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Base Capture - Fort Ticonderoga 1.01

Author File Description
xXRavenHawkXx Version 1.01 includes:
- Fixed infantry spawn bug
- British fort now spawns cannon
- no my HC access
- now shows end game stats
-fixed spawn bug middle hill base
In Base Capture you have to capture all other enemy bases in order to win. In this scenario you are up against the British in the Siege of Fort Ticonderoga. A Fort located accross the river from where you start, however since this is base capture you must capture all 4 bases accross the river aswell as defend yours from being taken over.

-new Base Capture Style play

-battlefield is half based on Fort Ticonderoga and half on my own imagination.

-actual history included in objectives menu, thanks to... http://theamericanrevolution.org/battles/bat_ftic.asp

-To capture a base send anyone of your soldiers to an enemy barracks (trench base), enemy Outpost (Hill Base) or in the case of Fort Ticonderoga send your soldiers to the fort center building.

- some buildings are attackable dont attack them insteed capture the base as when you do all buildings go to your team, so If you are being pounded by a outpost just cap it and it will start pounding the enemy ;)

- You start with more soldiers more soldiers than the British however the British have more bases, So it would be wise to establish a strong attack on one base as to lessen the amount you are up against latter on

- however The AI is fairly smart in this and will attack nearly every base at any time so make sure to leave some men at base to defend It

-Capture all British bases whilst keeping your own

-losing all your bases to the British army

any comments/suggestions/critique/reviews appreciated

By xXRavenHawkXx
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
It was very fun. Kinda like fort wars but more men and a bit more simple. It was very enjoyable. It seemed more of a multiplayer game than story. The objectives were simple and anyone could've understood em.

Balance: 4
It was good. Not historically accurate, but good. I think the British had cannon and more men. In the beginning the British seemed to have the upper edge.

Creativity: 4
Creative in a way. Could use a hero though. Could've had a little more SHAZAM!

Map Design: 4
The map was nice. Could've had better fort walls.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not really a story. Just more of a King of a Hill style game

Additional Comments: Was good. The left bottom camp didn't respond units.
SharpShooter99 How do u make ur maps so fast? Two days ago u made that other scenario, and 2 days before that another! Man u must be good and fast! Wanna help me with my campaign!? Please!? I'm doing 3... =P
File Author
Genkaio thanks for the review... just to go over a few things so i know how to make this or a future map like this a better map

Ballance - do you think the Ballance isnt equal or is that why you dont like it cause its too equal? yes I know about the British having cannon however I figured that that might make the British team too powerful if they had that, perhaps I could make them weaker by halfing their reinforcements and giving them one cannon at their fort at every reinforcement interval or whoever had gained control of the fort would get this reinforcement, or would that make them too weak/strong?

Creative - I didnt really aim at making this a heroes map when I started off, just a simple map that is sort of like the game Battlefield. However if you think it needs heroes I might add in important leaders for the American and British sides. Do you think this map would benefit if it was more historically accurate? as if it was there would be no fighting until the Americans reached the Fort as the British were asleep when the Americans raided the Fort... hmm I just got an idea... what if I made it so that all the enemy British where inactive besides a few guards and that if an American soldier was spoted the British Army would become active? that would give the Americans the opurtunity to capture the cannon producing Fort without being actually attacked by the enemy cannon except of course maybe one or two cannon artillery at the forward bases.
- I will also make the fort walls better, I wasnt thinking of that in the tests but now that I think about it the British fort had stone walls not wood walls!

story/instructions - to make this better would cinematics do the trick or more History rich objectives? or a bit of both? or is there something alse that could make this better?

South left camp not respawning units - I checked this over just then and it seemed to me that there was no problems. However It might be a bug I have missed. If you remember could you tell me if this camp ever spawned units? did it spawn units at the start but after the British take it over did it stop spawning units? when did you notice it not spawning units? If you cant remember/ dont know dont worry I will try to see if i can fix it for a future release, but in the mean time if anyone alse has noticed any thing like this themselves could you tell me thanks.

