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Mutation Invasion Part 1

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
# of Players: 8
Mutation Invasion Part 1

What this map is about:

You and your group play as prisoners fighting the british army to obtain the prisoner's freedom. Like in a usual Mutation map, your unit becomes stronger once you got enough kills. While fighting the british army, you will have to fight 6 mighty boss-enemies, each of them has one more special abilities which make them unique. Furthermore you will complete a few quests by following the story-line of this map.

Changes from 'usual' Mutation:
- 6 mighty 'Doomlords', each one having one or more special abilities;
- receive bonuses for defeating the 'Doomlords';
- 1 big story-line (calculate at least 90 minutes to complete the map);
- 6 different areas to explore and fight through;
- 7 hidden statues to boost your HP;
- 4 mutations for every player (at 10, 30, 60 and 100 kills);
- additional attack damage for more than 100 kills;
- 6 different, but balanced units for the players;
- 3 different difficulties you can choose from;
- Flags in the map represent healing spots.

This map has been playtested a lot already, so all bugs & glitches are fixed and it is impossible to get stuck in this map.

What you need to do before starting the map:
-> Player 1 - 7 need to be in team 1.
-> Player 8 needs to be in team 2.
-> Put a computer-player (preferably a native-tribe) as player 7.
-> Put the computer-player 'Queen Elisabeth' as player 8.

Made by Zorxon and LUCKYfighter. We hope you enjoy this map!

If you find some bugs and/or glitches, please report them here. Beside, we're very happy about every single feedback and rating we get!

If you liked this map, please make sure to check out parts 2 and 3 as well:
Part 2: Mutation Invasion Part 2
Part 3: Mutation Invasion Part 3 - The Finale

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The map is playable for all players, you can also choose the difficulty.

Balance: 5
We did a lot of testing to balance everything. Players will have the same amount of strengt in their own way. Of course you have to know what you character is good at.

Creativity: 5
We made this mutation map because we wanted to make the mutation scenario diffrent and more fun. This resulted in a cool story with a lot of quests and cool different area's

Map Design: 5
The Map was designed with a lot of care and it took a lot of time to make it like it is now.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is well made and it is split up in diffrent parts and maps (we will upload next part soon) The instructions are clear if you read everything at the beginning and your ally (player 7) guides you trough this scenario.

Additional Comments: Awsome map, everyone should try it :)

[Edited on 08/29/13 @ 08:56 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
(Its the usual mutation experience. Loooong game made up of hit and run by worthless units.)

Balance: 3
(Somebody always puts in mercs with their normal life and the game takes sooo long)

Creativity: 2
(A basic mutation game. I'd give it a one but you are trying.)

Map Design: 3
(Decent map. Cliffs are cheesy though. Needs better eyecandy)

Story/Instructions: 2
(Story was drab..instructions were none)

Additional Comments:
Hey, at least its not a colleseum. And please don't review your own scenario.
TheLUCKYfighter Weren't you the guy with a map where the ratings got removed because you reviewed your map 3 times on diffrent accounts ?

Also it is a long map, but like you said, every mutation map is like that, it's the concept.

And last I wanted to say thank you for rating our map.

(but rate a map on in it's concept, if you don't like the concept it's not the map maker's fault.)

[Edited on 05/19/14 @ 11:01 AM]

The_TychoPsycho Heh heh my secret.

But no, i played 1 good mutation type map and that was when it took us only about 40 minutes to complete. You can have the concept in a shorter game and it is better.
TheLUCKYfighter Well, so it is you.
But if you are honest isn't it weird to downvote a map so hard for just 1 thing ? it takes to long.

And creativity, we made this very much diffrent than other mutations. there is only one other map that has the same concept.
CrypticHitman Well good work guys. :)
haven't had time to play your map but looking at you description everything looks good and will try it.

The_TychoPsycho don't tell others not to review their own map when you create fake accounts to do so, at least he used his actual account.

[Edited on 09/19/13 @ 01:12 PM]

TheLUCKYfighter Thank you CrypticHitman :)

I hope you will enjoy the map and that you'll reach the end :p

You can always drop some feedback so we can improve on making maps and so we know what players want/like/dislike.
uma raju i like mutation maps,this map is also very good,i hope u will make mutation invasion part 2 as well
TheLUCKYfighter We actually made part 2 already but we didn't have time to upload it yet.
File Author
Part 2 is basically finished, there is only one bug in the map which makes the map uncompleteable in case the host (Player 1) dies and / or leaves the game. We don't know how to fix this bug at the moment, but we're still working on this issue. As soon as we get a solution for this issue, we will upload the 2nd part. Thank you all for playing our map!

[Edited on 01/09/14 @ 11:51 AM]

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Map Design4.3
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