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Downloads Home » Modpacks » N3O Fan Patch 1.3z3P - A Continuation of N3O FP1.3w (Updated 20.09.14)

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N3O Fan Patch 1.3z3P - A Continuation of N3O FP1.3w (Updated 20.09.14)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
EDIT: 20.09.14: Project Updated

N3O FP1.3z3P (Minor Update)

- Siege Elephants have 1 Area, 600 HP, 0.40 armor (instead of 2 area, 660 HP, 0.30 armor)

- Flamethrowers have 6 damage, 11 range, 16 LOS, 24 caption (up from 5 damage, 10 range, 14 LOS, 20 caption)

- Quick bug fix Disciplined Mahouts: correctly no longer gives Mahouts +20% Combat, Since Mahouts start with Fortress stats

- Mercenary Combat not available (needs testing)

- Elmeti brought to 1075 HP, 0.40 armor

- Mamelukes brought back to original

- Stradiots brought back to original

- Landsknechts cost 190 coin, have 540 HP, 60 damage. (Previously forgotten patch note)

- one or two small things I don't remember


EDIT: 07.09.14: Project Updated

N3O FP1.3z3O

- Bourbon Tercios only affects Halberdiers and Pikemen

- Charleville Muskets: gives +10% Musketeer Ranged Damage

- Tech added after La Grande Armee: Fusiliers of the Line. Costs 100 wood, 100 coin, requires Level 40 HC, Imperial Age, Gives Musketeers +5% Hitpoints, +5% Damage and +5% additional Melee Damage

- Blackguards: requires level 40 homecity, 100 wood, 100 coin, after Les Regiments de Cavalerie Francias, +5% Hussar Combat, +10% Siege damage, +2% Speed.

- Atiradores gives +4 LOS, +10% damage and +2% Cassador Speed

- Oblique Battle Formations gives +10% HP, +40% Ranged Damage, +15% Speed, +0.60 range

- Imperial Redcoats gives an additional +10% Ranged Damage

- Tech added after Portuguese Caravels: Army of Angola. Costs 300 wood, 300 coin, Imperial Age. Gives Portuguese Musketeers, Cassadors, Halberdiers and Dragoons +2% HP and +2% Melee damage, gives Hussar and Artillery +4 LOS.

- Redcoats gives Musketeers +25% additional HP, +10% additional damage, and +0.60 additional range

- Thin Red Line: Set to +15% Infantry HP, -5% Speed

- Redcoat Discipline: Imperial Age, available after British Line Discipline, costs 400 wood, 400 coin gives British Musketeers and Grenadiers +10% Combat, but -1% speed.

- Barbary Corsairs take now 1 Population space, and are stronger against buildings and villagers, but do less damage vs. cavalry

- Tactique de l'evetement: 300 wood, 300 coin, Industrial Age, French tech, gives Frigates +5% Hitpoints, +25% Speed, but -5% Damage (Available after Admirality).

- Russian Imperial Navy: 400 wood, 400 coin, Imperial Age, Russian tech, gives Caravels, Galleons, Frigates and Monitors +10% Combat

- Reichsflotte: 200 wood, 200 coin, Industrial Age, German Tech, gives Caravels and Galleons +10% Combat.

- British Naval Discipline: gives Frigates +5% HP, +25% Ranged Damage, +85% Broadsides damage, and +15% speed.

- Admiral Tromp: Gives Fluyts +15% HP, and Gives Frigates +40% HP, +25% damage, +125% Broadsides damage, and +15% speed.

- Team Gunpowder Hitpoints/Team Musketeer & Grenadier Hitpoints: set to +10% HP bonus

- Dutch Capitol Upgrade, Scientific Exploration, now also gives -5% Mercenary Cost and correctly gives Advanced Hot Air Balloons +40 LOS.

- Dutch can now obtain continual Musketeer Shipments from the capitol (costing 900 coin a piece), after researching the V.O.C. Company Upgrade at the Capitol (400 wood, 400 coin).

- British can also now ship Jat Lancers from the Capitol in addition to Gurkhas.

- Treasures no longer get 2x their value upon the player hitting Industrial Age.

- Industrial Mercenary Army Shipments now enable two Mercenaries.

- Ninjas have better multipliers, and 40 damage.

- Added some files to help Steam recognize modded files (only use these if steam does not recognize the modded files at first.).

- Halberdiers have 4.4 speed.

- Corsolet Halberdiers can no longer be Trained. They can now ONLY be shipped from the Capitol after upgrading The Army of Flanders Upgrade (400 wood, 400 coin, Imperial Age, Capitol).

- The Computer will now use these if it runs low on Tercios.

- Computer will also use Dutch Musketeer Shipments if it runs low on Ruyters/Halberdiers.

- Les Regimentes de cavalerie Francias: gives Cuirassiers +10% HP

- Culverin Royale gives Culverins +1.0 Range & LOS

- Imperial Culverin gives Culverins +1.0 Range & LOS

- Chinese civilization has some changes to its underused banner armies: Standard Armies and Ming Armies:

Basically, they keep their current cost, but Standard Armies send 3 Chuks and 3 Keshiks, and Ming Armies send 3 Steppe Riders and 3 Qiang Pikemen. Have fun!!

- Fixed German AI

- Trying better priorities for Portuguese AI/French AI

- a few minor things, perhaps I do not remember


EDIT: 16.07.14: Project Updated

N3O FP1.3z3N6

- Imperial Galleons correctly available for Spain & Portugal

- Halberdier brought to 50 food, 60 coin, 0.10 armor

- Nassaus Linear Tactics: gives Halberdiers +0.10 armor and +20% Speed.

- Imperial Halberdiers (non-Dutch) gives +0.10 armor for Halberdiers

- Imperial Nasseurs gives +0.10 Maximum Melee Range to Halberdiers

- France, Portugal and Germany now have access to Guard Pikemen

- New Tech added for Portugal: Tercio Formations, gives Crossbowmen, Pikemen, and Halberdiers +15% Combat skills. Costs 200 food, 200 wood, 200 coin, available in Industrial Age at the Observatory AFTER Bandeirante Expedition.

