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Downloads Home » Miscellaneous Files » Napoleonic Era 2.01+Hotfix 7.1/2.1.5 Modified AI 5.1.1

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Napoleonic Era 2.01+Hotfix 7.1/2.1.5 Modified AI 5.1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
Napoleonic Era Modified Draugur AI

- Based on Felix Hermansson's draugur AI v7.01

- Based on Motter28218's AI fix for Napoleonic Era

New changes:
(Most changes are improving the AIs,but they're not for human players)

Version 5.1.1:

- Small Bugs Fixes

Version 5.1:

- Europeans include NE civs with new politicians handle better,all of the NE politicians will have a chance to be chosen.In the previous versions they will only choose the first one

- Randomized strategy for NE civs

- French build Academies and Garrisons,also he will train Grognards and Chasseurs

- NE capitol techs added

- Architects will return to home base if he finished building a trading post

- American will build more plantations to make miners busy

- Bugs fixes

Version 5.0:

First,sorry for including the Stringtabley.xml
to make your game language into fully English,this time it won't

Note:The players who downloaded the past version,you need to download the stringtabley.xml again at http://www.agecommunity.com/gameUpdates_yp.aspx and install the patch in a empty folder,then pick up the Stringtabley.xml

-Fixed the follower tactics,you can now use ranged and hand attack to animals in Stealth
,and also making the AI hunt properly in Stealth

-New consulate rule to control asian units and techs (Americans train them rarely,because they don't really improve their military)

-Japanese shrine bug fixes

-NE Native techs have been added

-Miners re-included for the AI,they work perfectly and will only gather gold resources

-Some Units will use Stealth now

Version 4.0.1:

-Swiss will always send the War Fleet Construction card to get advanced ships
(If playing on a navy map)

-AI will train more unit types,especially Asians and Americans train more consulate units.(They seldom train them(this doesn't work properly,please update to version 5))

Version 4.0:

-Military upgrades handle better(Veteran,Guard,Imperial,Elite...)(if the unit amount is over a certain number,it will be upgraded)

-Navy units can be upgraded to the Imperial level

-American will train Ironclads and Corvettes

-Japanese shrines will build near huntables to provide a higher resource trickle

Version 3.05:

-Royal decree techs have been added for NE civs

-Bugs fixes

Version 3.02:

-Bugs fixes for swedish

-Swiss will send supply wagons from homecity if their headquarters are destroyed

-Added some wagons to make them work

-Added military upgrades at bivouac and
tent for swiss

-Americans won't train rams from consulate anymore (doesn't work properly)

-AI won't resign if there are buildings that can auto spawn units (a problem that the resigned AI will still use these units to attack)

-Chat problems solved

Version 3.01:

-bugs fixes

-moneylending enabled

Version 3.0:

-Basilica will train nuncios and inquisitors now when population isn't over population cap(it will switch back to produce resources if false)

-Factory will train cannons when population isn't over population cap(it will switch back to produce resources if false)

-Settler wagons can be trained from reichstag

-Austrians will build keeps near the main base

Version 2.0:

- American consulate units can be trained and techs can be used

- Frontiersmans will be trained

version 1.0:

- Swedish will use torp upgrades to increase all units' attack and hitpoints

- Swiss and ottomans will upgrade the limit of their villagers

- Italian basilicas will be built

- Architects will be trained and can be used to build buildings

- Supply wagons can be trained by swiss

- Whole new university rule for all European civs and Americans (include NE civs) making them train Chevaux legers,Conscripts,Sharpshooters,Swashbucklers,Rockets,Cannons,Bombards and using unique techs for each civs

- miners removed for AI(to solve the americans problem)

- Some wagons can work now

- AI deck changes

- Italian market upgrades to make their houses support more population and increase build rate of architects have been added

- Polish explorer can explore now

Install Instructions:
Copy the contents in \data folder to Program files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data\

Copy 'aiDraugurMain.xs' , 'aiDraugurHeader.xs' , 'aiLoaderStandard.xs' to Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\AI3\

For Mac users:

Duplicate the contents in \data folder to Applications\Age of Empires III.app\Contents\Resources\GameData\data\

Duplicate 'aiDraugurMain.xs' , 'aiDraugurHeader.xs' , 'aiLoaderStandard.xs' to Applications\Age of Empires III.app\Contents\Resources\GameData\AI3\

If you have any problems,post a comment below.Hope you enjoy!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Killer30411 Yeah there's a problem. Now the Austrians, Italians, Swiss,and Sweden can't build artillery foundry because the explorers (Austrians, Italians, Swiss, and Sweden) have to build it which the explorers don't build it.
File Author
Sorry for the problem.I updated a new version of it to fix it.Just download it again.

[Edited on 03/16/13 @ 06:30 PM]

File Author
please update to version 3.01,the basilica problem is solved.It is my fault,sorry.
serpegon I don't see the new Civilizations in Napoleonic Era. Can you help me?
File Author
The problem is caused by many reasons,can you say it more clearly?
File Author
If you download the zip which is 1.68 MB please redownload it,it was a wrong version.
nomad1415 I can't find the Ottomans in your mod ?

Is this normal or because of an installations error ?
File Author
You mean the AI personalities?The Napoleonic Era mod replaced the Ottomans with Swedish.

This modification doesn't change any of it.

If you still have questions,go on http://www.ne.elpea.net/.

[Edited on 09/06/13 @ 09:23 PM]

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Splendid work!

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