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The Trials - Full Version

Author File Description
ToMyBoY he Trials - Full Version (2.00)
Originally Published March 19, 2006
Updated September 17, 2006
SP B&D (with some RPG inspired elements)

This version has been updated and is fully compatible with patch 1.08.

This three part scenario contains two cinematics and one map for a total of 3 hours of game play. The project is fully supported by an online walk-through web site. The web site contains lots of pictures and a story description so if you want to find out more about the project before you download, check out the site. You can also visit my Flash Bio site which contains preview movies off all my mods. Clear and concise install instructions are included in The Trials zip to insure the game runs smoothly.

Find the walkthrough web site here:


Find the project announcement here:


Here is a link to my personal Bio Flash site, which contains preview movies of this and all my other mods:


The Trials Features:

1. Full difficulty setting support - Native and British are upgraded according to the difficulty setting the player chooses.
2. Buy secrets from prospectors and other locals. Some provide valuable mission information, some just rip you off.
3. Discover and purchase valuable scrolls that provide vital mission data.
4. The British unleash hot air balloon bombing attacks in an effort to drive you to your knees.
5. A local brothel has boomed up and a hooker character tries to lure your military units away from your control.
6. Game features a custom AI made by Felix Hermansson.
7. Custom skins by well-known Age designers including King Jared, Sziggi, Kastor and newcomer Moosefood.
8. New music.
9. Many modded features including new proto, home city units, the German home city, new string table, new triggers, special effects and various new textures.


If you're having problems installing the game you can contact me by email and I will help you through it. If you follow the install notes you won't have any problems but I don't want anyone being prevented from enjoying the game due to install issues. The game has been thoroughly tested to insure trouble-free installation and play.

After playing the game, if you want to play on-line or watch replays you'll have to un-install The Trials' modded components otherwise OOS errors will occur.

If you do play and enjoy the game, please take the time to comment and rate it. Your comments and ratings help us designers a lot.

Contact: tbarak@mts.net
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
Thanks Luke for keeping an eye out for my project. I think those guys meant well and it would have been nice if their comments and reviews were a bit more flushed out. I know I deserve to take a few knocks but without getting more details about the issues people are encountering there is no way for me to know what exactly I need to improve. Anyway, I'll keep checking back and take note of the comments and incorporate them into improving the project.

Thanks again.
Gaurdian_112 Bah, are these the kind of reviews us designers are always going to get lol? Can someone post something normal?

I wish I had time to play/review it=( (at work now).
File Author
Well I think those guys were well intentioned but they didn't read the review guidelines. Of course designers appreciate when people play their games and rate them since we rely on feedback, therefore providing quality comments is important.

Since there are so many submissions it's impossible for just a few people to rate them all, so you get inconsistent results. Plus it depends on the rater's skill as a player and/or designer. I mean a newer player is likely to be more easily impressed whereas someone with more experience can be demanding. I am just so grateful there have been none of those stupid gag ratings. The mods have done a good job keeping the process pretty fair.

[Edited on 04/14/06 @ 11:54 PM]

Official Reviewer
[spoiler warning]

I finished playing this yesterday, and it was a fantastic experience. I had a moment of panic when the HC buildings didn't appear first time, but I soon worked out I had to restart Age3 (I installed the files whilst the game was sitting at the menu), and all was fine from there. I think you mixed the B&D with the more-RPG like stuff well; the start was really interesting with having to gather gold, watch out for the drunk, watch out for raiding, which made it much more interesting than the food-gathering fest normal B&D games begin with. The triggered attacks (and the AI?) also made the scenario a lot more difficult than most B&Ds, where the game is usually over once you've survived the initial attacks.

Also loved the little touches like the wolf chasing the deer.

One thing I disliked (which was very small); [spoiler warning]the first time I didn't buy the secret from the hooker, and lost the game. I thought that was kinda unfair as the player was not explicitly told to gather that secret, luckily I had saved before that point.