- New Tech added for France: Bourbon Tercios, gives Crossbowmen, Pikemen, Halberdiers, and Musketeers +15% Combat skills. Costs 200 food, 200 wood, 200 coin, available at the Observatory in Industrial Age AFTER Modele 1777 l'corrige.

- La Grande Armee: made obtainable AFTER Bourbon Tercios

- National Guard: gives Musketeers -5% Cost (instead of just -2%)

- Les Regiments de Cavalerie Francaise: also gives Cuirassiers +10% Hitpoints

- All European Explorer cards give +100% Combat

- TEAM Explorer Combat: effect increased to +40% (up from +20%)

- Treasure Hunter brought up to +25% Explorer Combat, +1.00x vs Guardians, and +2% Explorer Speed.

- French Explorer card now also gives +75% Explorer Build speed for Outposts

- Spanish Explorer card now also gives the Explorer +9x vs Native Warriors

- British Explorer card now also gives Explorer +150% Combat, +450% Melee damage (including Swashbuckler; 650 damage, 3 area, 1300 caption in Colonial Age)

- Portuguese Explorer card now also gives +8 LOS to Explorers and Spyglass revealer

- Dutch Explorer card now also gives +4 Settler build limit

- German Explorer card now also gives +100% Explorer building Workrate on Observatories

- Testing different variables with German AI; attempting to make them stronger.

- Aztec AI brought back a bit to older priorites, letting it choose its units more often, rather than letting them be predetermined (needs testing).

- France now has access to "Catholic France" tech, which costs 400 coin, available first in Colonial Age, and gives Churches +40% HP, +2 Build limit, +4 Priest Build limit, +2.00 Coin Trickle Rate, grants Churches +0.40 XP trickle, -10% Priest Cost and -1% Villager Speed.

- Armada brought up to +40% Warship HP

- Admiral Tromp gives Frigates/Fluyts +30% HP, +10% Damage, gives Frigates +100% Broadsides attack, and +10% Frigate/Fluyt speed

- Stonemasons brought up to +85% Villager/Wagon Build Rates

- Spanish Hand Infantry Combat/Hand Infantry Hitpoints shipments now only give +10% Combat/HP to Spanish Halberdiers

- Corsolet no longer affects Crossbowmen; brought to 100 coin

- Tillys Discipline kept at original

- Oblique Battle Formations gives +40% Musketeer ranged damage.

- Great Temple gives higher resource trickles

- Ottoman Egyptian Market/Bazaars/Trade Guilds, etc. techs also give Food/Wood/Coin/ Trickles respectively

- Testing 660 wood at 700 wood again.

- Rodeleros have 145 HP, 0.40 armor, 14 damage, 14 siege (up from 140 HP, 0.30 armor, 13 damage, 13 siege)

- Reordered Russia's Homecity partially

- Russia has access to 10 Lifeguard Cuirassier Card (Industrial Age).

- France has access to 15 Polish Lancers (Special French Imperial Lancers, Industrial Age; requires art files)

- Indian AI should play better.

EDIT: 08.07.14: Project Updated

N3O FP1.3z3N5

- Ottoman Kamandaren correctly available

- Corsolet now also gives +10% HP to Spanish Halberdiers and Crossbowmen

- 4 Infinte Spahi brought up to 5 Infinite Spahi

- European "Explorer" cards are greatly improved; All except Dutch/German give +100% Combat; others get Special Bonuses for their Civilization

- Improved Nagivators Card

- Early Market techs brought back to 90 resource cost and shipping 3 Crates; may experiement with an early 2 crate version and a later 3 crate version.

- 9 Musketeers brought to 10 Musketeers

- Mercenary Shipments are cheaper; 450 coin shipments cost 400 coin; Passage to Nippon: costs 600 coin, Hire Finnish Hackapells costs 500 coin (sends 8 instead of 7); Hire Egyptian Mamelukes costs 800 coin, Hire Manchurian Horse Archers costs 800 coin, Hire German Black Riders 800 coin (sends 8 now instead of 7), Hire Balkan Stradiots costs 700 coin, Hire Swiss Pikemen costs 600 coin; Hire Hessian Jaegers brought to 400 coin for Regular civs; German Hessian card still costs 600 coin.

- Hessian Jaeger division: available in Industrial Age now, costing 1000 coin, and sends 18 Jaegers

- Mahouts have Fortress Stats.

- Howdahs have 66 ranged damage

- Nepalese Gurkha tech gives +10% HP, +10% Damage, +10% Melee Damage, +10% Speed

- Zamburaks have 3.0 ROF again; 15 damage.

- Naginata Riders have 320 HP

- Yabusame have a workover: 230 HP, 0.20 Ranged Armor, 110 food, 110 coin, 18 damage, 20 range, 2.5x vs Cavalry, 0.5x vs Villagers, 2.0x vs Coyotemen, 2.5x vs Artillery, 13 siege damage, 15 melee damage.

- Samurai have 255 HP, 4.25 spee, 0.40 armor to start with; 1.75x vs Cavalry, 1.4x vs Light Infantry

- Honored Samurai gives +0.10 armor

- Yumi have 19 damage, 8 melee damage, 1.5x vs Heavy Infantry

- Japanese Computer improved; should focus on Ranged Infantry/Naginata Riders, occassional Yabusame + Samurais

- Japanese Yearly Bow Festival: also affects Yabusame (+10% damage)

- TEAM Archaic unit training: gives -5% Cost to Archaic units, -15% Train time

- Spanish Galleons/Armada no longer gives Training Rates Penalties or increased cost.

- strings/homecity files updated

EDIT: 01.07.14: Project Updated

N3O FP1.3z3N4

- Corrected Strings for new cards.

- Navigation School gives -15% Cost, +8 LOS, but just +5% speed.

