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2 v. 2 clan game

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 4
Map Type: Great Lakes
Map Size: Unknown
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Player 1's Name: _Fallen_Angel_
Player 2's Name: dwieeb
Player 3's Name: Unome
Player 4's Name: Game_Master64
This is a recorded game from a Lucky-Zion Studios Clan game. I am _Fallen_Angel_. The game is pretty exciting with quite a few battles.

But I want to know how I can improve my strategy with the Dutch.
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File Author
Any comments/reviews?
Achaean Lionness

You were in everything, too slow.
Most painfully, and costly – too slow to produce settlers, which made you too slow to build a viable economic base, which made you too slow to field an army – which in fact, you never accomplished at all.

The small ‘groups’ of units you did manage to muster, were poorly chosen and too weak alone in-themselves to achieve anything.
Large enough to be brutally slaughtered in a small pile – small enough to accomplish nothing other than that.
Your knack here for placing your few units at the worst possible place at the worst possible time(s) I’ve never seen equaled. It’s like a genius for tactical failure.

I can’t regard this one as ‘exciting’ – but it was enjoyable watching the Russians and Portuguese butcher the British (and yourself along with them).

From an impartial overview however, it’s just a painful thing to see & watch.
It’s just a one-sided slaughter.
Neither yourself nor your British ally ever mobilized.
Both were too slow to accomplish anything – other than perish.

Walls were poorly engineered, too weak, too late and too useless.
Your placement of your Fort was a disaster waiting to happen – and left your one (should have been ‘given’ trade route) Outpost exposed & unprotected – along with your entire northern flank, which you also left un-walled, failing even to complete the smallest, most rudimentary circuit wall.
Your military buildings were too few, and also too exposed – and, not ideally located, being too central to cover both flanks and what became your exposed center (from the northern approach).

That all said – the small efforts you did make, were ‘admirable’ in courage – but impossible, and devoid of any hope for success.
My general rule – don’t BUILD anything you can’t defend.
i.e. Don’t neglect to produce a defense force WHILE you’re building your Colony’s infrastructure.

To build it is meaningless if you can’t hold it – so you may as well have put all those resources in an Army anyway… Yes?

You ask how to improve your strategy with the Dutch, which I can’t presume to answer – but I don’t believe your main ‘problems’ yet to be worked out are Civilization-relative – but rather much more basic.
You’d have the same problems with Any Civilization.

That you’re trying – and that you posted this one and are asking for help in good faith shows that you Want to improve. I’ve no doubt then that you will.
Just keep trying, repeat, repeat, repeat – just not the same mistakes. Learn to make other mistakes until eventually – mistakes are exceptions, and not the ‘rule.’

Remember always to CYA.
Don’t build it if you can’t defend it.
Of course, this is just me – others Do spread themselves out rather widely even early on and still come out all right – which never ceases to amaze me honestly. I think it foolish – but find what works for You – then perfect it… ;)

Good Colonizing to you, PepsiDude, & best of Fortune…
~ Lionness
File Author

Thanks so much for the advice!
I am glad very glad and thankful for you taking the time to watch it and write all that.

I have been trying to improve with the Dutch and I'll take all of your points into consideration during my next game.

DWIEEB Any advice for me? :P
Achaean Lionness

My apology for the above sounding so harsh. I’ve just come back and re-read it, and it does sound much more harsh than was ever intended. Call it owed to being overly-tired when I wrote it.

You are certainly more than welcome for my few thoughts – whatever little help they may offer.
I’m not at-all sure I can really offer the ‘precise’ Sort of advice you & Dwieeb are (I suspect) asking for here – mostly because my approach to AoE III is so different. I HATE treating it as a “computer game” (which of course it is) and try to get as much ‘simulation’ out of it as I possibly can, also…
So I tend to speak in terms which aren’t “Game-specific” – which perhaps you noted above?

That said – I can & will say to you & to Dwieeb both, I admired your effort made within its hopelessness. If that makes any sense?
Too I can add with all honesty – the mistakes you both made, are ones I used to make all-too-often myself, and learned the same hard, painful way how to conform to those early requirements of production, engineering and adequate defense.
The truth be told tho’ – I Still fall into much the same habit.
There is a desire to build up everything ‘economic’ first – Then see to defending it once the enemy starts appearing at the periphery of your position.
This makes good sense in reality – but in ‘Game terms’ it’s more often than not a disaster.

Too, I can’t answer you much at all in anything ‘helpful’ I’m afraid Dwieeb – as I’ve never been British (never been anything but Russian actually) – and it seems there may be some real challenges with the British getting a solid early start. Just have to keep using them and see what works.
I’d offer any helpful thoughts if I had any.

What I Did See that I thought admirable at-least, was you did well in the main, in getting things ‘up-&-running’ it seemed to me – with the obvious misfortune of neglecting to establish Multiple Barracks and Multiple Stables, etc, in advance (while doing the other constructing) – which left you entirely too vulnerable once the enemy hoard started showing up (and we Never know really When that’s going to come).
Too – I thought you did a fine job in re-positioning once you’d lost your initial starting position. That sort of economic-force (momentum) mobility is something that can serve Anyone well in times of like-crisis. So I say – good job there… (At-least to my view it was).

If the two of you had combined forces twice the size of anything you ever produced – you May have broken the enemy’s initial assault(s) at-least enough for a breather to reconstitute your own for the next.
The momentum is crucial tho’ – once you establish it, you can’t let it drop (pause).

This to me, remains the most challenging aspect of AoE III warfare. & please don’t think that just because I’m saying it to you here, I’ve mastered this myself as yet either. I haven’t. It’s tough.
Everything requires a careful balance. Finding what that is, and maintaining it from the start is the crucial challenge in my view. It’s in this reflection that Begins all that follows relative specifically to the individual Civilization(s).

I hope you will Post & Share some more of your struggles here – I’ll enjoy watching them, and taking note of how you’re improving and working things out.
From selfishness as well, I may add – as I ALWAYS learn something new from every one I watch.

Thanks much for sharing this one, as well …

Best of Fortune to you both, again…
~ Lionness

P.S. Geeeeez... that was long - sorry for the length guys ...

[Edited on 04/05/06 @ 05:44 AM]

File Author
I was just joking about it being harsh :p
I am greatful for the advice.

I have been practicing a little more since this game. But, I'm not that serious about playing online. I just do it mostly for fun against my friends and with my design team.

Thanks again.

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