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LAND NOMAD !!! Yeargh!

Author File Description
WOLFOX //*====================================== ==========================*
//* Land Nomad (Version 1.0)
//* By WoLFoX
//* w_wolfox_x@hotmail.com
//* 15 March 2006
//*====================================== ==========================*
//*====================================== ==========================*
//* Random Map Script for Age of Empires III
//*====================================== ==========================*
//*Please do not modify these files without my permission
//*====================================== ==========================*
"In a world of wars, choosing the right place to start your Imperial Dream
on this new world, is a MUST...
Will you to evocate your new civilization as quick as you can, or will you
choose the right place to expand your domination and subjugate new lands?
The choice is all yours...".

°- This is a version of well loved 'Land Nomad' Random Map from Age of Conquerors
adapted to Age of Discovery-(AgeIII)
This is still in just pre-release state, but I've already testing it in ESO games
and works normally fine! I found no bugs by now, but if anyone find something wrong,
please E-Mail me and I'll try to fix it!
There's no way to play this map in Off-Line Mode because I didn't any AI for this and
ESO restricts Classified Games to Standart Maps, so any games in custom maps will not
be rated! But its really funny those Nomad Wars you can fight with other players, just
for fun, like TC wars from Age of Conquerors! ^_^
I wait on this to put a new spirit in Age of Discovery Games, so have fun!

ESO, please make options to choose if a custom map game is rated or not!

Well... If you played Age of Conquerors Land Nomad, you will like it! If you are Noob
relax, soon you will get it!
This is the first Land Nomad Map for Age of Discovery-(At last I think it is) and it is
a 'Great Plains' based map! Soon I will do a pack with all standart maps with Nomad
It has 2 diferent modes:
(1)- If you choose to play in 'Nomad' Age, you start only with your explorer, but you
have an Outpost to receive supplies. So make sure you have villagers' cards to call! lol
(2)- If you choose any other Game Age, you will have not any way to receive supplies
from your civilization at the beginning, but you will have 'Nomad' Villagers around
the map, with your Explorer, of course!
So I hope you enjoy! C ya!!
---------- ---------- -----
Ps.: If you don't know how to install this map::
copy the files to-( C:\Documents and Settings\User\My documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM )
Where 'User' is you UserID.
//*====================================== ==========================*
//* Land Nomad (Version 1.0-Release):: (03/18/2006)
//*====================================== ==========================*
Fixes, bugs removed:
º- Map Size bug,
º- Out of Syncs in 4x4 games,
°- Auto-Resigns no more occures
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Jugit For a Nomad start you say to make sure players have villager cards to call. Problem is you cannot use them since there is no population room. Suggest adding a manor house for each player as well as the outpost for a Nomad start.
File Author
Ok dude, Pop trouble fixed! ^_^
Thanks for your comment!!

[Edited on 03/16/06 @ 09:12 PM]

File Author
Final Version (1.0) released...
Some important bugs removed, but I can't say if was all of them. This is the final version by now so if you downloaded pre-release version, pls update your file! This one is much better! ^_^
If you have any suggestions, pls e-mail me! This is it! Have fun..*
File Author
Pls, somebody rate it! ^_^
kyle 1292 Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
this is the best map ever!!!!!!!!

[Edited on 03/28/06 @ 03:13 AM]

Official Reviewer
Rating removed for being too short in accordance with the reviewing guidelines:


-Luke M
Downloads Admin
File Author
kyle 1292::
Thnkx man! ^_^ have fun!!

Splash_Z i´ll rate it as soon as i play it.
but looks good.
good job
ScaryLarry LUKE F--

Thank you for being on the ball and catching the incomplete review. Please sift through some of the reviews in 'Scenario' section as there are many from a couple 3 or 4 weeks ago that were almost all "ones" and only 2 or 3 words given to 'explain' why. The reviews are 'supposed' to be for giving the honest pros and cons of a game... NOT to flame or 'suck up' to people! 8-)
Map Design3.0
Rating: 3
I ran into some difficulties with this as the Russian explorer was 'killed' before building his TC. The Russian villagers all stood their ground and failed to move for the entire game. Even after I 'removed' all Russian villagers from the gsme, the game did not end and I finally accepted Ivan the Terrible's offer of surrender to end the game. I thought it was funny that Ivan still said, "My army's crushed... my town is in ruins..." even though he had neither a town nor an army. 8-)

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 04/08/06 @ 11:45 PM]

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