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The Warchiefs: Rising 0.4 BETA (Updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
Warchiefs: Rising
Requires the last patch for TAD (1.3)


- Using N3O FP AI for TAD, from murdilator (many thanks :))
- More balance changes


- Balance fixes
- Sounds are now optional by default
- Dog Soldiers are no longer free after researching Confederacy Pact (typo XD)
- Minor balance changes :)

PS: New music is optional. To get it, you can download a Full version from this mirror:

Warchiefs: Rising 0.3 Full

UPDATE 0.2 BETA : 22/12/2013

Fixed tomahawk fight animations
- Fixed some campaign issues
- Added artillery bonus for tomahawks
- Added artillery bonus for Kanya Horseman
- Some new icons
- NEW sound/music

- NEW Building: The War Council: Strategic building built in era V
* Have its own texture, icon, techs and sounds
* Works like a Capitol for Iroquois

- NEW Building: Outpost -> Fort Tower removed
- NEW Loading Screens
NEW Unit: Oneida Cannon
* Iroquois version of Organ Gun
* New skin and icon
* Very efficient agaisnt infantry,

- NEW Unit: Iroquois Coyote Runner
* Artillery hunter, with great speed and mobility
* New skin, icon and animation
* Avaliable at Age V at the War Council

- NEW Techs:
* Iosheka Gift: Hero HP
* Confederacy Pact: Changes Gold costs: -100% / Food costs +100%
- Fixed some balance issues
- Forest Prowler: -range and attack
- More to come...


* Backup your protoy / techtreey / stringtabley.xml files.
* Backup your ypack / music folders inside /Sound.
* Copy the files and overwrite when needed.
* Enjoy :)


Warchiefs Rising is a small rollback to The Warchiefs expansion.

*NOTE* Currently at test/alpha stage. Theres a lot to be done.

This mod changes most of Iroquois civ, bringing new units, a lot of new upgrades,
cards and interfaces. Most of the free unit upgrades have been changed/removed.
Advancing Ages now gives you powerful upgrades, allowing to focus
on a Hero / Defense / Military / Economic playstyle.


* Units and Heros (Kanyenke / Chayton Black are now avaliable)
* Massive changes to game UI (Interface itself is still a project)
* A lot of new techs and upgrades.
* Iroquois can now build a Fort at Imperial age.
* Settlers cost 0 population.
* Revamped firePit Dances
* New Icons and textures
* Armor upgrades
* Fort Unique Unit upgrades
* Forts and TCs can garrison infantry.
* Warhuts now act like castles, added outposts to Iroquois.
* Many UI/Sound issues fixed.
* Age Advancement now gives proper Upgrades.
* And more :)

* I did this for myself, since i really like playing infantry units and i feel like iroquois are very underpowered agaisnt an army of cavalry + siege.

Age3 have squishy buildings too, what makes impossible to make a full defense scenario
without building a defense army.

So, when you finish updgrading all at age V, you will have a solid army in their own roles.
Infantry was re-balanced to give more durability:

Tomahawks: Have a high hand armor rating, but are slow and age a small range (8x).
Aennas: Normal range and good rate of fire, but a small attack and low armor. It roles like a scout/defense unit.
Forest Prowlers: Range greatly increased but ROF lowed, as for speed. It fits an ambush/backfire unit.

NOTE: This mod uses some files from Designer's Mod 1.03. Huge thanks to twoqtimes2 :)

Plans for 1.0

* A hand infantry unit, when i finish its textures and find the proper model
* Siege Rams balance / techs / skins
* Give Chayton Black the ability to mount his horse (still dont know how to do it)
* Next Civ: Sioux
* New building with Native Techs
* New Heros
* New UI for each map loading screen
* New icons (more Age3 like) to the Firepit

If someone with experience at modding/designing is looking to join on and help this go forward, please give a note :)

PS: Im currently looking to annex this mod into a bigger one, and work within a team to make it bigger :)

More screens:

Know bugs:

- Iroquois fort new texture replaces every East Fort texture avaliable, cause <replacetexture> dont seem to work in the new anim file.

- Iroquois Outpost have no building animations.
- Please report it :)

Suggestions and critics are always welcome :) Please rate it.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
noxinvictum look fabulous. ^^
murdilator These art files look absolutely fantastic.

I am a modder and experienced no rush player, and have been doing a large modification, N3O FP1.3z3k:




I do not make art files, but I have a conferrant who helps in balance & historical ideas, and I try to rather use as many already-in-game art files to satify my needs. However, I see immediately the need for historic upgrades for the Iroquois, Sioux and the Aztecs. People LOVE new art files.

