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Downloads Home » Modpacks » Realism ProtoY v1.1 file for Improvement mod 5.4

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Realism ProtoY v1.1 file for Improvement mod 5.4

Author File Description
Death Dealing
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
In this update I change unit populations.
(I play only in expert mode). When all units have 1 population AI build wery big armies in their town and all in his/her town stops, idk why, so I put back some unit populations and now war is much better. They still build big armies but they never stop in their towns.

Changes what i see:

1)They attack all the time when they build their army.. so when they are on big age like IV or V, they attack all the time..
2)For some reason AI also update units much faster (infantry, cavalry and siege).

Changes what i do :

1) All Infantry units have still 1 population.

2) All cavalry units have 2-3 population.

3) Siege units have 3-5 population. (5 pop. have extra siege units like Rocker, Tsar Cannon, Great Cannon and heavy cannon)

In download file be file with this pop. changes and old file with all units 1 pop.


Death Dealing.



The First, Sorry for my bad English, Im from Latvia. This is my first modded file so don't critisize too much.

I really like the Improvement mod 5.4, but i don't like the war, because they have too much hp and to low damage.. Some army changes see later below..

For long battles I do some changes in resources, like:

Trees: now have 1000 - 2000 wood resource in one tree.

Food: more food in Hunted Animals 2000 food in berry bush (cherry orchards for Chinese 20.000 food)+ more food in fishes - 10.000

Coin: 5000 coin in copper and silver mines, 10.000 coin in Gold mines.. In whales now can gather 8 boats.

For resources in Plantations, Mills, Rice paddys and Trees..: Willagers gather Little bit faster + resources from water gather faster too.

Some buildings Like Dutch bank, Lumbercamp, Bakery, Fishery and Factories have faster resource gather per second. Some buildings, like, Outposts (includes blockhouse and other defensive buildings), Town Centers have more hp, increase Build limit and Attack, and Range.

Now about units:

Ranged Infantry: All type off Musketeers ( Janissaries, Arquebusiers, Ashigaru's Highlanders, and other) have decrease hp moving speed and fire rate, but increase attack damage, range, and LOS. Most of the musketeers can shoot each other with one ore 2 shoots.

Special units: Rodeleros, Dooplesoldners and longbowmans. Rod, and Doop, bigger dmg and hp. Longbowman maybe have bigger dmg and bigger range.

Foot infantry ( pikeman's, Halberdier, Qiangs, Changdao's and other's) decrease hp, increase moving speed and some damage.

Skirmishers: I don't know.. some people like some doesn't like... All Skirmishers ( Skirmisher, Cassadore, Gurkha, USA Rifleman) now are Snipers : Do big damage from wery long range, have build limit - 5, and is more expensive than other infantry units have wery low hp.

Cavalry: is more expensive.

Ranged cavalry: increase range, damage, move speed..

Melee cavalry: almost the same as ranger cavalry excluded attack range :D.

All Artillery: slower fire rate, bigger damage and damage area increased, more expensive, defend cannons from units then you loose your cannons wery fast.

Special cannons ( Rockets, Great Bombards, Tsar Cannons and Heavy Cannons) have wery big damage and area damage, more hp than other Artillery.

Heroes:( Explorers, Shaolin monk, and other) Have big hp amount, fast fire rate, and big damage.

By the way, All units and artilleries have 1 population.

Settlers ar cheaper, costs only 60 food. Dutch settlers 100 gold and Indian settlers 60 wood, and French settlers 70 food. little bit damage increased.

Maybe I something can't remember, but the biggest changes is discuss..

Installation notes: Go to your Age of Empires 3 directory. Open ''Data'' map. Backup your original Protoy file to some safe place - create map and put it in there or something.
Then put my protoy file in ''Data'' map and you are done.

Please I need to know if someone plays with my mod and plays with Warchief civs, if there is some problems please tell me..I said that because I didn't test the Warchief civs. If there something you don't like with hp, damage of something else, just say it and I change it..

Write in comments, some changes you glad to see in this file, What's wrong or simple have some problems with something - Try to help you.

Sorry for my bad English again and Hope You enjoy my mod!

Death Dealing.

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Death Dealing
File Author
Some info who missed: THIS PROTOY IS ONLY FOR IMPROVEMENT MOD 5.4 ( WATCH HERE ) http://aoe3.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3222&ci=ed072d8b5d97265b872d1e832d88d271YToxOntpOjA7YToyOntpOjA7czoxNDoiU2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHMiO2k6MTtzOjQ5OiJsaXN0ZXIucGhwP3N0YXJ0PTAmYW1wO3NlYXJjaD1JbXByb3ZlbWVudCBtb2QgNS40Ijt9fQ==

Playable in Singleplayer Skirmish , maybe even in Multiplayer if all have this protoy file..

No any changes for Campgain.

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