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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » American Revolution - Fight For New England 1.01

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American Revolution - Fight For New England 1.01

Author File Description
xXRavenHawkXx Install instructions:

copy both "american revolution_ fight for new england.age3scn" and "american revolution_ fight for new england.bak"
into your: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario

copy the mp3 "We were soldiers - Sgt. Mackenzie.mp3" into your :\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound

1.01 includes:
-fixed length of cinematics
-no more HC access
-end game stats included


- Semi Based on the battle that took place in the Ameircan Revolutionary war the "war for independence"
that pushed the British out of America. Characters are based on the movie "The Patriot"

- You play as "Benjamin Martin" (main character in the movie "the patriot" played by Mel Gibson) and have to leed a
Battalion of soldiers into a frontier in the fight for New England

- 5 primary objectives and one secondary objective

Special Features:
- Reinforcements via trade route buildings
- you are allied by a computer player who will fight the main battles for you while you do all the dirty work ;)
- many cinematics outling mission objectives and showing battles

- Your artillery is your main tool in this map, if you lose it all the game can become allmost impossible... however you do
recieve additional reinforcements for doing some objectives so even if you think you may have no hope, just pushed to the
next objective you never know when you may be heavily reinforced ;)

- towards the end of the game you will have multiple entry points to the enemy targets, use these points to your advantage

- during the game you will recieve an explorer who can build trade buildings to bring in reinforcements, do your best to keep
him alive as the american explorer cannot be revived, dont know why but in the end i suppose it adds another challange to the map

any critique/suggestions/reviews welcome thanks

by xXRavenHawkXx

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Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I enjoyde playing this one thats for sure. everything seemed to work. i had to be aware of my cañons at all time (loose those you loose the game)

Balance: 3
this is a litle tricky because i do think the game was perfectly balanced with the amount of units and the timing. a plyed it 3 times: the fis¿rst one i resigned because i was just geting familiarized with the story line, but the second try in the midle of the game i lost all my units and nothing hapend.... :s had to resign again.

Tip: try puting a trigger for : "end game" and "set player defeated" you deside the condition.

would of given a 5 on this one but the fact that you dont loose makes it a 3

Creativity: 4
good development, i loved the
the most interesting part to me was when you had to take down a group of cañons just before reaching the last objective (really had to figure out a strategy there)

Map Design: 3
it was ok. but i found some strange deep holes with enemys in them and they had a hard time trying to get out. and the fact that the train went right into the market was a litle strange.

Story/Instructions: 5
pretty clear. i like the idea of giving the player objectives with coordinates (west, south , etc)

Additional Comments:
Ifound a few things you can improve:

1- there was no need for the flag thats sends you to your home city... you can eliminate it with a trigger at the begining called "player set HC access" turn this one OFF and thats it.. no more flag and no more sounds when the XP completes.

2- a lot of resources 99999 or something... not necesary.

3- some cinematics were a bit long at the end of them had to wait like 8 - 10 sec. in the same spot. try timing them just with the neceasary to the player to understaad.

4- if you are going to start with a cine and dont think a cut is necesary at the very begining.. try "Fade to color" off "cinematic mode" ON and start the game directly from the cine.
File Author
thanks omarin I have fixed up all what you have suggested except for the resources... I gave the player a lot of resources cause you need them to build trading posts, maybe not the meat one but when i was doing it i didnt think about that :) better safe than sorry ay? once again thanks for your advice!
File Author
Sorry all just realised i put the wrong file up! dont worry ive updated it with the new one and everythings fine, once again sorry for any inoyance caused!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I love these type of scenarios, are everybody making em these days? Its very fun and challenging

Balance: 4
Impressive, just what i needed, a game that takes strategy.

Creativity: 3
Its very creative because its from The Patriot

Map Design: 3
Good detail, and placement of the buildings and units.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Patriot is one of my favorite movies, and this is similar to it.

[Edited on 08/19/06 @ 11:40 PM]

Panzer33 Where do I get the We were soldiers - Sgt. Mackenzie.mp3 file?

File Author
yea sorri about that i forgot to add it in in the last update, but its in there now so if you just download it again it should be there
Woolagaroo I don't mean to be picky, I thought the scenario was pretty good. But if the scenario is supposed to depict the historical figure Benjamin Martin, it should be set in the south, as that was where he fought the English.
idttywlm I have beat my head against the wall playing this scenario. I have great respect for the players that knocked this off in only a few plays. I cannot see how to win this thing. I have restarted many times but I cannot get past the goal of flanking the British. There are just too many British cannons and even though I saved most of mine through the previous goals, the basic laws of large numbers wear me down and the spawned Minutemen are pure cannon fodder. Can anyone give me some hints as to strategy here.

omarin dude i smacked my head into the wall too, that part of the mission is the most demanding. if you go against those cannons with the minuteman youre never goiing to pass. i hade to micromanage mi cannos forming a circle around them but the thing is that if you go ahead and give your cannos the order to atack the enemy ones they get the chance to fire first so at the end you will lose yours first LOL. so i found a way : I placed mine sorrounding them the closest i could get out of their Line of sight then i sent some men against them as distraction so their cannons start shoting at my men, then inmediatly open fire with my cannos and keep distracting with minutman. also try placing cannons on the hill to have some hight. another tip is to try flanking them from the south.
AN_Nuisance This is killing me...I've played it a few times...and still cannot find the flippin explorer! So consequently I cannot build a trading post for reinforcements! I tried moving every troop around the trading post and still have no units that can build it... Help!
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