- Admiral Tromp now gives Frigates +20% HP, +10% Ranged Damage, +100% Broadsides attack, and +10% Speed

- British Naval Discipline (Observatory Upgrade): Gives Frigates +10% Ranged Damage, +75% Broadsides Attack, and +10% Speed.

- Naval Gunners: also gives +25% Warship Broadsides attack.

- Spanish Galleons: also gives +10% Coin Cost and +10% Train Time to Galleons

- Spanish Armada: also gives Warships +10% Train Time

- Dutch Tea Trade gives Fluyts just +5% Speed

- More Naval Cards to come

- Be sure to update Abilities.xml file, as Priests, Surgeons, and Imams can now heal.

- Be also sure to update .tactics files, testing Missionaries being able to convert Treasure Guardians.

EDIT: 27.06.14: Project Updated

N3O FP1.3z3N3

- Spanish Halberdiers correctly available in Fortress Age

- European/Asian Warships are about +5% faster than before

- Ship's Navigator Card added to Portugal, Dutch; grants Warships +4 LOS, Caravels/Galleys +8 additional LOS, Privateers +4 additional LOS, +10% speed for Warships, +5% additional speed for Caravels/Privateers, and double resource rewards from Sea Treasures. (Available Colonial Age)

- Pirate Loot Card added to Portugal/Dutch; Grants Warship & Explorers +4 LOS, grants Explorers double resource rewards from treasures, +50% hitpoints, +5% speed. (Available Colonial Age)

- Fixed recent AI bugs.

- Sawmills Card gives -5% Building Cost and -5% Build Time, in addition to +15% wood gathering

- Exotic Hardwoods gives +10% Warship hitpoints, -1% Warship wood cost, -1% Warship speed, in addition to +20% wood gathering.

- Fixed Indian Agrarianism to put it in line with Distributivism (1.25 wood trickle)

- Akinci Horse Archers also gives +10% Hitpoints to Hussars and +2 LOS.

- fixed some recent bugs with Japanese computer doing poorly training units

- Russia gets -3 seconds to villager train time (50 from 53).

- Strelets no longer get +1 range with Guard/Imperial Strelets.

- Portuguese Explorer card (Navigator): also gives Explorer +4 LOS

- Spanish Explorer Card (Conquistador): also gives Heros (Explorers/Wardogs) +1.00x vs Native Warriors. (or tentatively +20% Trading Post hitpoints)

- British Captain Card: a small bonus soon to Pirates/Mercenaries

- French Voyager Card: a small bonus to Native Warriors/archaic units

- Thinking about adding a lategame trading post tech, which gives them higher damage.

N3O FP1.3z3N2


- Fixed a few bugs

- Saloon Pirates have 24 Siege, 18 damage (up from 22 siege, 17 damage)

- Royal Buccaneers brought back to +60% Hitpoints, +85% damage, +50% siege damage

- Royal Corsairs brought back to +60% HP, +65% damage, +0.75x bonus vs Villagers, +85% siege damage.

- Akinci Horse Archers (Ottoman) gives Hussars also +5% Combat

- a few AI fixes done (hopefully to work)

- La Grande Armee brought back to +10% Combat

- Modele 1777 brought back to +15% damage

- Gardeners gives +5% Hussar Speed

- Chassuers A Cheval gives +1 Range

- Redcoats gives +0.60 Range; Imperial Redcoats no longer gives +0.40 range

- Imperial Lifeguards/Imperial Redcoats brought back to +50%

- Thin Red Line gives +10% Infantry Hitpoints, and -5% Infantry speed.

EDIT: 26.06.14: Project Updated

- Horse Regimenting gives +4% speed to Hussars, Uhlans, Cossacks, but +5% Hitpoints to Lancers, Cuirassiers and Oprichniks (instead of +5% speed for the above cavalry and +2% speed to Lancers, Cuirassires, adn Oprichniks)

- Police Drill gives just +10% Siege to Hand Cavalry, and additional +10% siege to Light Cavalry, in addition to +20% Trample attack (instead of +20% siege for all Cavalry and +20% Trample attack for Hand Cavalry)

- Pirate cost increased to 90 Coin

- Royal Buccaneers slightly nerfed

- Market Crate Shipments: cost 40 resources a piece, and simply ship 2 Crates, and take 40 seconds to research ()

- Mercenary Loyalty gives -8% Mercenary Cost

- Mercenary Contracting gives just -2% Mercenary Cost

- National Guard: gives just -5% Musketeer Train Points (up from -10%); less effect on Colonial Milita, giving just +10% Combat and -25% Train Points (down from +20% Combat and -30% Train points).

- Colonial Militia can no longer be trained at Forts (due to National Guard reasons).

- Thoroughbreds affects just Hand Cavalry speed by +10%, but just +5% Cuirassier speed (no longer Dragoon/Ranged Cavalry units).

- Blackguards added to France after Les Regimentes de cavalerie Francais. Costs 100 wood, 100 coin, gives Hussars +5% Combat, +10% Siege damage, and +2% speed.

- Chasseurs A Cheval also gives Dragoons +2% speed and just +0.80 Maximum range.

- La Grande Armee gives +15% Musketeer, Skirmisher and Grenadier Combat (up from 10%), in addition to +5% Train Time for these units.

- Lifeguards gives Hussars +55% Hitpoints, but just +35% damage.

- Imperial Redcoats/Imperial Lifeguards gives +60% Combat (up from +50%)

- British Musketeers get +0.40 Maximum Range from Imperial Redcoats, for 13 Range Lategame. (Needs testing)

- Spanish Halberdiers are stronger (210 Hitpoints), slower (4 speed), and start with 0.20 armor; they gain +0.10 armor by Corsoletes, and +0.10 maximum melee range with Imperial Corsoletes.

- 7 New Brigade Shipments added to European Homecities; they ship a mixture of Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery at 400 Coin, and give no upgrades.

