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The Trials - Full Version

Author File Description
ToMyBoY he Trials - Full Version (2.00)
Originally Published March 19, 2006
Updated September 17, 2006
SP B&D (with some RPG inspired elements)

This version has been updated and is fully compatible with patch 1.08.

This three part scenario contains two cinematics and one map for a total of 3 hours of game play. The project is fully supported by an online walk-through web site. The web site contains lots of pictures and a story description so if you want to find out more about the project before you download, check out the site. You can also visit my Flash Bio site which contains preview movies off all my mods. Clear and concise install instructions are included in The Trials zip to insure the game runs smoothly.

Find the walkthrough web site here:


Find the project announcement here:


Here is a link to my personal Bio Flash site, which contains preview movies of this and all my other mods:


The Trials Features:

1. Full difficulty setting support - Native and British are upgraded according to the difficulty setting the player chooses.
2. Buy secrets from prospectors and other locals. Some provide valuable mission information, some just rip you off.
3. Discover and purchase valuable scrolls that provide vital mission data.
4. The British unleash hot air balloon bombing attacks in an effort to drive you to your knees.
5. A local brothel has boomed up and a hooker character tries to lure your military units away from your control.
6. Game features a custom AI made by Felix Hermansson.
7. Custom skins by well-known Age designers including King Jared, Sziggi, Kastor and newcomer Moosefood.
8. New music.
9. Many modded features including new proto, home city units, the German home city, new string table, new triggers, special effects and various new textures.


If you're having problems installing the game you can contact me by email and I will help you through it. If you follow the install notes you won't have any problems but I don't want anyone being prevented from enjoying the game due to install issues. The game has been thoroughly tested to insure trouble-free installation and play.

After playing the game, if you want to play on-line or watch replays you'll have to un-install The Trials' modded components otherwise OOS errors will occur.

If you do play and enjoy the game, please take the time to comment and rate it. Your comments and ratings help us designers a lot.

Contact: tbarak@mts.net
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Official Reviewer
Edit: It's done. :)

[Edited on 03/30/06 @ 10:15 AM]

File Author
Alright it does link to what appears to be the correct version so its good to go. HF and I am so glad to get this thing up and available to y'all.

HF playing it.

[Edited on 03/30/06 @ 05:40 PM]

KaSt0r The max. file size AoE3H can upload is 16MB. Usual it's quite less.
LembasBread Okay, I like the game, but now when I go on ESO, I get CRC mismatches in just about every game? I'm pretty sure I installed everything right so what's going on? Any tech support for this?

[Edited on 04/03/06 @ 04:10 PM]

sziggi LembasBread did you copy the data proto? Restating the original or what you had that worked before would be the first thing to try.

btw your review is terrible.
RiderOfEternity Can someone PLEASE explain to me what was going on in the end cinematic?
File Author
The OOS and mismatch issues are due to the fact that the game is modded, and they aren't serious. You must un-install all modded material before playing on-line or before watching replays. These issues were discussed in the Read Me file, and the walk through site - in which I wrote a tutorial specifically on this topic to prepare people for it. Also I'm not sure if it was you that e-mailed me LembasBread but I did promptly return a reply with instructions to the author.

If you played the entire level the end cine should (hopefully) make sense. Also the walk through offers a written explanation of the entire story, including both cines.

Not sure its deserving of that rating though. I mean a 2 for playability? The project was thoroughly tested by me and three other playtesters. Granted the game is a bit unstable and I've had triggers that fired consistently for say a dozen times in a row suddenly stop working. But I spent a few weeks playtesting it myself and working constantly to improve the triggers. Hopefully the rating isn't motivated by the OOS errors which I have no control over.

[Edited on 04/02/06 @ 05:38 PM]

Golk Looks good so far, I'll post review once I'm done.

I have a question, the first objective of the first scenario says I must reach colonial age, the objective neither shows complete or shows a new objective (or win) when I reach colonial age, so my question is what am I supposed to do to finish that objective?

[Edited on 04/03/06 @ 12:09 AM]

File Author
I figured people's instincts would dictate getting to colonial as fast as possible anyway but I wanted to urge them to age before venturing away from the burial ground. To be proper it should have shown accomplished, but it is such a common task that I left it out. If you move out of the base early you'll get attacked before you're ready and I wanted to make sure people got prepared first. But, hang tight, shortly after the first raid, visitors will come to your town offering secrets for sale. The sequence of events should be easy to follow after that.

BTW if you're stuck, visit the walk through site at http://www.thegameexchange.org/TrialsWT.php. In the game section it gives an objective by objective explanation.
Official Reviewer
@lembasbread - I removed your review because it doesn't conform to the reviewing guidelines: http://aoe3.heavengames.com/reviews/camp_guidelines.

You need to give some reasoning behind your scores; reviews serve a dual purpose to both help the downloader decide whether to download and to also give crucial feedback back to the designer. Scores alone can't do this. I don't need an essay, but a short paragraph for each heading goes a long way. :)

Please repost your review, but with a little more explanation behind the scores. ;)

[Edited on 04/03/06 @ 04:16 PM]

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