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Downloads Home » Miscellaneous Files » Napoleonic Era 2.01+Hotfix 7.1/2.1.5 Modified AI 5.1.1

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Napoleonic Era 2.01+Hotfix 7.1/2.1.5 Modified AI 5.1.1

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Game Version: TAD
Napoleonic Era Modified Draugur AI

- Based on Felix Hermansson's draugur AI v7.01

- Based on Motter28218's AI fix for Napoleonic Era

New changes:
(Most changes are improving the AIs,but they're not for human players)

Version 5.1.1:

- Small Bugs Fixes

Version 5.1:

- Europeans include NE civs with new politicians handle better,all of the NE politicians will have a chance to be chosen.In the previous versions they will only choose the first one

- Randomized strategy for NE civs

- French build Academies and Garrisons,also he will train Grognards and Chasseurs

- NE capitol techs added

- Architects will return to home base if he finished building a trading post

- American will build more plantations to make miners busy

- Bugs fixes

Version 5.0:

First,sorry for including the Stringtabley.xml
to make your game language into fully English,this time it won't

Note:The players who downloaded the past version,you need to download the stringtabley.xml again at http://www.agecommunity.com/gameUpdates_yp.aspx and install the patch in a empty folder,then pick up the Stringtabley.xml

-Fixed the follower tactics,you can now use ranged and hand attack to animals in Stealth
,and also making the AI hunt properly in Stealth

-New consulate rule to control asian units and techs (Americans train them rarely,because they don't really improve their military)

-Japanese shrine bug fixes

-NE Native techs have been added

-Miners re-included for the AI,they work perfectly and will only gather gold resources

-Some Units will use Stealth now

Version 4.0.1:

-Swiss will always send the War Fleet Construction card to get advanced ships
(If playing on a navy map)

-AI will train more unit types,especially Asians and Americans train more consulate units.(They seldom train them(this doesn't work properly,please update to version 5))

Version 4.0:

-Military upgrades handle better(Veteran,Guard,Imperial,Elite...)(if the unit amount is over a certain number,it will be upgraded)

-Navy units can be upgraded to the Imperial level

-American will train Ironclads and Corvettes

-Japanese shrines will build near huntables to provide a higher resource trickle

Version 3.05:

-Royal decree techs have been added for NE civs

-Bugs fixes

Version 3.02:

-Bugs fixes for swedish

-Swiss will send supply wagons from homecity if their headquarters are destroyed

-Added some wagons to make them work

-Added military upgrades at bivouac and
tent for swiss

-Americans won't train rams from consulate anymore (doesn't work properly)

-AI won't resign if there are buildings that can auto spawn units (a problem that the resigned AI will still use these units to attack)

-Chat problems solved

Version 3.01:

-bugs fixes

-moneylending enabled

Version 3.0:

-Basilica will train nuncios and inquisitors now when population isn't over population cap(it will switch back to produce resources if false)

-Factory will train cannons when population isn't over population cap(it will switch back to produce resources if false)

-Settler wagons can be trained from reichstag

-Austrians will build keeps near the main base

Version 2.0:

- American consulate units can be trained and techs can be used

- Frontiersmans will be trained

version 1.0:

- Swedish will use torp upgrades to increase all units' attack and hitpoints

- Swiss and ottomans will upgrade the limit of their villagers

- Italian basilicas will be built

- Architects will be trained and can be used to build buildings

- Supply wagons can be trained by swiss

- Whole new university rule for all European civs and Americans (include NE civs) making them train Chevaux legers,Conscripts,Sharpshooters,Swashbucklers,Rockets,Cannons,Bombards and using unique techs for each civs

- miners removed for AI(to solve the americans problem)

- Some wagons can work now

- AI deck changes

- Italian market upgrades to make their houses support more population and increase build rate of architects have been added

- Polish explorer can explore now

Install Instructions:
Copy the contents in \data folder to Program files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data\

Copy 'aiDraugurMain.xs' , 'aiDraugurHeader.xs' , 'aiLoaderStandard.xs' to Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\AI3\

For Mac users:

Duplicate the contents in \data folder to Applications\Age of Empires III.app\Contents\Resources\GameData\data\

Duplicate 'aiDraugurMain.xs' , 'aiDraugurHeader.xs' , 'aiLoaderStandard.xs' to Applications\Age of Empires III.app\Contents\Resources\GameData\AI3\

If you have any problems,post a comment below.Hope you enjoy!
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Rating: 5
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Additional Comments:

Splendid work!

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