- Spanish Square Shipments increased in value (needs testing)

- Cuirassier Shipments brought up to 8 Cuirassiers each

- Dutch have a Unique 9 Heavy Cuirassier Shipent now in Industrial

- Dutch get +4 Guard Musketeers with each Industrial Military Unit Shipment (needs testing)

- Spanish get +4 Halberdiers with every Industrial Military Shipment.

- Colleges Shipment added to British Homecity

- Baltic Timbers added to the British Homecity

- Preussens Glorie gives Musketeers/Uhlans +10% Combat, +2% speed

- Oblique battle Formations also gives Musketeers +10% HP, but not longer gives Uhlans/Skirmishers a +3% speed bonus.

- Outpost Trickle starts at 0.06, becomes 0.07 upon hitting Fortress

- 20 Musketeers increased to 22, but gives smaller upgrades instead of Guard/Royal Guard; 15 Janissaries increased to 18,

- Artillery Shipments have been addressed: 2 Horse Guns sends also 6 Light Cavalry with is (Uhlans, Hussars, Dragoons, Cavalry Archers); 3 Horse Guns gives 2 Horse Guns +10 Skirmishers/Cassadores

- 3 Mortars becomes 4 Howitzers, +10% Howitzer Combat and +1 Range.

- 3 Mortars (2nd shipment), becomes a unique sihpment that sends 1 Falconet, 1 Culverin, 1 Horse Artillery, and 1 Mortar, and gives +10% Combat and +1 Range for these units.

- 3 Culverins: gives 4 Culverins upgrades them and gives them +10% Combat and +1 Range

- 4 Culversin: same

- 3 Falconets: gives 4 Falconets gives Field Guns and +10% Combat and +1 Range for them

- 4 Falconets: gives 4 Falconets +1 Culverin, and gives these +10% Combat and +1 Range for them

- 1 Falconet: gives 1 Falconet +1 Culverin

- Public Schooling moved from the Observatory to the Church. Gives 1.00 XP Trickle, -10% Train points for Priests, and -10% Tech research time.

- Dutch Infantry Cards (except team) brought back to +15%

- British TEAM and Portuguese TEAM Infantry cards brought to +15% Hitpoints.

- Testing Outposts with 24 lategame range (may increase to 25 again, with 26 range for Portuguese Towers).

- Several other things I can't remember

- We know some things are a little up in the air atm, but we appreciate support of testing radical homecity cards.

Enjoy! We'll try and look at hotfixes soon!

EDIT: 11.03.14: Project Updated

- 4 New Market Upgrades added for the Sioux, Aztec and Iroquois (12 between them)

- 3 more market upgrades added for Japanese, for a total of six

- 8 Monastery Upgrades added to the Japanese

- Tillys Discipline gives +10% Infantry Speed, +10% Dopplesoldner speed, +5% Infantry Cost

- Mercenary Loyalty grants 800 XP, takes 30 seconds to ship (down from 40), makes Mercenary Shipments -40% cheaper, and gives just -5% Mercenary Coin Cost

- Mercenary Contracting added to the Saloon; Costs 200 wood, 200 coin, and gives -5% Coin cost for Mercenaries, and -10% Train Points for Infantry Mercenaries

- Outlaws Rebalanced partially: now have a build limit, from 20-30, cost 1-2 population, take longer to train, are cheaper and faster than regular troops, most have high siege damage, decent melee damage, and good damage vs Villagers, and most are weak against Cavalry units. They keep a unique "irregular" feel about most of them.

- British, French, Dutch and Ottomans now always have access to Pirates from the Saloon

- Royal Buccaneers upgrade added after Wild West for British, French, and Dutch; Ottomans have the same tech, under the name Royal Corsairs. It greatly boosts Pirate Combat, gives them a 1.5x bonus vs Villagers, extra damage against buildings, -10% cost (72 coin), and enables them from the Barracks, Privateer, Galleon, Fluyt, and Galleys.

- Joint Stock Company gives just 3 coin crates in addition to its other things

- Native-Trade Relations gives just 3 Food Crates and -10% Trade Post Build Time in addition to its other things

- Business Entrepreneurs gives just 400 XP plus a Bank Wagon

- AI now researches the new market/Monastery upgrades appropriately.

- Industrial Mercenary Shipments cost just 1700 coin; most give 2 more units.

- Some Fortress Age Mercenaries are cheaper (Highlanders, Landsknechts, Corsairs), and will be standardized to 500 coin, with a few less troops than other mercenary shipments.

- Fusilier Mercenaries have 350 HP, 6 speed, 80 ranged damage, and 13 range

- Highlander Mercenaries have 4.20 speed, 13 range

- Swiss Pikes brought back near original stats, costing 160 Coin

- Barbary Corsairs cost 160 Coin, have 365 HP, 42 damage, 1.3x vs Heavy Infantry, 2x vs Cavalry

- Spain now gets Halberdiers, and has Royal Guard and Imperial Upgrades for them. They are now affected by Corsolet, Hand Infantry Cards, Push of Pike, and Spanish Pike Squares

- Spain (for reason of Halbs), does not get Ballesteros any longer

- Preussens Glorie gives Musketeers also +10% Speed and +10% Melee damage

- Great Elector of Brandenburg also gives Musketeers +10% Cost (up from +5%).

- Oblique Battle Formations makes Musketeers +5% more expensive (instead of all ranged infantry), and gives Uhlans and Skirmishers +3% speed, in addition to its other affects. It no longer gives Falconets +10% Speed

- Russian National Redoubt Card now enables a Special Fort, called a National Redoubt, instead of enabling Forts from Musketeers. It can be build by villagers, and though it is stronger than the normal Fort, and receives all the benefits from Fort Upgrades, it only can train Royal Guard Units.

- Sevastopol also affects National Redoubts.

- Russian Regulars gives +10% HP to all Russian Heavy Infantry, +20% HP to Strelets, and Regular Cavalry (Oprichniks excluded)

- Guard Longbowmen always enabled for the British

- Dutch Infantry Cards reduced to +10% effect; but also affect Grenadiers and Musketeers

- Bank Upgrades also affect Plantations and Trade, with less bonus to Banks.