I agree that the Natives need a Fort Building. Its very good looking and I actually suggest keeping to your own for a while until modders will start asking to borrow parts of your creations en masse.

Here is a link to Wotta forums, or War Of The Triple Alliance Forums, where either the Library and/or the Modding Council have their posts/discussions.


Mind you, these folks are good at what they do, but often very particular and proud to a fault. If you make something too good for them, they may push it away. However, if you come posting something, I'd suggest making statements rather than questions. Like "I've found making art files is so and so. Here are examples that I have made. I enjoy lategame use of techs and like to make things that are realistic for the civilizations I play."

There is another person who has made an Ottoman Mod, and the developers of Napoleonic Era have corroborated with him, adding in his Ottoman Content to the new Napoleonic Era.

I specialize primarily as a modder in AI coding. The AI can build new units and use new techs, and you can tell it to do so intelligently. I also have a stand-alone AI for TAD 1.03 that would work on your mod. The AI builds and upgrades walls, as well as build a certain amount of right units for its civilization. If you need to play-test with a bit of balance, then the improved AI can be of great use.

Link to Stand-alone version for TAD:


However, the Draugur AI, which I based mine from, also works for increased play-testing ability. I have no doubt you could already have this installed, but even redundant suggestions sometimes have their good sides in them:


Concerning the AI playing your mod:

90% of making them research new techs you make is just making the tech and enabling it for players. The last 10% is when you add a "Research Monitor" at the end of the coding, and find Age4Monitor, where you enable that "Research Monitor". Then, when they have resources enough, they will upgrade that tech.

If a tech is good enough at a building, they will try and use that as well. Often it requires the tech upgrading a significant amount of Hitpoints/Damage, Armor or speed, and often it requires it to be a unit that it is using often. The Draugur AI simplifies this by automatically trying to build the best counter and automatically trying to upgrade units when it gets a certain amount of them (8-12 Infantry or 6-8 Cavalry, depending on unit type).

You can tell them to use different Dances, and theoretically even new ones at the firepit as well. In the Draugur AI, they use such things as spawning skull knights, dog soldiers, using more villagers on the Dance pit, though I personally haven't gotten War Dance to work properly yet.

Anyways, if you like, you can take any ideas I had about the Iroquois civilization in my mod and use it freely. My mod was at first a community and clan project, and thus I was a coder and playtester, but I also liked to just have fun with it.

Good day to you, and keep pressing onward!



[Edited on 12/19/13 @ 05:33 PM]

File Author
Hell yea, thanks for the great reply!! :)
Think i already tried N30 once, but im getting it again and testing it asap.
But i can say in advance that your Observatory Tech is the eye candy of my ideas, thats precisely my aim:
a building wich can trickle resources, and have a lot of techs stacked on it. Started doing that on the fort,
but still dont make much of a sense.

Thou, theres one word that keeps bothering me: *Historical Accurate*
I always end feeling that my mods are mostly fantasy like. I usually loose the *looks like the original* in the middle
of the process cause im the only judge, and well.. i like art. Lol. :D So, its great to see things going strictly historical. :)

I need better names and descriptions too -.-. Hehe

About Art Files > Natives, yea, the big buttons represent a lot of visual potential to be explored, but they kinda bailed it off.
Im a graphic designer for living, so, all and each new code is a new challenge/monster to be killed, lol. XD Kinda learning, thou.

Ill try to add Draugur as it is now to my mod now, btw, thanks for the reference.

About WOTTA Forum dudes, oh, cool, thanks for the info. Actually, i just finished playing the campaign again (lost the count how many times ive beated it, but never at *Hard*, need to improve that heh) Lol, and theres a lot of things there to fix/enhance too, so... think ill slow down and make some plans. Till now, all i did was like - *Oh, this will get cool if i mod, lets try to do it* - and then - *****, i forgot fixing that, that and that...*.. hehe

About a fort building.. well, yea, thou the model still give me bad limitations. Heard you cant edit .gr2 models.. true?

