagons from Industrial onwards, and is magnificently improved (builds civ-specific units; I found out how). Given that they build Settler wagons, they will have generally 20 more settler population than other AI civilizations.

- Added correct cards Unit Improvement for Portugal

- Added Yeomen card for the British; the AI should ship this card as a secondary card - the military still concentrates on Redcoats and Lifeguards (sends it when it sends cards such as TEAM )

- Testing trying to get the Natives to do the 'War Dance' as standard; they now include only 20 Dancers (down from 25) so as to improve their economy.

- Will remove French Church card from the French, and replace it with another more useful card (because this is really underpowered and gives +50% Building Cost; not worth it)

- Added rules for the Asians to upgrade their Imperial Economic Upgrades

- Japanese AI builds much more Ashigaru; builds some Samurai/Naginata, sometimes Yumi

- Testing different card priorities for resource/villager/wagon cards; may make a difference in the future.

- Aztec AI has much better card selection

- Added more bank cards and rules for the Dutch, they will also use Tulip Speculation and Dutch East India Company correctly, and added 700 wood shipment to them

- Will test out things for different civilizations regarding specific cards; I will try and remove the 2 Settlers, 2 Coureurs, and miscellaneous Settler Wagon Shipments, since Settler Wagons are trained via the Mill now.

- Added Guild Artisans to the German Deck; this is now properly used with German Town Farmers

- Only the Dutch AI builds Heavy Cannons from Factories; all other AIs keep both factories on coin and (should) upgrade them on coin.

- Capitol Upgrades rule disabled for Natives and Asians (helps keep the AI more busy on important matters; too many active rules slows down their processing time)

- In General, the AI builds more Musketeers/Skirmishers, and builds even less artillery.

- May allow in the future the Aztecs to Spawn Warriors Priests instead of Skull Knights from the Firepit, thus allowing them to build more units, properly speaking.

- Added Cavalry Hitpoints Card to the French; (at the moment, though, it replaces the Fort; so the church card may be removed to allow the Fort back in)

- Computer ships 'Improved Buildings' and 'Team Improved Buildings' sooner in the game.

- Added more small rules for Economic Techs; may do so for Resource Trickles, in order that the computer use them.

- Perhaps will add separate rules allowing France to have Advanced Trading Post Card, and maybe Allow Germany to include Cheaper Natives card as well.

EDIT: Version 5: May 3rd, 2013 (again):

- German AI should build significantly less mercenaries, and concentrate more on the right units.

EDIT: Version 4: May 3rd, 2013:

- AI now builds two layers of wall upon hitting Industrial

- Now uses German Town Farmers and Guild Artisans cards correctly; the AI should train Settler Wagons once these cards are shipped

- Will remove most Mercenaries (especially for Germany) so that the AI will concentrate on building the right lategame counters and focus on upgrading them (this was included in N3O FP1.3 version of the AI, but not in this one or its previous version to the same extent. I was unaware that I had not changed it previously).

- Will add specific Crate shipments, after some testing.

- AI plays more agressively generally speaking

- AI will upgrade Iroquois, Aztec and Sioux lategame economic techs, if they are available

EDIT: Version 3: Feb. 2nd, 2013:

- Added civ-specific cards, added more cards, AI now sends these cards at a reasonable time in the game, AI builds more villagers, has better economic management, AI tries to build more fishing boats; AI upgrades Capitol upgrades, German AI greatly improved. The Japanese AI should also play a deal better, though they could have much work done to them.

- Many other small featurettes included as improvements, including mill-upgrading, market-upgrading, mercantilism-upgrading, etc.

Other than these things, this file is now up to date with the latest version included in the N3O Fan Patch 1.3z2w.

EDIT: Version 2: Dec. 6th, 2012: Fixed all errors in the coding, and now correctly made compatible with all versions of The Asian Dynasties. Bugs in the coding prevented this before.

- Most Europeans civilizations no longer build most mercenaries (except for Elmeti, Mamelukes, Stradiots; best mercenaries; this is so that they upgrade their Musketeers and Skirmishers to Imperial Status more often); Japan and Germany should build more units now. Also, unit preferences have been improved for most civs. Also, China builds more Territorial Armies as they did in the original Drauger AI.

