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The Trials - Full Version

Author File Description
ToMyBoY he Trials - Full Version (2.00)
Originally Published March 19, 2006
Updated September 17, 2006
SP B&D (with some RPG inspired elements)

This version has been updated and is fully compatible with patch 1.08.

This three part scenario contains two cinematics and one map for a total of 3 hours of game play. The project is fully supported by an online walk-through web site. The web site contains lots of pictures and a story description so if you want to find out more about the project before you download, check out the site. You can also visit my Flash Bio site which contains preview movies off all my mods. Clear and concise install instructions are included in The Trials zip to insure the game runs smoothly.

Find the walkthrough web site here:


Find the project announcement here:


Here is a link to my personal Bio Flash site, which contains preview movies of this and all my other mods:


The Trials Features:

1. Full difficulty setting support - Native and British are upgraded according to the difficulty setting the player chooses.
2. Buy secrets from prospectors and other locals. Some provide valuable mission information, some just rip you off.
3. Discover and purchase valuable scrolls that provide vital mission data.
4. The British unleash hot air balloon bombing attacks in an effort to drive you to your knees.
5. A local brothel has boomed up and a hooker character tries to lure your military units away from your control.
6. Game features a custom AI made by Felix Hermansson.
7. Custom skins by well-known Age designers including King Jared, Sziggi, Kastor and newcomer Moosefood.
8. New music.
9. Many modded features including new proto, home city units, the German home city, new string table, new triggers, special effects and various new textures.


If you're having problems installing the game you can contact me by email and I will help you through it. If you follow the install notes you won't have any problems but I don't want anyone being prevented from enjoying the game due to install issues. The game has been thoroughly tested to insure trouble-free installation and play.

After playing the game, if you want to play on-line or watch replays you'll have to un-install The Trials' modded components otherwise OOS errors will occur.

If you do play and enjoy the game, please take the time to comment and rate it. Your comments and ratings help us designers a lot.

Contact: tbarak@mts.net
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johnnyboy210 hay whers the demo please
File Author
Hi John.

Okay the demo is on page three of this section, but find the link here:


Be aware that the demo is simply the first cinematic, it does not have any of the playable map on it. For that you'll need the full version. Also you may wish to visit the walk through site here:


In addition to the walk through there is a gallery and other stuff related to the project. Gives a good taste of it before actually trying it.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you like it.
csuve Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Need I say more, definitely a A+ scenario!

[Edited on 04/12/06 @ 08:35 AM]

Casual_Player i have a prob the drunk didnt come so im stuck
File Author
Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate you taking the time to play and comment on the project. Only things is, ratings that come with no comments are subject to removal by the moderators.

The rating also seems a bit low.
Casual_Player so can ne one help me and say wat im doin wrong?
File Author
Hi Casual. Geez, sorry, when I checked the thread last night I had been awake for way too many hours and overlooked your question.

Well the drunk is not a central character and if he doesn't return it shouldn't affect your ability to progress in the level. You wouldn't believe how much trouble the drunk character was, I mean I had to redo his triggers so many times it would make an ES scenario designer blush. Usually he does what he's suppose to. I wonder whether you built a lot of walls around your town? Like hermetically sealed yourself in? That is the one circumstance where the game will go wonky. I will be releasing a newer version to address this issue. Although I considered this problem and nothing in the play testing lead me to believe it was a major issue, clearly the amazing diversity of the way players approach games makes covering every contingency almost impossible - without of course ending up with such a foolproof game that is boring to play. It is very difficult to account for all the play styles out there and the chance of a single guy doing everything himself producing a perfect game is slim indeed, especially if they were trying to finish a project in this lifetime.

If you really want to see the drunk in action I would restart the game since that usually solves the triggers not firing issue. You're still early in the story so starting over shouldn't be too painful. I am sorry about that. I urge you to continue on as there's lots more story and content after that.

Also I really appreciate your patience for taking the time to ask about it since it shows you're interested in finishing the level. Makes all the work that went into it a bit less stinging.

[Edited on 04/11/06 @ 06:32 AM]

ARGARETHM Playability: 4
Playability - not too bad on the whole, some small things could be smoothed out though, good work

Balance: 5
Well balanced in my opinion, spot on

Creativity: 4
ON the whole, very good, with nice touches, have another good look over it though, you'll find some errors

Map Design: 5
Extremely good

Story/Instructions: 3
Could have been (a lot) better

Additional Comments:
Very high standard on the whole, keep it up :0

[Edited on 04/12/06 @ 08:44 AM]

File Author
First off thanks for playing it and commenting. Actual opinions aside I still think you taking the time to give feedback is really generous.

You placed the comment that there are "errors" in the creativity section and I don't quite understand how someone can make an error in creativity. If you could be more specific that would help me to improve it.

Also you score the project very low on story. Dude, I don't know how much more of a story I could have written as I thought trying to meet God was a pretty reasonable yarn.

I can't really think of any other way of showing instructions other than putting a huge horkin' objective box with 50 point-sized fonts across the screen. I also backed the project up with a walk-through web site thinking that if the scenario itself failed to provide adequate instructions, then maybe a full website dedicated to the project would.

Anyway, don't dispair, arguing with playtesters and reviewers has become a favorite past time of mine lately. Especially since the editor provides me with no more entertainment.

Again, aside from our differences of opinion, I am still grateful you took the time to play it and make comments.

Sorry this whole affair is turning me into a surly SOB.

[Edited on 04/11/06 @ 10:08 PM]

Official Reviewer
I have removed the incorrect reviews, emails have been sent to the authors.

I'll try and see if I can get a review done soon, have yet to finish playing. ^_^
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