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storm_999_ Mod Patch

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Game Version: TAD
Before, giving information about the modes, I want to tell many things. I swear I was planning to share my modes, before I made them. Firstly, I just made blue culverin mode. It is just a ***ing blue culverin. Not more powerful, or not auto shooter. When I uploaded one video with this mode, This the most arrogant g*y I ever seen Lukas directly called me cheater. I was ****. It is just a different color nothing else! And then I added some new things which show idle artilleries, cows and sheep also, I made a voice "pay attention for cows" which repeats itself every 3:15 mins. This voice even isn't a mode. It is just a voice record. After, I uploaded my 2nd video with those new things; many of players started to storm must be banned campaign by leading of djunjuppeke. Probably my storm account is reported more than 10 time because of my modes, but sure nothing happened. Because, it is not cheating, it is just a ***ing different UI like ektanta. But those ***rds don't have enough brain to understand it. Those **** jealousy players lied many things about me and my modes. Ridiculously, they told to people that I have auto culverin shooter mode, auto cow mode, Cow reminder mode (They said that voice just plays when there is idle cow or sheep which is bullshit) etc. I got shocked in front of all those lies and certainly, immediately I gave up sharing my modes video those ****oles. Now, I am leaving age of Empires 3 and I am just publishing my modes to show that I never cheated. It is just a different UI like ekanta , nothing else. I gave my modes to my some friends, many of them thought those buttons are useless and they didn't like and some of them, although they said that they liked, their level even didn't increase one. As you will see, those mods are almost nothing.
Now, I am going to write here some players. Many of them are Godless atheists, maybe my words won't make sense for them, but still I am warning them. If they won't listen me, they will have to pay for it afterdeath. (Order of names makes sense by the way)
Lukas_l99-Markus_Heining-Fiapo-nika_tamiya -vthomas123654789-lelotus-Pepito57-langara/\meduso-death12345-Dante__-The_Crusad3r/\Velouxiotis1788-ChaoticXZig91-CrazyMonkey99-basiliki/pizzafreak-aensor-Lt_CommanderData/djunjuppeke-child_in_time/Gichtenlord-jim2013/ Milky__/Bager-crazyevil/AJIV- powerfulhead -ccv_victorash-broken_heart- 74thbloodbender -edeholland/ stormcoming-_ZOMBIE_ /Nino/ th3_chief-Prince_England/MarquisCaptain-black_thought- ThePavlov /asmthom39/KNIGHT_Br /Hopi/Fuher/kurahadol(I believe this is the most hidden smurf ever or real kurahadol really shared his account with Lukas, this account once almost won a game vs me, and kingownage)/ Lt_General_Kelly- Major_Arsh / NoxInvictum , and other members of .::X::. who called me cheater for those modes.
I am forbidding those entire players the use of my modes! I am reminding once more, If you don't listen me and use my modes, you will have to pay for it afterdeath. If you scare of God, Don't use them.
About Modes:
Firstly, I need to correct wrong information about my modes. There is not something like auto cow mode. I just used my intelligence, which many of players don't really have any, to get over cowing. Just put 5 villagers on cows, and 6 villagers on sheeps. Cowing and sheeping will not end unless you forget making cows and sheeps. But if you forget making cows and sheeps just a for a while, villagers will be idle and in laggy games, your villagers also will stack many times.
Copy all file to where game is installed. If you didn't like any part of modes, you can use them particularly, I mean you can delete some of those files for example if you didn't like blue culverin delete culverin files.
White fog which is shown in very high shader option is deleted for andes map and probably some others too which uses same file with andes like Sonora.
Changing inclination of sun buttons added. (Sides of shadows is changed, its nice if you rotate map)
You can put your facs on food-wood-coin without selecting facs.
Idle units are written on your screen.
Making villager button is always on screen, don't need to go back to select town center while fighting.
And some other special buttons for each civs.
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StormC Been waiting for a long time to get my hands on these modes, can't wait to try them out!

Thanks dude
File Author
Didnt you read explanation? You were in forbidden list!

By the way, i believe my noob ottoman can beat your noobest brith, we can try if you want
StormC Im not going to 1v1 you unless i can use france for fairness
File Author
are you calling fairness otto vs french ?¿?

Brith vs french may be tried.
StormC My france vs your otto, dont pussi out bro, u scare of fairplay? Ur scared now that i have your modes

[Edited on 09/12/14 @ 01:06 PM]

File Author
you are being pussy. How the **** can otto win vs french WTF. French almost can win only by spmaming genderme nats and in addiction if you make a few skirmisher more, otto can do ****ing nothing.

Try to find better ways to tease me. In this way, you look like so much idiot

[Edited on 09/12/14 @ 01:32 PM]

StormC Fine, no french vs otto. Im 2 years rusty in TR anyway.

How about we 1v1 in the minigame you made? I call brits
File Author
1v1 minigame?

i didnt make any minigame

[Edited on 09/12/14 @ 02:12 PM]

LordStefanIII Godless atheists? Oh, you're a part of that sort of religion. Allahu Akbar, god willing, god is great sort of thing right?
File Author
I think religion isnt very important unless you believe in Allah/God.

If you dont believe in God while there are million proofs which shows there is the most intelligent and powerfull creator, it means you are as **** as brainless.
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