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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
I'm making a campaign for Africa and Italy MOD, based on the rise and fall of the Zulus, in the style of AOK Campaigns. I'm looking for someone to be the narrator's and characters' voice. My email is camo_80s@hotmail.com

This is the last edition of AFRICA AND ITALY EXPANSION.This new version will feature the Ashanti civilization, unique and very accurate. Moreover, I decided to revisit the Pirate and United States civilizations. Pirates are now The barbarian pirates, who train mercenaries such as barbary corsairs, pirates, arsonists and more as regular units, but they're still a ottoman satellite state, so they just recive home city shipment from the ottoman empire. The United States are now more organized and have a unique unit, the US Cavalry, which is a ranged and melee cavalry. They can train skirmishers and musketeers too, but they have a design different from the european ones.So, here are the specifications.

1*PADANIANS - Settlers gather from mills and plantations faster. Ships gather from fish and whales faster too. Can build banks and advanced arsenal to enhance their army. Best units are Venetian Infantry, who upgrades to the powerful greenshirts, Ruyter and Galleass.

2*PAPAL STATE - Shipments arrive faster. Best units are Swiss Guard, St. John's knight and Black Bands, an armored musketeer, with more hitpoints but slower in his march. Papal State and Padanians share this unit.

3*MALI EMPIRE - Villagers Train faster; can build mining camps to gather coin very fast; Special techs at the Mosque to enhance cavalry. Best units: Kele Kun Tigui, Kun-Tigui Spearman, Mandinka Bowman

4*ETHIOPIANS - Slow Growing, but very powerful civilization. Castles upgrade for free and cost no gold. Special techs at the war center, an arsenal-like building. Best units: Royal Guard, Oromo Horseman, Galla Horseman.

5*ASHANTI - Gather trade faster, but villagers gather other resources a little slower. Build ancestor's altars to get a trickle of the resource you need most. The more altars you build, the higher will be the trickle. Build the government center to train special units that can lead your army. Best units: Adonten, Gyase

6*ZULU- Villagers are stronger and do more damage. Don't age up at the Town Center, unlock new armies at the War Hut. Train sangomas and witchdoctors at the temple to increase the power of your army. Best units: Impi, Rifle trooper


PADANIANS: Villagers gather from farms and mills 10% faster. Ship economic buildings and armies of greenshirts, cacciatori and L'il Bombards (avaliable to Ethiopians at level 40)

PAPAL STATE: Mercenaries cost less. Ship church wagon, bishops and swiss pikemen. Armies made of Hospitaller Knights, Culverins and Swiss Lifeguards

ETHIOPIAN ISOLATION: Train Danakil Warrior, Bashi Bazuk, Mehal Sefari and Kebur Zabagna.

An alliance with african natives will permit you to build a special building wich provide you with a rare resource to increase your wealth. Example: The Kongo kingdom fournishes rubber, therefore you can build a rubber extraction hut which spawns wood and coin crates over the time. (once you ally with a tribe, you'll get a free travois to build the special building)
The Tuareg fournish Salt: Free Coin Crates and Sheeps
The Berbers fournish Furs: Free Food and Coin Crates
The Kanem-Bornu Empire fournishes Diamonds: Free Coin Crates and African Miners
The Nubians fournish Coffee: Free Food Crates and XP Points
The Somali fournish Cocoa: Free Food and Wood Crates
The Benin Empire fournishes Ivory: Free Coin Crates and XP points
The Fulani Empire fournishes Cotton: Free Wood Crates and XP points
The Kongo Kingdom fournishes Rubber: Free Wood and Coin Crates
The Luba Kingdom fournishes Gems: Free Coin Crates and African Miners
The Masai fournish Manioc: Free Food Crates and Native Villagers
The Mutapa Empire fournishes Gold: Free Coin Crates and African Miners
The Swazi fournish Cobalt: Free Coin Crates and XP Points
The Herero fournish Cattle: Free Food Crates and African Buffalos
The Merina Kingdom fournishes Vanilla: Free Food Crates and Pet Panthers


If you're an european civilization, once you ally with an african tribe, your explorer can buy slaves. They work faster than settlers, but if your enemies get close to them, they can steal your slaves as if they were sheeps, so don't send them to the woods, better keep them within your plantations and mills.
If you're playing as the Mali Empire, you can train slaves at the Slave Market, a mercenary building

Barbary Coast, Sahara, Nubia, Manden, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Guinea, Rainforest, Kongo, Congo Basin, African Savanna, Rift Valley, Namib, Kalahari, South Africa, Madagascar, Padanian Plain. (Yukon with Inuit Natives)

1. Padanians now train crossbowmen instead of pikemen, so that they have a cheap ranged unit in early ages. The melee one will still be rodelero
2. Solved the texture LAG problem. From now on you'll always see the new buildings textures
3. Solved the Manor house problem
4. Restored the Zulus. Their HomeCity is Buluwayo


1*Unzip all the zip files into a folder
2*Run the Setup.exe
3*copy the homecity files in the savegame folder and the Random Map files in the RM3 folder.
4*Run TAD, go to OPTIONS/GRAPHIC and check that High Poly Models is enabled, or this mod won't work properly

NOTICE: The setup will install to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III. If your game path is different, please while running the setup change the installation path
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
littlelamb Hi camo90
Is this an add on like the Fun Pack or is it the entire EP Parts

File Author
It is the complete pack, it adds lots of features and changes to the previous editions. New granny models too.
littlelamb I have the original EP so how do I go about installing this file?

Do I need to uninstall the old files or will this just overwrite them?
File Author
No, just install this one, it will replace the older files
littlelamb Thankyou for the answers to my questions.

I will install this edition and see how things go.
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 5
Great to Play

Creativity: 5

Art and Sound: 5
Very Realistic

Installation/Instructions: 5
Much easier now it come all in one download

Story/Description: 5
I found this very informative

Additional Comments:
Thank you so much for all you hard work. I am playing as Zulu and was pleasantly surprised with the changes. Especially the Watch Tower.
File Author
Thank you very much for your 5 star rating! I spent a lot of time on this and that's what I hoped to see.

P.S. I guess you were playing as the Ashanti jeje
littlelamb Yes it is the Ashanti, I have two maps one for Zulu and one for Ashanti.

I have tried making the Mali Empire one of my enemies, but for some reason they will not work.

They have the AI Starter and I have set their AI to aiLoaderStandard the same as for my other enemies, but after the villagers come out of the town centre and collect the supplies from their home city, they stand around doing nothing, even though their scout is sending back animals for them

If I tried changing from Mali to another civilization eg pirates and the new civ works fine

Do you have any idea of what I might be doing wrong with the Mali Empire
File Author
I didn't create an AI which can control civilizations such as Malii, Ashanti or Zulus, because it is very difficult to mod the AI and I don't have enough knowledge about it. The AI works with the commands it has, so, as pirates or padanians are civs similar to the other ones, the AI understand (not completely) how to control them. Though Mali Empire and Zulus are very different in their structure, and the AI doesn't know how to behave. It would be wonderful if someone who has experience in AI modding, would build an AI that could rule african civs.
littlelamb No worries. I will play those civilizations as myself now that I know why they do not work as others.

Thanks for a great EP
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Art and Sound4.9
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Size:119.10 MB