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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Portuguese Water Turtle Vanilla - Vs. British Opponent

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Portuguese Water Turtle Vanilla - Vs. British Opponent

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Carolina
Map Size: Large
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
AI Difficulty: Moderate
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 33:03
Player 1's Name: Justus_Pacificia
Player 2's Name: funlikeruck
Game Version: AoE3
Greetings again!

This is a recorded game of me playing Portugal against a British player. Here I utilize the ubiquitous Portuguese Water Turtle, though best suited against the Ottoman Rush, against a British semi-booming opponent.

Unlike my previous recording, I do not build a market until I start aging to Colonial Age. I immediately put 3 villagers onto wood, a fourth a little later, but I obtain 10-11 villagers onto food. My first fishing boats go to whales, and my villager that builds the dock goes to the mine. Since he is Britain, and will age slower than an Ottoman player, I build one more villager. I build my market once I start aging to Colonial, upgrade Gang Saw and later Hunting Dogs, and wait with the other market techs. I do not have a great supply of wood, so I end up buying about 300, selling a bit of food and buying with the 300-400 coin I have already in order that I may have several towers.

As I hit Colonial, I falsely believe that he will build warships and fishing boats first; he instead takes me by surprise by raiding with musketeers. Although I had half-expected a rush and am prepared, as I saw his resource cards in his deck, I am nonetheless set back by his destroying my two docks, with the second 75% built. To counter his rush, I build walls, curtailing his raids' effectiveness.

Notice how I am frightened about his Warship deck and set back by his destroying my dock and second almost-built dock before my 2 caravels come out. This is where he makes his grave mistake: he fails to capitalize on the water quickly, thus allowing me to regain my supremacy on the seas. I win the early naval combat with my two caravels against his two caravels, a huge early game advantage. Now I am expecting tough water resistance. Based on previous recent experience, I decide to age up with the Admiral Ocean of the Sea, (1 Caravel and 400 wood), after considering aging with 6 Cassadors.

Immediately when I hit Fortress, I think about going to Industrial. However, I build a few more villagers before I do this, construct some warships, yet foolishly scout with my caravels before I am fully upgraded with armor plating. This loses me one caravel. Nevertheless, I am determined, and as I have reached Fortress faster than he, have upgraded my warships, built two Frigates and ordered 3 Caravels, I feel confident. As I advance to Industrial, at a back town center (for I fear an attack), he attacks, worrying me greatly: I have not sent Colonial Militia, and have not built any soldiers. Since at this time I am upgrading Bastion, I make the strategic decision to cancel bastion, which is 60% done upgrading, upgrade my towers at a back tower, and instead research Mercantilism, allowing me to send the Colonial Militia Card, Fencing School, and a Factory Wagon. He pounds my buildings with Grenadiers, I pump out 20 Cassadors from my two barracks in the back of my base, call out the first minutemen, and luckily get out 30 minutemen before one of my Town Centers is destroyed. With this, I am able to wipe out about half of his force, with him retreating.

Immediately I try and harass his Warships. I want to throw him off guard by concentrating on other parts of his game. However, he reacts quickly and surely and moves his warships back to his defensive structures. I realize that it is best to let the water remain neutral, as he has the Improved Warships card and defenses; I need the water more than he does, and if I lose on the water, 12 Fishing boats on whales is better than no fishing boats at all.

At this time, I begin to realize that this might be a long drawn out NR game. Thus, as my coin supply runs out, I build two plantations and begin thinking of exterior expansion. I seize the upper silver mines, building villagers, build more walls, build a base of operations up by the silver mines, and solidify my defensive position. I have two factories now, 107 villagers, and he attack above, with un-upgraded cavalry. This I easily beat, and he foolishly places his second factory in the open, which I plan to take out with the seminole natives.

He attacks again by the silver mines, I fear defeat, but I pull through as I realize he does not have walls. By this time, I know that building mortars will make him resign, because he is not the tire of player I had thought him as.

Overall, though spectacular at raiding my economy, he acts unwisely in showing off his positions in destroying unnecessary walls and not taking advantage of the trading posts or native Cherokee settlement (For Cherokee Basket Weaving Tech, which makes all Economic Market, Dock, Mill and Plantation upgrades cost no wood). Also, for him to secure victory, he should have built a wall around his base and concentrated on fortifying one area, putting his factories together in his main base. He, however, spreads out his base, allowing me, who has the strength of many walls, thus a safe economy, to ultimately prevail.

I hope you enjoy this exciting game as much as my last recording!


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