That's all I have for now; if I have time later I'll try to write a proper review. Thanks for the playing experience. :)

BTW, we're looking at what to do about the standard of reviewing at the moment. The thing we need most right now is some quality reviews from experienced reviewers, so if anyone feels like writing jump on in!
File Author
Thank you very much Luke for playing the game and for your comments. The hooker issue is tough since you have to buy the secret to progress in the level. I gave the player I think it's three minutes to harvest the required amount of gold so I was hoping there would be ample time to collect it. The first lost scroll does give instructions to buy the secrets but maybe I could make the message a bit stronger.

In my own playtesting, now and again, I would run out of time to pay the second prospector for his secret, just as well though.

Well I hope your urging prompts more people to rate the project but if not, oh well, I'm still pleased quite a few people have taken the time to DL and play it.

All the best and thanks again for all your help.
ranjab Playability: 3
The first time I played this scenario, I spent over 2 hours clearing the entire map of all foes. It was great fun and challenging, but obviously I didn't follow the 'script' correctly since I never received any objectives beyond the first scroll. For instance, I took out the native dock complex without knowing I should have waited to be told to do so. I got to the final objective without ever finding out what the password was. Naturally I guessed it wrong.

After reading the first page or 3 of the walkthrough site, I found out I should have been waiting for certain triggers, so I started a second game. I got the first scroll, same as the first time, but never did see a wandering drunk, nor a hooker, during another 3 hours of gameplay. I also missed finding the old coot the first time through, though I guess that's my own fault, so this time I made a point of finding him first.

After getting the objective to take out the native barracks and collect the massive gold, I never did see any gold there at all. So I ammassed 10k via the market. The engineers and the envoy wagon showed up at my town center, but I never got a choice as to what to do about them. I sent Morgan there, tried to interact with them, all to no avail. Of course now there's a truce so the game can't proceed any farther. So I reloaded a save and every time it was the same, the envoy never did anything and I never got the choice. After reloading again, this time I avoided getting 10k and was able to clear the map and get the buffalo and Morgan to the island.

Balance: 4
I thought balance was good, it was very challenging.

Creativity: 4
I loved the story and the cutscenes, and the overall plot was done quite well. Perhaps I'm incredibly dim, but the ending left me going, "Huh?" Morgan wants 'what every man desires' but I haven't a clue what went on or what he wanted or what happened at the very end.

Map Design: 4
Great map, huge with a lot of attention to little details. Great work.

Story/Instructions: 2
I have to give this a 2 because after playing through twice I still didn't get things to happen the way they're scripted to happen.

Additional Comments:

Overall, a very impressive job which obviously a tremendous amount of work went into. I think the biggest problem is people not knowing the 'correct' way to follow through the scripted play. Like I said, I never saw the hooker or the drunk and somehow I must have broken the British envoy as well. It's also possible to get to 10k gold and trigger the truce without ever getting the previous objectives beforehand. Instead of relying on triggers or certain prerequisites being met, perhaps have the scrolls available as treasure?

Admittedly, I didn't follow the walkthrough, I only read it to see what was supposed to happen and what I was missing. I recommend anyone playing this scenario to glance through the walkthrough site beforehand to see exactly what is supposed to happen and when so you don't break anything :)

I *will* play this scenario yet again, just because it's such fun and I *do* want to see all there is to see.

[Edited on 04/26/06 @ 02:01 PM]

ranjab Well, after playing about 4 or 5 times, I still never see the drunk, the hooker or the big treasure chests, and the envoy and engineers are always stuck there no matter how I play it through. Also, only one single time did any natives land on the beach. The old coot works, as do quest updates for the native docks.

This is a really great map with lots of challenges, and it's still fun to play even though I can't seem to get it working properly :(
File Author
I have this sneaking suspicion you did not install the game correctly. What leads me to believe this is that you didn't see the gold jack pots. They are map placed at the game's start so there is no way they would just up and disappear. True the instant the barracks are destroyed the British villagers in the area rush to collect the jackpots, and if you wait a while (quite a long time) before securing the gold, they may have collected it already before you got there.