- Advanced Trading Posts have 25 damage and 8 range in Colonial, 30 damage and 9 Range in Industrial, and 40 damage, 10 range in Imperial. The Card now only gives -45% Trading Post Cost, and just +40% Trading Post Hitpoints. (Needs testing)

- Imperial Strelets no longer gives +1 Range and LOS, nor +10% Wood cost to Strelets

- 40 new cards added; Most are Industrial Unit shipments, some earlier; 6 for India, Several for Britian, Several for Spain, some for France, etc. They start researched, so you can put them into your deck without wasting deck card points.

- Ottoman Azaps available in Colonial, with Colonial Statistics; cost 60 food, 50 coin

- Ottoman Kamandaran Archers added at th Barracks/Fort/Galleon; Colonial Age, 40 food, 40 wood, 28 train points, 90 HP, 0.30 armor, 4.2 speed, 11 ranged damage, 2.0 ROF, 18 range, 1.5x vs Heavy Infantry, 2.0x vs Ranged Cavalry, 0.75x vs Cavalry; 7 melee damage, same multipliers. They have Veteran and Guard Upgrades

- Fishing Boats take just 30 seconds to build (down from 33).

- Spies have an additional Upgrade at the Church, available in Imperial Age, called Rakes. It gives Spies +50% HP, +10% speed, +300% damage vs Units, and +5x vs Heros/Mercenaries. Also grants Spies +8 LOS. Costs 300 coin.

- All European Civilizations now have a Historical Unique Church Upgrade

- Irregulars Card now gives Cavalry Archers +1 Range and LOS, +1.0x vs Villagers, and +100% Siege damage (instead of +1.0x for Ranged Cavalry against Villagers)

- Units in Stealth mode now have just 80% of their original Speed (instead of 50%)

- Sioux Corral Bonuses removed; instead, Sioux start with -5% cost for native Warriors. Also the Teepee Big Button makes Cavalry -2% Cheaper instead of giving -10% Train Time

- Teepees cost 20 food, 30 wood

- Tashunke Prowlers have 15 build limit, 190 HP, 15 build limit, Auras reduced to +4% Base HP and +8% Base Damage, and have their Champion Upgrade enabled at the Corral always; Legendary Tashunkes becomes available with the Marauders Card.

- British Attributes updated; Musketeers start with +0.20 range, get +0.40 with Redcoats; British Royal Guard upgrades improve their units additionally

- Thin Red line brought to +10% Infantry HP, -5% Speed

- French attributes updated: receive Socket Bayonet researched upon hitting Fortress; Trading Posts start with +10% HP

- A few very minor Observatory tech changes; Some Industrial Homecity Unit Shipments give more upgrades.

- Reworked a few Unit Shipments, such less lesser Industrial Unit shipments now actually give Guard/Royal Guard tech, whereas more units give just Veteran Upgrade + some Arsenal/Observatory Upgrade. Will work to do this with several shipments, so that Mercenaries become worth it to ship.

- Infinite Barbary Corsairs: Price reduced to 1000, but just ships 12 Corsairs.

- Players can build +1 Saloon upon hitting Industrial Age.

- Coastal Defenses Arsenal Upgrade removed for now

- Advanced Mills gives -65% cost to Mills, +65% HP to Mills, and makes Mill Upgrades significantly Cheaper.

- Advanced Plantations now gives +10% Plantation Gathering, just +60% Plantation Hitpoints, and Fortress/Industrial Plantation Upgrades cost significantly less.

- Industrial Warship Shipments, such as Dutch Raiding Fleet or Ottoman Assault Fleet, now carry 6 Pirates/Jannissaries in each Fluyt or Galley.

- New Cards Added: 3 Horse Artillery (French), Artillerie ����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½ Pied (French), Battalion des Voltigeurs (French), 6 Musketeers (Spanish), 9 Musketeers (Spanish), 6 Conquistadores (Spanish), 9 Conquisadores (Spanish), 4 Grenadiers (Ottoman, Russian, British), 6 Abus Guns (Ottoman), 3 Hussars (British), 5 Skirmishers (Dutch), 8 Azaps (Ottoman), 15 Azaps (Ottoman), 9 Azaps (Ottoman), 7 Hackapells (French), 10 Landsknechts (Spanish), Landsknecht Corps (Spanish), 9 Iroquois Allies (British), 14 Iroquois Allies (British), Hire 11 Swashbuckling Pirates (British, Dutch, French), Hire 8 Swashbuckling Buccaneers (British, Dutch, French), Hire King's Swashbuckling Buccaneers (13 Pirates, British, Dutch, French), Hire Buccaneer Assault Fleet (British), Walloon Tercio (Spanish), Italian Tercio (Spanish), Swiss Tercio (Spanish), Light Cavalry Regiment (Spanish). All of these cards start in an active state, so that you don't have to purchase them to put them in your deck.

- Sepoys cost 80 fod, 30 coin, are given 180 HP, 32 train points, 22 damage, 14 hand damage

- Rajputs cost 80 food, 30 wood, have 180 HP, 5.50 speed

- Siege Elephants have double their attack vs Normal units, but keep their original damage vs Buildings, Ships and Artillery. May reduce it back to original damage, but give 3x vs Infantry and no penalty vs Cavalry for starters.

- Warclubs have 140 HP, 0.10 armor, 5.50 speed,
12 damage, 1.2x vs Heavy Infantry, 2.75x vs Cavalry, 2.25x vs Light Infantry

- Elite Warclubs gives +0.10 armor

- Testing a few different priorities with the AI; do not intend to change anything drastic unless necessary

- AI tries to build 3 Layers of Wall only in 1v1 Games; sometimes in 2v2 Games.