- Native American Civs build more Canoes on water maps.

EDIT: Version 1: Nov. 12th, 2012: AI updated greatly. The AI has slightly less wood villagers, no longer builds mercenaries, and builds more infantry/cavalry armies, with some artillery support. In other words, they fight now like Human players, though with worse general tactics. Civs will build much better unit selections and more varied; the Dutch, for instance, will build Ruyters in addition to Skirmishers, Hussars and Halberdiers.

Also, Decks have been improved for various civs.

EDIT: Oct. 22nd, 2012: fixed remaining compatability issues.

EDIT: Oct. 21st, 2012: Revamped AI greatly: AI upgrades walls, all AI civs build gates in their walls, deck bugs fixed, AI builds a little less artillery, Spain, France, India and Japan have their preferences altered, AI chooses better cards and ships them appropriately (still needs testing; I will work with this in the future), some early forced economic shipments have been removed, and replaced with better Military unit upgrade shipments.

The Deathmatch AI should play better, as they take time to first build an economy, then military buildings.

EDIT: Oct. 3rd, 2012: Fixed code by removing 'fpGuardFusiliers' tech and 'fpcomptechs1' from the tech research list.

EDIT Sept. 24th, 2012: Fixed code by removing "seasoning" from tech research list (it is a tech included for my mod which makes warships cost less wood).

This uses Felix Hermansson's Drauger AI as a base, but has varied improvements. I know this is not the best copy of an AI, and nor am I the best AI coder, but it is a shot at giving others a rubric to build from. Best played against on Deathmatch games, against two AI, starting in Post Imperial, giving them 30% handicap.

I have made certain decks improvements as well, but the AI does not upgrade their walls. Asians do not build their gates either. So its a bit buggy here and there, but I hope you enjoy and can improve this further if you like. I am not bothered by it if anyone uses this AI to their own liking.


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CaptainHalo I get this error when trying to use it

00:00:00 (o): XS: Error 0003:
could not compile file
File Author
Hey, Thanks for your message.

I have found an error in my coding and fixed it.

The file is reuploaded now and works (I've tested it) on The Asian Dynasties.
CaptainHalo Thanks. Don't mean to be a further ass, but how do I actually tell that this is working? Or rather, what sort of AI behavior can I expect?

Would it be something noticeable, like an enemy having no artillery in a small army, or is it one of those things I won't notice until a few hours of gameplay?
File Author
Hey no problem man! This is for everyone to enjoy, not just me!

Yes, the AI should be noticibly different within the first two minutes of the game. Some basic things:

- around 30 seconds into the game the AI should create their deck; this should be much better than the original AI

- the computers will pick various boom/rush/turtle strategies, but always build select unit types. If one unit is more upgraded than another, they will often favour it as a counter

- the AI will build and upgrade warships

- The AI will build their fort more defensively

These above actions are from the Draugur AI, so the Functions I've basically added are these:

- Civ-specific units (Britain builds Musketeers, Hussars; Portugal builds Dragoons, Hussars, Musketeers, Cassadors, Halberdiers; France builds Hussars, Cuirassiers, Musketeers and Skirmishers; Dutch builds Hussars, Skirmishers, Ruyters, Halberdiers)

- The AI will build minimal artillery (with the exception of Germany); they will spawn Heavy Cannons from factories

Note: it really helps to give the Computers a 20% handicap and put them on Expert; otherwise they are a bit too slow in gathering resources sometimes, which may prevent their competitiveness.

Also, the computer player plays best on medium-large maps, so that they can build their walls without messing up each others or your base.

I am working further on this AI, so if you have any suggestions (supposing you get it working), and have already improved Japan and Germany's broken game-play in a upcoming version (which I have been testing just today). I am also improving the basic decks of some of the Asians, I have found many bugs regarding improved decks, and am understanding deeper how the AI plays.

My apologies for not fixing issues. Also, a bug with the original game is that not all of the civilizations will build gates in their walls. These civilizations are:

Aztec, Indians, Japanese, Chinese

The issue is that Gates are not enabled for these civs - thus meaning that although walls give the ability to change themselves to gates, the computer does not read that building gates is possible for these civilizations. In my N3O Patch, I have fixed this issue: this is a bug in the original game techtree.

