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Free for all new

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 8
As i recognized that my former idea doesn't work because everybody hid in his territory, i needed to change something. So, here are the changes:

1st: As i mentioned beforehand, i replaced the cliffs with wood. So it is now possible to attack (and getting attacked) by all directions. So maybe there are more encouraged attackers.
2nd: Instead of an outlaw castle in the middle, i made an island with a factory where coin and food boxes appear every minute. So it's worth controlling the island.

It isn't finished yet (especially as far as decoration is concerned) so i'm happy for ecery suggestion.

Thank you for your help
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Zorxon Time to share some knowledge then, haha.

First of all, and this is going to solve most of your problems I suppose, there is function in the 'Place Object' section called 'Move object' or something similar to that. Klick on it and you'll be able to move your objects to literally everywhere - allows you to put several walls on a small spot or a big cannon on its pedestal - just try this function out.

Furthermore, - have to say I didn't download the scenario, so I just guess you used the triggers - if you want to make units of a CPU move, then you are not allowed to use the 'Army Move' trigger command as it does appearantly not work in multiplayer scenarios. Apart of that, there are some units - I think this is only for treasure guardians though - which are ONLY available for Mother Nature and cannot be controlled by any player - if you placed them as player X, the still are controlled by Mother Nature; so you might have happend to place treasure guardians as outlaws instead of the mercenaries. To convert 'working' units, only use the 'Convert Unit' command - oh, and in case you placed decoration items as stones or grass, make sure you do not mark them for the unit convertion, too, as they will block the triggering of the convert command. So better use the 'Convert Unit' command for each single unit seperately.

You can of course use Objectives in a multiplayer map (don't want to do advertisement here, but you could check the maps I made with TheLUCKYfighter to see what is all possible with the editor), just go for the 'Objective: ...' effects in the trigger section.

To fix the 'Out of Synch' problem:
It occurs, if you recently changed the map and did not restart Age of Empires 3 as there will be a conflict somehow that makes you as the editor cause the 'Out of Synch'. Finish your scenario, make sure everything works and then restart the game.

Try these hints out at first and in case it still does not work, I might take a closer look at your map.
File Author
Thank you for taking time to help me, Zorxon.

Your suggestion with the option "place object" did indeed work. Now I was able to station the canons on the podium as well as fixing the problems with the walls.

But the problem with the triggers I wasn't able to solve. As I only used the editor beforehand to test the strength of several units I don't know much about the triggers and how to use them. I had to use treasure guardians because the "normal" renegados eg. did not take any melee damage, I don't have an idea why.

At this point I have another question concerning triggers: If I want the bandits to join the destroyer's army, how do I do that? I only found the convert trigger that lets the bandits convert to a certain player.

As I only joined this community a a few days ago, I don't know whether I can update the map I uploaded or delete the uploaded map. Should I upload the updated map just like I did with this one or is there a special way?

I would be very grateful if you would take a moment to look at this map because of the triggers, and as I said in the map description: I am very happy for any suggestion concerning design, system or whatever to improve the map.

Thank you again for looking at it, Zorxon!
File Author
PS: I forgot to tell you that I was also able to establish the objectives thanks to your advice.
TheLUCKYfighter If you need any help with creativity or map design you can always ask me some question about that, if it are only the triggers you have problems with I guess Zorxon will be the one who can help you best.
File Author
Thanks for offering help, TheLUCKYfighter.

To be honest, I do not have certain questions, but I am always glad if somebody downloads the map and gives me suggestions eg. as far as the playability or the decoration is concerned.

Real problems I have only with the aforementioned triggers, but as I said: I'm happy for every suggestion how to improve the map.
Zorxon If you want to convert the outlaws to a certain player, I first need to know how exactly the players are supposed to capture the castle. Is it by destroying a building, capturing and controlling a specific area or how did you intend it?

The easiest way to do this (according to triggers), is capturing the castle by controlling the area with a certain unit, like the explorer. This would give the possibility of using the 'Distance To Point' condition of triggers which is fairly said one of the most used conditions in many scenarios.

Otherwise I'll have to check the given trigger effects as it is long ago I edited / created something with the editor to find a nice way to execute your idea.
File Author
Well, there is a fort in the center of the castle. I wanted the bandits to convert when somebody destroys that fort.
File Author
I forgot to tell you that I deleted (at least I think) all the triggers beforehand because of the "out of synchro". I read somewhere that this problem could have been caused because of faulty triggers. So you won't find any triggers from me in the map except for maybe the day/night triggers.
The_TychoPsycho The only trigger-related problem that would cause out of sync is if you are using faulty CUSTOM triggers such as "heal unit sp" "Heal units in area" or any other "heal" triggers.

If you are only using the default triggers you will not get OOS

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