- As always, a few minor things I forget to mention


EDIT: 04.01.14: Project Updated

- Fixed German AI from previous version (1.3z3L7); they build their proper balanced military now

- Slighly nerfed new Industrial market upgrades: Native-Trade Relations gives 4 food crates (down from 6), just +5% sell rates boost; Joint-stock company gives just -5% sell rates boost in addition to its other things; Business Entrepreneurs gives just 600 XP and 1 Bank Wagon.

- Bug fixed: Can build a bank from the bank wagon for Non-Dutch civs after researching Business Entrepreneurs

- Underused mercenary Shipments now enable the Mercenary they ship at the Saloon (not Mamelukes, for instance)

- Many Artillery Unit Shipments now upgrades Howitzer/Field Gun/Minor Artillery Arsenal upgrade

- Improved Artillery Arsenal upgrade removed

- Walls build 20% slower in Colonial Age, just 10% slower in Fortress, and Regular in Industrial

- Many Industrial Age unit shipments upgrade minor Observatory Upgrades/Arsenal upgrades, and a few upgrade Royal Guard of the Unit they ship.

- Varied shipments so that you get less Cuirassiers, for instance, with a card that upgrades Gendarmes, but more a unit card that upgrades less upgrades like Cavalry Cuirass.

- Thinking about putting Industrial Market upgrades for Advanced Markets.

- String and Homecity files updated

- Tactics files slightly updated


EDIT: 3.1.14: Project Updated

- TAD Patch Launcher v.18 is correctly added back into the download

- 6 Market techs added to the Europeans (3 taken from Advanced Market), the other three are:

- Joint-stock Companies, Industrial Age, 300 food, 100 wood, gives -10% Market buy rates, 1.0 Coin Trickle, delivers 600 Coin, and makes Fluyts and Galleons +5% Faster;

- Native-Trade Relations, Fortress Age, 200 wood, 200 coin, gives +10% Market sell rates,
1.0 Food Trickle, delivers 600 food, makes Trading Posts +10% Stronger

- Business Entrepreneurs: 400 coin, Industrial Age, Grants 800 XP, Ships 1 Bank Wagon and increases Bank wealth by +10%

- 2 new arsenal upgrades added for the Europeans:

- Improved Artillery, Industrial Age, 250 wood, 250 coin, which gives Artillery +10% Damage vs Buildings and an additional +10% Damage vs Walls, plus +1.0 Range & LOS for Cannons

- Coastal Defenses, 100 wood, 100 coin, +20% Building Antiship attack, +2.0 Building antiship attack Range (requires Heated Shot first).

Two new small Stable techs added:

- Horse Regimenting: 100 wood, 100 coin, Fortress, +5% Hussar, Cossack Speed; +3% Uhlan, Lancer, Oprichnik, Cuirassier speed

- Police Drill: 150 wood, 150 coin, Industrial, +20% Cavalry Trample attack, +20% Cavalry Siege Damage (Requires Horse Regimenting first)


- Sepoys back to 180 HP, 23 ranged damage, 80 food, 30 coin, 33 train points

- Puma Spearmen have 140 HP, 11 damage

- Caravels have their original range & Broadsides attack; Portuguese/Spanish get just +1 range for Caravels instead of +2

- Slightly nerfed Indian Monastery upgrades, ones regarding Camels/Sepoys especially

- Dopplesoldner have 2.75x vs Cavalry and 2.25x vs Light Infantry (down from 3.0x and 2.4x, respectively)

- Tilly's Discipline gives +10% Infantry Speed, +10% Mercenary Damage, and +5% Infantry Cost

- Fluyts cost 300 wood, 350 coin

- Galleons cost reduced to 300 wood, 450 Coin

- Imperial Galleons/Imperial Man O'War/Imperial Monitors cost 1500 wood, 1500 coin

- Testing Privateers and Buccaneer Ships with 'AbstractSiegeTrooper' Tag

- Bastion grants only +140% Wall HP (down from +150%)

- Heavy Fortifications Card now also grants +10% HP to Walls, Forts, Outposts, Blockhouses, Warhuts and Nobles' Huts

- Outposts, Castles and Blockhouses no longer have 1.25x bonus vs Infantry in their Bombard attack modes

- Tribal Councils hut gives 2.0 food, 1.7 wood and 1.8 coin per second (down from 2.25 food, 2.0 wood and 2.0 coin per second)

- Dutch, British and Portuguese TEAM Infantry HP cards brought to just +10%


- Native American AIs should be tremendously more effective when fighting on water maps.

- Russian AI should train more Musketeers, Strelets, and less Cossacks

- Will perhaps try and add mandatory Imperial Unit Upgrade Rules later in the game to force their units to Imperial Status


EDIT: 31.12.13: Project Recontinued, for now...

- Fixed a bug in this new version where the Germans, Portuguese, and French couldn't properly load the Military academy building at their homecity (this is with the Crossbow Regiment Card)

- Imperial Landsknechts removed for now (German Arsenal Tech), as well as the extra French tech at the

- Teepees ranged attack removed for now; brought back to original +10% HP aura, 12 aura range, but just +8% damage aura (when enabled; down from +10%) and 24 aura Range. Still cost 30 wood.

- Mansabdars have 15% aura

- Testing Rodeleros with 155 HP, 5.25 speed, 0.20 armor, 1.5x vs Heavy Infantry, 2x vs Halbs/Azaps, 2x vs Cav, 2x vs Light Infantry

- Dutch Imperial Capitol upgrade Improved

- Some Tribal Councils Huts techs slightly nerfed; will have time for later testing/balancing

- Slightly nerfed new Aztec techs

- Trying to keep the AI stable

- Cavalry Archers/Manchus have back to 12 range

- Testing boost to Jaegers, Landsknechts, Swiss Pikemen (more damage and hitpoints)

- small things I might not recall


EDIT: 27.12.13: Project Recontinued, for now...

EDIT, again:

- Small fixes/changes

EDIT, again:

- Some AI fixes

- French bonus +5% Pike, Halb, Musket and Cuirassier HP in Industrial. Garde Nationale: slightly weaker.



