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The Japanese-Samurai War(update)

Author File Description
xXRavenHawkXx Description:

- a mix of the battlefield from "The Last Samurai" and from my own imagination
- You play as the Samurai with the help of villages and a few heroes
- 1 main objective and 3 secondary objectives

Special Features:
- 3 Different Heroes who give your soldiers bonuses as long as they are alive

- The ford north of your village could be used to flank around the back of the enemy
- advisably to use your cavlary at the end to flank around the back of the remaining infantry and destroy the artillery
- keep your heroes alive as each one gives a health bonus to your a particular class of soldiers.

any comments/critique/suggestions appreciated. thanks

by xXRavenHawkXx
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 1
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 2
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 2
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 2
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Good idea but way to easy. took me about 3minutes!
SharpShooter99 dude, your supposed to explain why...
shavedwookiee Playability: 3
pretty easy to play

Balance: 2
too easy, i won in less than 4 minutes

Creativity: 4
creative, i've been wanting a scenario like this for a while

Map Design: 4
i liked the map although it was plain, realistic

Story/Instructions: 2
your story could use more detail, and maybe give a few more objectives next time.

Additional Comments:
maybe if you try to improve this, throw in a few cinematics, a few more objectives, and you'll be on track. a great idea in my opinion, it just needs a few tweaks and some more balance. also, i think you should change the objective to all of the army defeated, because a samurai wouldnt give up, their main principle was honor and they probably would have kept fighting no matter what and rather die than admit defeat. keep up the good work
File Author
Thanks for the reviews people, I shall get to work at the map and will post an update once its all hopefully fixed up :)! Once again thanks for playing my map :)
File Author
Hey all thanks again for the reviews they helped alot in fixing up my map and now i think it is alot better, more challenging and it takes longer to finish... anywayz heres what ive added:
-Cinematic intro: Ive added a fairly detailed cinimatic intro that explains the map more than before and gives a brief bit of history at the start.

-I reduced the army you start with to a smaller size (about half the size)

-apart from the main objective (kill general Datsu) ive added 3 optional objectives in there that will help all your army if you complete them.

-A supply route for the enemy brings in a group of troops that reinforce enemy positions every 30 seconds so you gotta be quik in destroying it or soon you will be overwelmed with enemies

-enemy camp defends the river ford which you have to eliminate if you want to quikly get to the enemy supply route, bonus for doing this objective - weapon upgrade for archers

-some of your soldiers are revived if you manage to defeat the main attacking battalions

- you can now only be defeated if every last one of the samurai army has been killed.
- Kill the enemy general (datsu)

hope you are all happy with the changes but if your not thats all cool just tell me where i went wrong and i will fix it up, thanks for any suggestions/ratings/critique/etc.

Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Having played both, I'm rating on the update. Everything seemed to work fine, but the sheer fact I knew I was going to be slaughtered made this one a downer. I also did destroy the trading post, but didn't get credit for it, not sure why it didn't trigger.
Balance: 1
The first was too easy, took barely 3 minutes to win. This one I couldn't win and got tired of trying. Being outnumbered nearly 5:1 and having the enemy have artillery while I had none wasn't good.

Creativity: 3
I liked the idea. Something a little new and different.

Map Design: 3
A little plain, but you were thinking strategically which was good and the river crossing and choke points were good ideas.

Story/Instructions: 4
I knew what to do, where to go, no question.

Additional Comments:
Thanks for making this map. All in all, much better than the first one, but a little over on the balance I think. On another note, it was comic relief for Samurai to be named Nathan and Raven Hawk. :)
heathenmedusa Greatly improved. Balance is now about right.(its not easy any more thats for sure). Watch them Samurai go!
File Author
Thanks for the review sentry 41 just to make a few things clear...
1. The objective to take out the enemy trade post doesnt give your army anything but it stops the enemy from getting more reinforcements
2. When you attack the enemy do u use all your forces at once or divide them up? I find that if you use the cavlary as a flanking only force that it is much easier! especially at the end the only way i have found to win so far is to use your cavlary to go behind the enemy and charge the General Datsu
3. as for the names "Raven Hawk" well i just added that one in cause thats my alias :P and Nathan was the name of the American soldier who became a Samurai in the movie "The Last Samurai" thats why i used a bone guard model instead of a Rohin model for him.

And finnaly I hope you enjoyed it as this is my first map! but not last ;) working on a big one at the moment! not gonna give away the idea just incase someone steals! its mine my own my precise! err thats not a hint :P
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
No lag, easy to manage troops

Balance: 3
much harder than before! i won on my first try this time also (woot), but only because i snuck my remaining army behind an entire batallion, and then attacked datsu with my 40 men left. i killed datsu, so i was victorious, but there was still a large ammount of enemy left. again, if you want to update and improve it more, make it harder to get to datsu, but maybe make killing all the other troops easier. it was very fun, but winning wasnt so satisfying because i baseically found a loophole.

Creativity: 5
great idea, i really like the new improvements, and just wow.....awesome

Map Design: 4
i like the map, plain but enjoyable

Story/Instructions: 4
story was pretty clear, the instructinos were basic however, kill datsu or lose. still fun

Additional Comments: great improvments, fun to play, and i liked the cinematic alot, not so much the dialogue, but the camera angles were great.... overall very fun scenario, im a fan of your work, keep it up :)

[Edited on 03/18/06 @ 10:09 AM]

File Author
yay i have a fan! hehe glad you like my work man...
-about the fact that you can win by killing the General instead of the whole army, i made it that way because In Japanese clan war history one clan tended to surrender if their leader was taken out by the other clan unless ofcourse the clan was really hard core and would never surrender! but based on the movie the Japanese army wasnt really a clan and wasnt at all times that courageous so yea i doubt they would keep fighting if their leader was taken out! But if you still think it was unrealistik i might change the army sizes :)

[Edited on 03/19/06 @ 07:52 AM]

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