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Obz Tad 0.4

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Game Version: TAD
Changelist for 0.4: (Updated 19th Oct 2013)
-Removed LOS changes as it looks like that was causing OOS sometimes
-Ctrl-Num now assigns control groups. You can change who these function for (as well as find unit hotkeys) using ctrl-tab in admin mode.
-Removed auto record functionality.
-Shipments are now displayed in the order sent, provided you update the counter often enough (at least once a minute). This won't function properly if shipments are sent more than once (e.g. for Japan)

You can still use the old version if LOS commands are more important, of course.

-I accidentally removed deck commands, they'll be brought back in the next version.

Changelist for 0.3: (Updated 8th Oct 2013)
-Fixed the map messing up certain common hotkeys
-Fixed coyote runners being double counted and skull knights not being counted at all

Main points for using map:

The base map used is the "new great plains" obs map.

For those new to the map, the first thing you might note is that the "You Have Abandoned Your Colony" text has been removed.

As always, flare on the map or press '-' to enter admin mode. The latter will not display a notification at the top when activated. To enter commands, then type something in (without pressing enter) and press 'tab' to send the command. The command 'x' will take you out of admin mode.

There are find unit hotkeys incorporated- I haven't provided documentation for all of them. But they are based on the default hotkeys for the english version of the game. Some slight exceptions in that instead of / you use ctrl-/ to find explorer. Similarly for t and ctrl-t for tc.

The map works using hotkeys and mapping commands to hotkeys.

To switch who you're finding units for (the 'main' player), use Ctrl-Tab.

One feature tied in with the above is the ability to create your own control groups for the 'main' person you're viewing. For this you can use control-1 ... control-9 control-0. Please note that this feature is very limited. You can only control group one unit in this way. Pressing 1-9 will select the control group, as usual, and view to the unit.

The main feature would of course be the ability to view units in queue/techs being researched. Rather than an automatic update, it updates every time you left-click.

This does however need to be configured for your resolution. To do this, use the command 'cfg' or 'config'. This will send a bunch of chats. Note the number at the top, e.g. 10- this represents the total single line chats displayable on your screen at any point in time. To configure the counter, type in c(whatever number was at the top) - here it is c10.

It is set to c11 by default, so if you can see 11 chats on screen at any time you need not do anything.
If you intend to be streaming on this map, you can let me know your configuration so I can add it directly to the game's code for the next version.

You're welcome to spam left clicks but this can cause oos if your computer is slow. As mentioned earlier, commands "simple" and "advanced" limit what needs to be calculated- the first only shows resources and techs, the second includes units being trained/ on map.

I haven't included score in the counter for the TAD version so as to reduce the chance of OOS (the score has to be calculated manually since there is no known function to retrieve score)

Note that the colour for player 1 is blue and for player 2 is red in the score counter by default. This can be changed via commands such as "teal 1", "green 2" etc. Colour names are red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, teal.

Alternatively the command "rc" (short for reset colours) will reset the colours of the players in the game in order, forcing player 1's colour to blue and player 2's to red.

Some important commands which can be used by the console:

t1, t2: Technologies researched by player 1 and 2 respectively
s1, s2: Shipments sent.

Note that these will display in whatever language your game is installed in (even japanese).

You can also use d1 and d2 to view a specific player's deck. Pressing 'shift--' while viewing someone's deck will show both the game and the deck simultaneously. Click outside to bring things back to normal. (accidentally removed for this version)

There is also a minimap-only mode which you can enable using shift-ctrl-=. Note chatting will not work in this mode. The console and stat counter will still work, provided you are in admin mode (use - to make sure). Note that no other UI will display (e.g. decks or score)

To exit this mode, view the postgame using ctrl--. You can exit the postgame directly using esc. (Just to ensure people don't confuse the two buttons at the bottom of the postgame screen)

Anyway, please test it out and provide feedback. Changes to the final version will depend on feedback.


(No readme attached this time because I'm lazy)

I forgot to add: This is an initial version and I'm releasing it so that any bugs can be sorted out.
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