- Project reiterated, with now much more focus on Asian and Native American civilizations

- Added more civilization attributes, stately summarized in Patch Notes.

General Information:

- Several techs added to the Asian Monasteries which should make them playable.

- Sioux, Iroquois and Aztecs have a few new upgrades at Teepees, a new Big Button at the Tribal Councils Hut, and a few more techs at the Great Temple.

- Each European Civilization now has a unique, powerful capitol upgrade that will help them cope better lategame.

- European Markets now have two extra mining upgrades: Mining Companies, which gives faster Mining and more resources from mines, and Mine Prospection, which sends 1 Silver Mine Wagon in Industrial Age.

- A few more historic Observatory techs have been added to the Ottomans, Dutch, British, Spain, etc.

- Updated Homecities and Tactics files. Teepees have weaker auras, but longer aura range, and also have a weak ranged attack.
Be sure to install the new tactics for this to work properly. Also a new tech in Fortress Age at the Teepee enables them to auto-spawn 1 Cetan Bow each.

- Fishing boats are cheaper, but take longer time to train. Schooners now gives a cost reduction and huge train point reduction.

- New Dock upgrades: Flying Dutchmen (Dutch), Royal Caravels (Portugal), Royal Privateers (Britain), Imperial Galleons.

- More Historic-based Civilization Attributes, included in the Patch Notes. These include, such as, Spain having Stronger Warships, especially Galleons, but slower moving warships, and Britain having better Privateers, being able to build Privateers, and having higher-damage Frigates, French receiving stronger Heavy Infantry and Cuirassiers in Industrial Age, etc.

- Advanced Markets now enables three new market upgrades.

- Several Industrial Age Unit shipments now research improvements and/or give Unit Stats bonuses (especially Warship Cards).

- Spanish AI should play MUCH better, building Tercios, Musketeers, Skirmishers, Hussars and Lancers.

- Ruyters start with 0.10 armor, but Carabineers Upgrade brings it to 0.15.

- Rodeleros slightly redesigned, 5.5 speed, 150 HP, with 13 damage, 1.75x vs Heavy Infantry, 1.75x vs Azaps/Halberdiers, 2x vs Cavalry, 2x vs Light Infantry, and cost 60 food, 30 coin, 29 train points.

- Pikemen units have 2.4 maximum range, to help them fight Musketeer/Skirmisher units (down from 2.6/2.5).

- Spain no longer has access to Imperial Crossbowmen, only Royal Guard Crossbowmen

- Several other smaller details I may have forgotton.

- Overall 50 new upgrades to be researched.

- Some Historic Church techs for European civilizations.


22.08.13: Project Discontinued, for now...

- AI reupdated, fixed a few bugs

EDIT: Update: 22.08.13: Changes found a little below...

- Heavy Cannon/Great Bombard kept at 7 pop; Heavy Cannons once again have 300 attack, not 330; Heavy Cannons once again have 122 Train Points, Bombards 128 Train Points (instead of 115 for HC and 122 for Bombards)

- Mass Production gives only -25% Heavy Artillery Train Points (not -30%)

- Heavy Artillery Regiments gives -1 build limit, +10% att/HP, and +2.0 Range and LOS

- Cassador brought back to 90 HP, 18 attack, 3.375 ROF

- Ruyter changed to 45 food, 70 coin, 0.20 Ranged Armor

- Halberdier brought back to 200 HP

- **Azap now costs 50 food, 60 coin, 30 train points (down from 50 food, 65 coin, 31 train points).

**Note that this unit was created by Matthew_Sher in the Napoleonic Era Mod Team.

- Aztec Warchief can build Warhuts, slowly

- Cav Archers & Manchus get +2 Range and LOS

- Keshiks get +1 range with Disciplined and +1 range with Honored Upgrade

- Keshik cost reduced to 100 (down from 115), Ming Army and Mongolian Army brought down in price respectively

- Steppe Rider cost reduced to 75 (down from 85), Standard Army and Mongolian Army cost reduced respectively

- Mongolian army trains 2 seconds faster (25 instead of 27)

- Old Han Army trains in 29 seconds instead of 27

- Fortress Age Mercenary shipments cost 900 coin; some Industrial Merc shipments cost 900 coin as well

- Colonial Native Warrior Shipments cost 400 coin, Industrial Native Warrior Shipments cost 800 coin

- AI brought to a moderate aggressiveness as in 1.3z3i.

- Slightly improved AI unit preferences

- Japan now uses Close Combat Card instead of Sword Saint

- Added two Portuguese Observatory Techs: Bandeirante Expedition, and House of Braganca; Bandeirante gives +1000 XP, +10 Explorer LOS, +75% Explorer HP, +50% Explorer attack, +10 Spyglass LOS, +100% Explorer Buildrate on Trading posts, +30% Villager Mining rates, +10% Mine conservation rates and +5% Trade Route and Crate Wealth. House of Braganca costs 200 food, 200 wood, 200 coin, gives 1000 XP, makes Homecity shipments arrive 100% faster, and makes Trade Routes give +30% more on XP.

- Added Observatory tech to France: Chasseurs A Cheval (after Dragooning): costs 200 wood, 200 coin, increases Dragoon HP and attack +5%, and gives them +1.0 Range and LOS

- Added another Observatory tech to France: Grande Batterie: costs 300 wood, 300 coin, Imperial Age, gives Heavy Cannons -1 build limit, +5% HP, +15% damage, and +2.0 Range and LOS

- Spanish Caballeros Regiments costs 200 wood, 200 coin now, and gives +10% Combat to Hussars and Dragoons, +5% Combat to Lancers, and +10% speed for Hussars/Dragoons, and +5% speed to Lancers

- Added Observatory Tech to Spanish: Spanish Conquistadores: gives 1000 XP, +100% Explorer Combat, +40% Wardog Combat, +2 Wardog Build limit, and +10% Crossbowman and Rodelero combat

- Aztecs Now start with Spirit Medicine. They also get -30% Native Warrior Build Limit, but 1 Villager each time they build a Native Post in Discovery, 2 in Colonial, and 3 in Fortress Age onward.