SharpShooter99 ive been making maps fast because I just got the game and I am on holidays and bored as hell but still yet to do my holiday HW :S. so for about half a week Ive just mostly been making maps and stuff :P. anyways yeah I would like to help you with your campaign/campaigns if you want some help, my msn is mattlynch@hotmail.com give me an email or talk to me over msn about the campaign and I will see if I can help you :)

Finnaly. There was one thing I wanted to add but couldnt figure out how to, how do you add game stats at the end of a map? and also If anyone can come up with suggestions that could help make this map better I would greatly appreciate it thanks :)

[Edited on 03/20/06 @ 09:24 AM]

omarin Hi RavenHawk I havent played this one but i played American revolution and it was pretty good :)

a few tips:

1- For the player to se the stats at the end just include in a las trigger the efects: "End game" and "Set player won." dont punt the efect "you win " because itwill send you to main menu.

2- Dont know about this scenario but in the american revolution there was no need for the flag thats sends you to your home city... you can eliminate it with a trigger at the begining called "player set HC access" turn this one OFF and thats it.. no more flag and no more sounds when the XP completes.

Im new at this too my friend but if i can help somebody else in some issues.. glad to do it.
Genkai0 I got some ideas like you could make it a little more chalenging but not to challenging. I beat the part no problem.

Should be more historically accurate and more variety of units.

Yes a story would be nice like Nathan Allen is pinned down! Lt washington is coming we jsut have to hold off. Then we fight then washington comes etc...

It was to simple to say, but fun

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
A nice idea. No lag, things worked pretty well. Big problem was if the enemy took one of my posts, they continued to spawn there even if I took it back, and remained that way to the end of the game.

Balance: 3
A good challenge. My only complain is the one above. The spawn issue meant having to leave troops to guard a post as I moved forward because the enemy would spawn right on top of it.

Creativity: 5
Good idea. I think it brings in a little more of the real world idea of gaining and holding ground.

Map Design: 4
A little plain. Battlefields were chosen for visibility and control of the heights but aren't necessarily wide open. All in all it was still pretty nice.

Story/Instructions: 5
Fun imitating history. I knew what I had to do, no problems.

Additional Comments:
Thanks for making this one. I really enjoyed it much more than your last.
File Author
thanks for the reviews everyone, I will fix up all the errors and thanks Omarin for the tips, I will add the end score into the game now and get rid of the home city! I dont think I will add heroes and that sort of thing but I will remember to add a more indeph story line when I make another map like this, which I have an idea for but wont give it away, only hint I will give is it may be based in Russia ;) not sure what time/battle/event/etc yet but I have an idea of what i want to add in it! It will be another Base capture map but with other aspects in it to.
File Author
hey people Ive updated the map, and fixed all the problems and added a couple of minor things... heres a list of what I added/fixed...

- Fixed infantry spawn bug
- British fort now spawns cannon
- no more HC access
- now includes end game stats

nothing ground breaking I know, but atleast the spawn bug is fixed, I think, well ive tried it 3 times now and no problems but if you play it and notice a bug could you tell me thanks :). If there is no more bugs I will move on to my next project which will be similar to this map but include more objectives and that mold a better historical or fictional story line. For now I have an idea to make a Russian based map but if anyone has any ideas for a war/battle I can base my next map on im open for suggestion... also in the making but wont be finished for awhile is a new Samurai map!

again thanks for any suggestions/critique/reviews/etc.

[Edited on 03/21/06 @ 03:30 AM]

Genkai0 I played 1.1 and it was awesome. I didnt expect the cannon. They took my middle base. The bug was fixed :). When i took back my midle base it still kept spawning Red soldiers so fix that. It was challenging the cannon owned me. Then i went to attack other camps and go all camps except the fort. I went to the fort and attacked from all sides. They hadl ike 20 cannon and i broke the wall and attacked then from in inside. Took out the cannon and the flag went to ours! Was the best!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
It took me many tries to beat your scenario. Its hard where i have few forces vs cannons...

Balance: 3
Not really balanced, i could use many one cannon or hero could be good against their massive force.

Creativity: 5
I dont really care about the history but, i love these types of games, which i grew from StarCraft Online, playing these games instead of boring melee games...

Map Design: 4
Pretty good

Story/Instructions: 5
Keeping it simple.
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