Any other questions, just ask! I know there are several issues, which all deserve fixing. I have come a long way since December 6th.

best of regards,

buckmfnasty after reading this description as well as the forum thread where you discuss this ai, i am excited to try it except for one thing:

aztec etc not building gates...does this mean that if i play against one of these gateless civs they will block themselves into their own base or cut themselves off from resources? or will they refrain from using walls because of the gate bug?

if the gateless races just forgo walls id still love to play this ai with everything you've described!!!! thankyou for your work; i've always thought of it as unnecessary that such an in depth strategy game should have such a failure of an a.i. as the default ones that ensemble gives with its games (the aok a.i. sucked too)
File Author
Its actually really easy to change that.

Open the DraugurMain.xs included with this download.

Press Ctrl-F. Type in "delaywalls". Press Enter.

Press enter again until you come to a "rule delay walls". You will find it "active". Just type in "inactive" in place of "active", and you should be able to play against the AI without walls.

This AI tends to work best on DM also. If you want a really good single player gameplay, I would suggest using my N3O 1.3 Patch. I have updated the AI further there.

Or if you like, make a backup of your techtreey file, and then go into your original techtreey file, and you will find the first tech is Age0French. Scroll down through it until you find:


Copy this. Then find Age0Indians, Age0Chinese, Age0Japanese and Age0XPAztec, by using ctrl-F and pressing enter; then copy and past this at the end before this:

All techs have to open with , then , but also close with then and afterward .

Btw, I'm going to update this soon with a version that includes many more improvement cards for the AI. However, I need to test it a bit to make sure it is as good as this one currently. I am planning on making the AI better in other ways as well.


buckmfnasty Ok,I played half a game 1v2 against aztec+indian, classic settings on expert starting in discover, then had to go to bed, LOL. but when i resigned i noticed that cuatamoc had assigned a single wall post to be built but the villager hadn't made it yet. so i will be disabling walls because i don't want my asian/aztec enemies walling themselves in.

on two other notes:

India played a much better game with more inf/cav and less outlaws, and he built more units in general and attacked more often. kudos on the changes there.

Upon seeing the resignation screen, i noticed that Aztec was trying to build a tp where i had already built one. it had been revealed to him before i walled it off and he couldn't rediscover that it had been occupied. so he kept sending villagers to die at my wall, this i've never noticed before, did you make some changes in the values for trade post building? also he built very few military units that game, and usually aztec is one of the better expert ais. could have been a fluke tho ill have to test more.

could you reexplain the part about editing the tech tree? i couldn't understand the steps very well. also, will that result in the asian/aztecs being able to build gates?

keep updating this and i will keep testing it and giving you feedback, i can even relay you recorded games if youd like. thanks again
File Author
That's a bit strange. But I do have a hunch what it is, because I agree that the Aztec AI usually plays well in my version. If he begins to build walls early, that means that he is turtling - a strategy that I'm trying to remove in the near future. If they turtle, then they build walls early and don't focus on important military/economic stuff as much, sadly enough. Lategame, however, they do sometimes build walls, and I'm trying to make them always build walls lategame, instead of building them early. Usually, though, they don't build walls unless you play against them in Deathmatch game.

About the Settler/Warchief Trading Post bug: They try to do this with a few villagers, I'm not sure why. But unless they have scouted that trading post after you built on it, they will try and build on it.

Generally, I have made them claim native sites more often, but its a bit randomized when they claim them. The problem you experienced is probably just an in-game bug from the original game.

Game-wise, I advise setting the Experts on 20% Handicap. This gives them enough resources to be competitive.
File Author
This file has been updated to match the latest version of N3O FP1.3 AI.

Please give your feedback on the results of the gameplay!
kaptain_kompost You mentioned in one of your posts here that the AI builds a deck after about 30 seconds. I have had the experience that when I check up on the deck of my allies, they haven't built decks until I'm on my 6th shipment or so. Am I missing something? It doesn't seem like they are playing any cards in the early game.
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