- French AI should build MUCH more Cuirassiers, less Hussars/Halberdiers, and more Musket/Skirmisher/Cuirassier with some Dragoon Support

- AI plays better on water games

- Native AIs properly build buccaneer Warships

- European AIs upgrade Imperial Man O' War and Imperial Monitors

- AI may try to raid your villagers better now; no guarantees, however

- Dutch AI will attempt to build Heavy Cannons

- Guard Pikemen tech added to all civilizations

- Pikemen have 10 attack, 4x vs Cav

- Guard Pikemen/Tercios give Pikes +0.5x vs Cav, 0.4x vs Light Infantry

- Spain gets Besteiro/Imperial Besteiro Upgrades at the Barracks for their Crossbowmen

- For Spain, Tercio/Besteiro cost only 600 wood, 600 coin; Imperial techs of these now cost only 1000 wood, 1000 coin

- Hot Air Balloon Technology gives +2.0 Unit LOS, +8.0 Balloon LOS and +18.0 Advanced Hot Air Balloon LOS, +10% Advanced Hot Air Balloon Speed.

- one or two things I might not remember

- Give your feedback maybe if you think too much is being added to the game, if we should keep it simpler, such as removing the Aztec bonus of getting villagers by allying with native posts.

- other than that, this project is discontinued until further notice. Please enjoy what you can, and feel free to modify it for your
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File Author
If you have any suggestions that might improve the game, without changing the way it is played drastically, please feel free to offer them.

I myself may or may not be available for a while. If you write down your suggestion, I will be able to see it later, in perhaps a weeks time or more.

But whatever, I give this work, Solo Deo Gloria.

God Bless!

murdilator (aka Justus_Pacificia)
SRACon17 uhm, could i request that you remove the NonAutoFormedUnit in the protoy for each ship? having ships move in formation is imo much cooler :)

EDIT: uhm everytime i start a skirmish, i get an error 'Could not compile aiLoaderStandard.xs'..

[Edited on 05/12/13 @ 06:04 AM]

File Author

I just myself noticed the AI error. I was correcting it yesterday and wanted to upload it today. However, it may take a bit before it gets to where I wanted it previously.

EDIT: Errors corrected, and files uploaded



[Edited on 05/13/13 @ 02:33 AM]

SRACon17 thanks man :)
can i just install it over 1.3z3a?

[Edited on 05/13/13 @ 07:31 PM]

File Author
Yes actually you can.

However, remember to go to art and delete "terrain" folder if you have it; then install the one included in this download.

I have updated the homecity files as well, to include some higher unit shipments. Thus, install the new HomecityBritish.xml, etc. into the program files.

Also, just copy over the Protoy, Techtreey, randomstringsy into Data if you have steam, as well as the new AIDraugurMain.xs into AI3.

Should work from here well.

To be safe, if you have steam, always install the new Protoy, Techtreey, randomstringsy, AIDraugurMain, and homecity+Civs files, as well as the files in the Tactics folder. These are the files I modify; not usually anything else.


SRACon17 thanks :)

uhm, i edited your protoy and removed the NonAutoFormedUnit for all ships to make them move in formation. i'd upload it but i don't know how to, and i don't know if you prefer to have it on..
File Author
Oh wait, is it just a string inside the Protoy? I had no idea how to fix that. I will check it out.

SRACon17 uhm yes, i actually asked about that from mandosrex before because he had ships moving in formations in his mod. You just have to remove the "NonAutoFormedUnit" for every ship :)
File Author
I've updated this file, 31.05.13, with several major and minor improvements. (However, I've not added ship formations yet).



fatemocksme My friends and I have been using the N3O patches since they first started coming out and have been happy to see the work you have put in by continuing them. I can certainly say that your efforts have been much lauded and appreciated. In particular, we appreciate your efforts to improve AI play since it's a hell of a lot harder to line up our schedules to play together than it was back in the day.

I find the integration of certain Napoleonic Era elements with the university quite interesting and my friends and I generally agree with your direction in balance changes. One in particular is especially grateful for the work you put into the native civs. To put it simply: the work you're doing has been fairly outstanding and has made this mod into a must when we play this game.

So now, we come to the other part. Our group has compiled a list of several things that we think you could possibly look into for future balance patches.

1. The infinite spahi send card for the Ottomans could be bumped from the 4 card to the 5 card. It currently just isn't often worth a card late game over other similar possibilities as a 4 send while the 5 send in age 3 feels too strong considering that the age 4 highest send is only 6. Switching the infinite to the 5 send and making the 4 send the age 3 card should solve both these problems.

2. The infinite send mercenaries cards are very cost inefficient currently. The units are not a native and thus takes pop space, so a 100% mark-up for them seems slightly high given that they offer a significantly smaller advantage than their infinite send native counterparts (especially in age 5 when their stats are no longer superior to regular units for the given cost and pop.) Recommend possibly increasing amount granted or to drop to drop cost slightly to make them a more viable alternative to their native infinite send counterparts.

3. The dutch ruyter should get 30% ranged damage reduction to bring it more in-line with other dragoon units. It is currently one of only 2 units of this type that have a different resistance amount (the other being black riders that inexplicably think they're cav archers.) Even their closest comparable unit, the zamburak, has the 30% ranged resistance. Given the very similar stats the two units share this one area of difference feels very out of place. While your change to the skirmishers damage to light cavalry was good to curb light cav spam, this particular unit seems to be suffering significantly more harshly for it since skirms were already significantly stronger against them than other similar units. If this change necessitates a slight price increase we feel that it would be warranted.

These are only a few we could get off the top of our heads. We'll be looking more into some of your changes -paricularly the native ones- as we get the time. I'll post more findings as we get them. That being said, it is your mod, and we will defer to your judgment overall. Keep up the amazing work.

[Edited on 06/10/13 @ 06:16 AM]

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