So far the only problems players are encountering with respect to visitors coming to their town is when they build walls all around their town centre. The character's diplomacy is set to neutral so they may not be able to pass through the gates. It's a two-fold evil, if I make their diplomacy allied, then the shared LOS ruins the effect. Also I wonder if you built your TC where you were instructed to do so, at the claim flag? The visitors must be close to the TC for their chats to fire and of course you must pay the gold they ask for to be rewarded their scrolls or instructions. Did you see the drunk or hooker anywhere on the map? If not, the install is not correct since they would still be standing around - they're placed at game start like the gold jack pots.

Not seeing the scrolls makes me wonder about the install also. The scrolls associated with the old coot; one was triggered by the old coot reaching the claim flag, and the other when he stands next to the flag on Altalia Vista. If you accomplished those tasks you would have seen the scrolls. These triggers fired consistently in play testing so I don't know what's going on. The same follows for the other scrolls, especially the King's message the Envoy delivers. If they showed up at your town, the only way the scrolls wouldn't appear is if the game is bugged or the install isn't correct. Another example is when the missionary arrives at your town. If you pay his price of 3000 gold that triggers a scroll to appear. It's almost inconceivable that none of these scrolls would appear.

If you recall during the Blood, Ice, Steel campaign it is implied Morgan drank the water from the Fountain of Youth, so he gained immortality. It is also implied Lizzy was his lover and there was no hint she drank the water. In the first cine the investor implies Morgan is going on the mission "for her". Then when Morgan meets God he explains he misses Lizzy, that his drinking the water was a burden he carried ever since she died. Morgan then sought the See-ath-ayee as meeting God would allow him to ask for his mortality so he could die and be with Lizzy in Heaven. I felt there were enough clues in the dialog to fill out the picture and also I explained it in the walk through. "The right of every man" is simply the right to grow old and die, and be with family, friends and lovers in Heaven.

I am almost to the point with this editor and game where I feel like asking the mods to remove the download from this section. Three independent people playtested the game and I played it probably 30 times or so myself without too many incidents. I cannot explain why you experienced so many problems and because I am not confident about the reliability of the triggers I hesitate to argue with your feedback. What I wouldn't give to see a recording of the game so I can see these issues for myself. It's likely frustrating for players and I obviously don't take a 3.4 score for months of work very well.

So, three questions to you:

1. Did you build walls all around your town?
2. You're sure you installed the game correctly - did you see the drunk standing beside a little house just north of your town?
3. Did you build your TC near the claim flag like instructed?

[Edited on 04/25/06 @ 10:07 PM]

Official Reviewer
I'll wait for a reply to those questions before deciding what to do with the review.
ranjab Thanks for the quick reply and I do hope you don't remove the file from here. I did try and make it plain that I really enjoyed playing it and was impressed with the amount of fine detail and work that went into it. But still, I can't get everything to work :)

[spoilers follow]

1. No I hardly ever use walls, and did not try it here.

2. I've reinstalled everything 4 times according to the directions provided. I do *not* see the drunk standing outside his house, either in game or in the editor. Nor the hooker if she should be outside the brothel, in game or in editor. Same for the gold chests. I *do* see the old coot, both in game and standing there in the editor as well.

3. I've placed my TC as close as possible to the flag. I even took note of where the envoy/engineers stop and placed my TC exactly there, then used a cheat for 10k gold. They show up and do nothing, still.

I *do* get the first scroll from the prospector after paying him; I get the scrolls/quests from the old coot just fine and can finish his quest, getting the scroll at Altalia Vista. I get the rhea dance quest and watch them dance, and the missionary shows up and I can pay him for his info and his scroll. I can talk to the native chief and learn about the buffalo. I can finish the scenario, just I'm still missing bits :) The fact that I do get other scrolls/quests leads me to believe it's installed correctly, but why I can't see the gold/drunk/hooker in the editor is a mystery, when I can see everything else, including the coot.

My game is installed to my D:\ drive, other than that the paths are the same as default. I'm running the patched 1.06 version, completely virgin. Your's is the very first map/scenario/mod I ever installed, and after seeing everything it has in it, others will have a hard time competing :)

If I do have something in the wrong place, a better zip archive would help a lot, imo. Most addon thingies allow a user to simply drag the topmost folder in the archive onto the main game directory, and everything goes where it should. You could definitely improve your zip/rar file :)

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