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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » AoE 3: WW2 The Great Crusade: Omaha Beach

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AoE 3: WW2 The Great Crusade: Omaha Beach

Author File Description
SharpShooter99 This has already been seen by many for my AoE 3 WW2 campaign. But im submitting it so i can see the real rating of this scenario since mercenary kept bothering me about not submitting it. So this will be the prequel to my real scenario of D-Day

My new D-Day scenario =
To Honor June 6th, 1944: Operation Overlord, coming soon...
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
An absolute blast to play. I'm marking down only for lag and victory trigger. Lag didn't happen til near the end when I had alot of units. For the victory, soon as the HQ was blown it went straight to menu.
Balance: 5
Outstanding. On a large scale you managed to make something work, make it challenging without being impossible.
Creativity: 5
Anytime someone can adapt colonial era units into a functioning WWII scenario and have it work it's creative. Your really worked in this case.

Map Design: 5
Nice challenge. Without giving something away, I thought there was a mistake, until I remembered how the Utah beach assault went. Let's see what other folks say. :) Great terrain and use of detail everywhere.

Story/Instructions: 4
I knew what I had to do and where I had to go.

Additional Comments:
Thanks for putting this out there. It really is an awesome map. I have a higher end computer but have had tons of lag on lesser maps. I was very impressed to see the levels you managed before anything slowed down for me.
Would have loved to see the summary at the end to know just how many people got toasted.
File Author
Thanks sentry for the review, and do u know how to fix the victory trigger? To not make u go to the main menu?
sentry41 Wish I did man. I don't know anything about making maps. I'm greatful there's all you folks making them for sloths like me to play. That's why in every review I have to say, "Thanks for making it". Or somethign like that. Depends on which medication I took that day... :)

I think Omarin knew how to make that part work though, you might check with him.
B_V war lord omarin For the player to see the stats at the end just include in a last trigger the efects: "End game" and "Set player won." dont put in the efect "you win " because it will send you to main menu. thank omarin for that

Top Scenario 1 of the best I have played

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
know this a good challenge it was fun to play this one very similar to the operation torch, just experienced lag for a moment i had 1500 units and it was a bit hard to manage them all. the game said i played for 40 min. but i think it was really 2 hours lol.

Balance: 4
it was pretty well balanced .. in my opinion the game was more controlable at the end when i had abuot 250 units then i could think in a strategy because units didnt get stuck.

Creativity: 5
i think it was a very ggod scenario not one to miss.

Map Design: 5
i belive you spent hours and hours in the map design. congrats. i just think that there was a few things that wernt excellentlike the rest of the map.
1- the litle island with all the houses one on top of the other.didnt had a good look
2- all the wood in the beach for player 2 didnt think it was necesary and since they were players 2 it was a lot of green points all over the beach.. too much distracting.
3- the incas outpost didnt go with the rest of the arquitecture.
4- some units deploy in a hole in the left side of the beach (there was a fort in that hole)and couldnt get them out.
Story/Instructions: 4
aven thow there was no intro i knew perfectly what to do.

Additional Comments:
a few tips.
1- all the boats in the beach give a good eyecandy but it is not necesary for the player to control the there useles. and just distract since the apear as blue dots. i sugest ading a triger to destroy them after a while or make them Faky. that way you wont have control oover them.

2- the home city flag is not necesary, try a trigger: player set HC access - OFF

great scenario sharpshooter.
File Author
Thanks Omarin and warlord, ill try to fix it once i finish my school science project... =P, that operation Torch was made by me so... yeah

[Edited on 03/23/06 @ 06:37 PM]

mercenary11 Hey! I told you you should of stayed in AoE3 WW2 Campaign, see the good reviews? But now you quit its a shame and why did you post this up I thought you quit. Anyways if you seriously would like to rejoin, talk to me. And you weren't the only one who made Torch remember?
File Author
I dont want to rejoin, i just wanted to see what the rating would be for this.

Why, do u want me to rejoin? I bet vash's map sucks since he says my map sucks... srry tho, but im just saying...

[Edited on 03/23/06 @ 08:06 PM]

File Author
LOL, i lost 83,395 units! But they died as heroes...

[Edited on 03/25/06 @ 06:16 PM]

ScaryLarry I think I'll just comment on this instead of giving it a rating, if you don't mind...

The lag was terrible!! Understandable with the number of men but perhaps cutting down on the number of men... or... extending the time between the batches of reinforcements would be of help. Other things that could help would be to eliminate the little fishing boats (they add nothing to your game and are an annoyance) and to eliminate the crates of wood on the beach. I know you want to simulate all of the barriers that the Nazis put up but you do virtually the same with the fences and the fences aren't such an eyesore.

Something else that could help would be to trim the number of trees that you have in the map. Many of those areas will never even be visited by anyone during the game. Especially, the large number of trees on the other side of the river. Trees add to lag as well...

Also, the houses in "England(?)" could be cut back to about half and not really missed by too many people except for their former occupants. Any number of small things like that could help speed up the game a little bit.

It looks like many of your embellishments were put onto your map as 'player 2' so they come up green on the mini-map and that too is a little distracting. I know it's easy to do as your going along adding little things here and there but try to remember to switch to gaia when putting in the extras.

I lost nearly 7,000 men on this but many of them died in "kamikaze" suicide raids aimed mostly at lowering the number of men in the game.

[Edited on 04/17/06 @ 03:52 PM]

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