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ReplaceTexture Bug Solver

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Titan Joker
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
ReplaceTexture Solver

The ReplaceTexture bug, for those who don't know, is when your game get's "tired" of loading custom textures for objects, such as buildings and units, therefore it reverts back to a model original textures. Mods with a big number of textures, such as Total and Partial conversions, are usually the more affected, but for small mods that use a small RAM can also be affected. The ReplaceTexture bug was matter became a matter of tests and studies from mod's teams and creators to stop that bug.

Lately the discussion as increased and bug was finally surpressed. This bone allows to save your mod from this bug. The models need to be preloaded for the bug not to occur, but if the models are all simultaneously loaded, this will cause a great amount of lag in your game.This file will prevent that lag, and now you can prevent RT bug from happening without worries.


1) Attach the models you wan't to add a custom texture to this bone.
2) You can either make a new unit or attach the bone to a TC (altought if the TC get's destroyed it's better to create a new unit), if you do create a new unit, the bone with all it's attached models need to be in it's anim file. Example featuring Eastern barracks are included in the zip.
3) If you had created a new unit instead of attaching to the town center, then make it sure it's a starting unit (edit the civs.xml to do soo)
4) Enjoy a game with your unique costume textures, without being afraid to lose them.


Huanglukuzhu - For the idea of the preloading of the models.
Musketeer925 - For further devolpment ideas, and testing of the bone.
Golden Dragon - For further development ideas and for reanimating the discussion
Mister SCP - For teaching me how to make bones
Alexastor - For helping me with solving the distance-lag problem
The modding community and anyone that took part in this
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The_TychoPsycho If you change the grany files then it will cause random OOS. Does this cause OOS?
Mister SCP
no if you just change the animfile it wont change anything. If you make a new model you'll get a CRC error and cant play online wit players without this modification
dietermoreno You sir are a hero. I will be testing this.

Before I can test this, I need to know how to use it.

I don't understand how to use it.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could make a YouTube video how to use this MisterSCP.

[Edited on 01/25/14 @ 03:10 PM]

Titan Joker
File Author
@dieter: didn't you follow the discussion in the WotTA forums? I guess not... Well no matter, you need to attach the models that suffer the from the RTbug (wich is all of them) to the bone, and it has to exist from moment 0 of the game, wich means it has to be a starting unit. So let's review:

1) Attach the intended models to the bone, like I did in that example, contained in the zip.
2) Have a new unit that uses the anim file (it's also good to have low obstruction, or none at all).
3) Have that unit as a starting unit for all civs, or if you prefer, modify the Random maps to generate that unit.
4) The result will be that the models that are attached to that bone will not suffer from the RTbug.

Mod teams and creators can benefit a lot, especialy if it's a big mod with a big number of textures, most likely all of them will include this method, so either you can attach the models all by yourself, or wait for next installments of the mods you play to contain it.

Sorry if I didn't have time to paste all the models from the game :p
dietermoreno Did you export models with different textures for each new model, or did you use rt tag with a different proto unit for each texture?
Titan Joker
File Author
What?? No, there's no need to export models with different textures! Listen, the zip contains a 3d bone and an example anim.file, the bone is wayy out of the map limits, and 3d models can be attached to it in the anim file, like I did in the example. Look, as long as the unit appears from the begining of the game, the models that are attached to the bone will not suffer from the RT bug, and will not produce any lag ingame.

I mean, I know I'm bad at explaining things, but come on!
dietermoreno So the models you want to attach to the bone are actually attachments in the anim file and the bone is actually the main model?

I would post some code to help understanding, but I think it is not allowed to post code in these comment sections for downloads. I tried to post code and the code was automatically deleted from my post.

Sorry, some people are slow learners, like me.

Yes I think something as important as solving rt bug needs a tutorial, for people who are slow learners.

I wouldn't be asking these questions if you had already made a tutorial.

It is my hope that rt bug solver becomes a universal modding knowledge like modeling, and does not become a "proprietary" knowledge like the water trade route maps for Knb I was told is proprietary knowledge when I asked Knb how to do it.

[Edited on 01/31/14 @ 01:17 AM]

Titan Joker
File Author
Well, altought I have not made a tutorial (yet), here's how I explained to a fellow modder, step by step how to do it:

Rating: 1
this not titan joker's mod?

Additional Comments:
you want to delete this admins will done it
Wild Warrior
Rating: 4

[Edited on 05/31/14 @ 10:36 PM]

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