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Downloads Home » Miscellaneous Files » AI Update Pack 2013/02/08

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AI Update Pack 2013/02/08

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Game Version: TAD
An AI player now becomes more aggressive and warlike throughout the game, and keeps
harassing enemy's outdoor gatherers. On the contrary, it behaves more helpful and
generous towards allies. AI players in this version always try to keep maxmium military
and work at more active attack and defense. Even so, AI's ability of resisting human player's rush and sophisticated mirco still remains weak. Maybe it would be improved in later versions.
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Rating: 4
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Additional Comments:

This AI deserves mention due to the amount of work put into it. The AI uses mortars somewhat correctly, has a perfect No Rush deck (absolutely flawless), but may have problems ordering the best cards in certain things.

Also, the AI attacks more - much more, as the original AI did. This is very good. Another good thing is that they attack on the water, disrupting your ocean economy, and often with superior amounts warships. They are also to upgrade Imperial Warship techs, which was lacking from the original Draugur AI.

A thing to improve on, however, would be to rather make the AI build less artillery; Maybe 2 Mortars max. Horse guns become too much of a commodity bought or sold. Rather, the AI should favour a few units specifically, and perhaps try and maintain 2 Horse Guns, instead of 3 Mortars (one because they are expensive, two, because the AI trains to many of them, and three because the AI generally handles artillery poorly, insisting on sending them into melee combat, where they receive the coup de grace).

Another thing that could be improved would be less fishing boats, though it is quite fine to test it with many. The auto-deletion of fishing boats hasn't seemed to work properly (as I studied the code), and the AI on water maps it seems focuses much on water.

I personally am against including the Blockade feature in the Computer Techs; though its nice, it sort of puts away the competitiveness of the Computer player receiving all of their cards and you receiving yours. For competitive play, I would suggest removing this, or disabling, because imo many folks don't like blockade in general.

This AI does build up to three layers of walls or more, and upgrades them appropriately - however, I have not tested it enough to see its best performances. I give my thanks hands down. This, though it has some things here and there which should be improved, is nontheless a very solid work done.

I also want to suggest lowering the gatherers on food plans, and increasing back on wood plans; lowering the preference on wood to 0.77 (instead of 0.78).

A last suggestion, and this is more personal preference, This AI would play better with some specific rules to Civ-specific units. This means, regardless of what unit the computer should be naturally using to counter your unit, it should always favour a core of units. For example, Britain should favour Musketeers, Hussars, Grenadiers, sometimes Dragoons or Longbowmen (but lower on Longbowmen, because the AI uses 'attack-move', thus doesn't allow archers to use their fast firing rate, but always resetting their 1.5 second setup time). France should have Skirmishers, Cuirassiers, Hussars, Musketeers, and a few Halberdiers (and Dragoons should be excluded from most civs except Portugal, and just slightly included for Britain and Spain, since the AI plays bad with them generally speaking, such as sending them into the Melee). I understand the purpose of giving exact counters as the Computer should favour Strelets to counter Infantry; however, giving a higher priority on Musketeers for Russia, say 0.94, and 0.84 for Strelets, helps the computer pick a mix of Strelets/Musketeers. This should be favoured because Human players generally use Musketeers as Russia's main unit.

I thought another improvement would be to make less rules, or divide them up into small rules, so that the AI doesn't cause as much lag in the game (this is a theory I have, but it might not be true).

I also have a question, How did you manage to get Level 40 Homecity Cards in the decks? For me it bugs and I don't know how to do it; I simply change the Homecity level of a card to 25, and it includes it. I, for instance, would love to include Economic Theory in my decks, but I would have to change the homecity prerequisite down to Level 25, and doing that requires a modification with the AI.

Also, great work on including civ-specific cards and map-specific cards. My hat is off to you.

best of regards,

File Author
Hi murdilator,

Thank you for your feedback. I think about it. Maybe I add it in one of the following versions.

With regard how to manage homecity cards, the answer is simple. You just need to code (kbGetTechName(aiHCCardsGetCardTechID(card)) == "Card names"), when the card is available it will be flagged.
kwokboy nice to a new AI in these days
keep up the good work
likely i will write a review later
Panmaster2014 Not as good as murdilator's AI.

-Building placement very random

-Settlers become idle around TC

-Treaty decks aren't working. Most still using useless shipments. Ones that work aren't ideal choices.

-Surrendering disabled.

-Certain messages/taunts disabled.

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