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10/10 sepoy rush

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Pampas
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
AI Difficulty: Expert
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 58:00
Player 1's Name: Mahrajdhiraj
Player 2's Name: KD
Game Version: TAD
Please rate and tell how can i improve
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SoWeMeetAgain Hey there!

Some of the stuff I will talk about is more important than others, which might be too micro intensive at the very beginning. I will write what is most important and what is for later on.

At the start, task more villagers to crates. You want to queue the first new villager as soon as possible.
Five villies on wood crates (not all on one, spread out) is best.
This is very important, focus on it.

You can use your town center to "teleport" villagers through it, by first garrisoning them, setting a spawn point with the town center and then quickly using the "eject villagers" button.
That is micro intensive, play around with it a little but don't focus on this until you have the other starting things down.

You should have used that and the trees closer to your town center.
The longer villagers have to walk to resources the more time is wasted.

When you are planning to do a 10/10 then stop gathering trees as soon as you can queue the last vill. You did that well, just a few seconds too late. Again, just a little time wasted.
This normally is an important thing but since you are already doing it right don't focus on doing it perfectly until you have the spare micro time because everything else is going smoothly.
You can for example transfer the villagers off wood one by one as you approach the 100 and then have exactly and only one villager who will get the last 1 wood, that will make you lose as little time as possible.

Remember to reset your gather point. This is very, very important, always know which building sends what to where.

Try to have less idle time at the start. You could for example bind "find idle villager" to the "tabulator" key and make a habit of pressing that as often as you have a little pause in micro stuff.

Scout around your base as soon as possible! You NEED to find that first herd as villagers gather much faster from hunted animals than from berries.
This is an important thing. Focus on this.

Always prefer other food over berries, even a mill with just one upgrade gathers faster.
Always keep this in mind.
I hope I am not confusing my civs here, there is a civ which get's berry gathering bonus, but I think it's Japan. If you know it's Indians then just forget what I wrote here as it would only apply to other civs then :)

Herd, early. Keep herding.
Herding means shooting the animals into the direction you want them all to go, most likely towards your town center.
Do this as soon as possible, keep doing it.
As you rise up in the ranks people will start going after your economy, which means your villagers far away from home. Herding means your villagers will be closer to home and therefore safer.

You can use "shift"-clicking to make herding a little easier.
Right-click with a villager behind an animal, then hold down "shift" and tell him to attack an animal.
He will walk behind the animal and then perform the queued up command, which was attack the animal.
You can use shift-clicking for all sorts of things, try making a habit of it.

When doing a 10/10 your aim is to hit as early as possible. Gather the resources to queue up Sepoys during transition, immediatly send all units forward. Ideally you would also have scouted for example a bad herd from him and be able to shoot at a few villagers. You don't necessarily need to kill them, just make them not gather.

If you want to do this eco mass-up style then a 10/10 is probably not the best way to go about it.

Speaking of eco - never stop making villagers. You want to max them out as fast as possible. Yes, max out. 99 of them. This goes for any civilization and is probably the single most important thing in the game, maxing out your economy in all ways possible (upgrades, keep them alive, minimize walking distances, minimize idle time).
(Does not apply to water maps, you do not want 99 vills and 99 fishing ships ofc :)

If it's going into the super late game it might be very viable to wall up to defend your economy.

I hope I didn't bury you under all these tips ... and yes some of them may sound nitpicky but trust me, if you do this on top of your good fundamentals you will get much better fast.

Keep it up :)
File Author
Thank you for your help.
This is I think 3rd or 4th time i used this startergy
File Author
I am trying to develop a new strategy. Once I get the frame work i will post a recorded FFA with expert comps.

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