Well, i confess if i could board on something where i could dedicate myself at modding art files and doing art itself, i could speed up tons and do a lot more of work, and focus on creating new textures :)

About AI using techs / upgrading them, its all misty to me yet. Had to kinda *force* some of my actual techs and give some weird attributes to them, cause they wasnt showing ingame by any chance lol. For example:

Theres EliteMusketWarrior tech. The tech currently exist, but its a shadow, so i guess it autoupdate.
Ive wanted to make a normal version of it. So i created a new tech, renamed, added to Age0XP, made the entry at proto for the barracks, and there it goes.
But for some reason the thing was messing to not work. My solution was to make it *Obtainable* in its own tech string, (usally set to unobtainable)
BUt then, the damn tech showed on every warhut that existed XD
Finally, i added a Age0 tech prereq to make it only show for the Iroquois and only.

IMO, thats bad jerry-jig :D

So, before i play the community modding guy i think ill try to deep myself on coding, or find someone who wants to do it and go back to draw buttons lol.
About your mod, finished downloading right now, ill give a try and get the feel, maybe we can further talk about it :) Looking forward to try that sweet Observatory :D

Thanks a lot for the talk :))

File Author
BTW, i have some cool ideas that worked about drawing stuff ready to Wide, then, when in game, they dont stretch :) If you have a 1680x screen, check the loading :D
murdilator I actually do have a request for you.

Are you willing to make an 64x64 icon for a Dragoon-Camel unit, i.e. a Dromadary Camel unit? I've made the unit, and put the Dragoon on the Zamburak Camel (which I know has a weird gun attached, but the Sowar camel is too tall for the dragoon to sit properly, and thus the Zamburak is what we got for now). I use the Dragoon icon for this unit currently, but would eventually like to differentiate it if ever possible.

Here is the Dromadary Camel atop a Sowar Camel (unproportional):


Here are four screenshots of the Dromadary Camel atop the Zamburak Camel (a gun on the side, but can be ignored).

Screen 1, Scouting:


Screen 2, another view:


Screen 3, still another view:


Screen 4, in Formation:



Same as Dragoon, except:

Costs: 100 food, 85 coin
Train Time: 39 Train Points
Available: Only on Indian/Asian Maps
Build Limit: 20
Hitpoints: 220
Armor: 0.20 (Dragoons have 0.20 armor in my patch)
Speed: 6.50
Ranged: 22, 3.25 vs Cavalry, 2.6x vs Coyotemen, 2x vs artillery
Melee: same, but higher multiplier vs Cavalry

Tentative ideas: Camels slow down Horse-Cavalry by -5% when within 12 range, but move slowly themselves (-5% to -8% slower), and perhaps have 10% resistance versus cavalry attacks. Units like Zamburacks are armed with Abus Guns, so they would have longer range, slower rate of fire.

Again, I do not demand anything, but I ask, that if it pleases you, to make an icon, that perhaps we could allow this unit to be put up as a Miscellaneous File, and tell people how to add it to their techtrees/proto files.

Thing is, there are many players who would like to know how to modify Age of Empires III, but very few who actually have a starter or have real inspiration. My hope is that our community grow little things like these, and hopefully, re-spring to life the modding community.

best of regards,

File Author
64X - Icon

128x - Portrait

Sorry for the late answer, just read yr comment and scrapped up this one. Thou, i want it to have pistols instead of a rifle, but i got confused with the screens about the hat. Its a hat with plumes or a Sepoy one? (screen 2, i guess).

Think this hat is going in the wrong way. Anyway, take a look, if you like we can work with it :)

Think ill steal yr Camel Dragoon heh.

[Edited on 12/31/13 @ 07:28 AM]

murdilator That's looks good!

Hey, np, I just took some time to put a dragoon on a camel, you can have it.

I agree about the hat and the gun. They ought to look more like professional soldiers, perhaps musketoons, etc.

For historical connotation, I'm thinking of something like the French Camel Corps under Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt and/or Britain's Camel Corps during General 'Chinese' Gordon in Sudan (some info from a 1967 Movie, Khartoum).

[Edited on 12/31/13 @ 06:10 PM]

Dreamwalker23 Hey, very nice mod. I always felt that the Iroquois were missing something, and that the native american civs in general were underdone. This mod helps fix that nicely. And I absolutely love the music, the regular AOE3 theme songs get reeeally old.

A bug I ran into: when I got to age 3, the buttons to build outposts and tribal council were replaced by the siege workshop and native embassy, so I can't build your new buildings in age 3 and after.
chris17 Hello magickoala, your work is impressive! I've sent you a mail, please reply to it as soon as you read it. Thank you!:)
SiouxBlood1013 I love this mod well from what I can experience from it can anyone help me install is correctly my problems are missing images and the war council not being built if you can please email Tunez1310@gmail.com other than me not knowing what I'm doing this mod is great!!!! ;D

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