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The Trials - Full Version

Author File Description
ToMyBoY he Trials - Full Version (2.00)
Originally Published March 19, 2006
Updated September 17, 2006
SP B&D (with some RPG inspired elements)

This version has been updated and is fully compatible with patch 1.08.

This three part scenario contains two cinematics and one map for a total of 3 hours of game play. The project is fully supported by an online walk-through web site. The web site contains lots of pictures and a story description so if you want to find out more about the project before you download, check out the site. You can also visit my Flash Bio site which contains preview movies off all my mods. Clear and concise install instructions are included in The Trials zip to insure the game runs smoothly.

Find the walkthrough web site here:


Find the project announcement here:


Here is a link to my personal Bio Flash site, which contains preview movies of this and all my other mods:


The Trials Features:

1. Full difficulty setting support - Native and British are upgraded according to the difficulty setting the player chooses.
2. Buy secrets from prospectors and other locals. Some provide valuable mission information, some just rip you off.
3. Discover and purchase valuable scrolls that provide vital mission data.
4. The British unleash hot air balloon bombing attacks in an effort to drive you to your knees.
5. A local brothel has boomed up and a hooker character tries to lure your military units away from your control.
6. Game features a custom AI made by Felix Hermansson.
7. Custom skins by well-known Age designers including King Jared, Sziggi, Kastor and newcomer Moosefood.
8. New music.
9. Many modded features including new proto, home city units, the German home city, new string table, new triggers, special effects and various new textures.


If you're having problems installing the game you can contact me by email and I will help you through it. If you follow the install notes you won't have any problems but I don't want anyone being prevented from enjoying the game due to install issues. The game has been thoroughly tested to insure trouble-free installation and play.

After playing the game, if you want to play on-line or watch replays you'll have to un-install The Trials' modded components otherwise OOS errors will occur.

If you do play and enjoy the game, please take the time to comment and rate it. Your comments and ratings help us designers a lot.

Contact: tbarak@mts.net
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Hehe, this will be the first perfect score I have given a game. The combination of Build and Destroy and Role playing worked extremely well for my gaming style. There were moments of intense struggle and then times to relax and explore. This being very important to me as I love to enjoy the creators mapwork. All to often, the attention is focused so much on battle, that the player never gets to enjoy the beauty of the designers detail. I did experience a bit of lag towards the end of the game when most of the map was exposed, but it wasn't bad enough to hurt the overall experience. I did experience one bug in the Rhea dance. The first time through, one of the Rheas did not go to the correct position and as a result did not finish the dance. Second and third times through, they worked without fail. I also had to learn not to surround myself with walls to alow my visitors to aproach me.)

Balance: 5
(Came close to giving you a 4 here. Only reason is that my approach to taking the fort, was to destroy the British dock and come up on the back side. Doing this allowed me to build up a strong force near the fort. Once I had this massive invasion force, I was clearly underestimating the power behind those walls so the balance returned :))

Creativity: 5
(What can I say here? Having played several custom scenarios, this one has some of the most ingenious trigger work I've seen. I was captivated by the building mashing. The Rhea dance was one of the coolest things I've seen to date. Also, the wall gates were great. Again, the combination of RPG and B&D were superb. I felt I was playing a game that I should have payed for.)

Map Design: 5
(The map design was spot on!! Building mashing was done well. The British Fort, while difficult to breach, was a glorious acheivement. The path to the White Bufalo was very castle like. I also enjoyed the native village. All other parts of the map were clearly worked on well. Your attention to detail was superb. Good balance of treasure, food and trees.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Most objectives were clear and understndable. Those that were not seemed intuitive. Picking up the story of Morgan and Lizzie from the ES campaign was a really nice touch. Both of the cinematics were done so well, that again, I felt like ths was a game I should be paying for.)

Additional Comments:
I would recommend this scenario to all players to enjoy a fantastic and fun experience, and to all designers to have a peek at what an excellent scenario looks like. We could all learn a trick or two from ToMyBoy. I would also like to share my disgust with the fact that there are hundreds of downloads with no reviews. I hope that does not discourage you in making more scenarios. I would love to see more from you.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Not one single problem! So it's a 5. What else could I add just to make it look more thought, intellectual, brain masterminded? It worked really fine. So it gets a 5!

Balance: 5
Easy going, but a couple of reloads on the way... kept me alive! 'kind of challenging enough to keep the player at his max alert capacity always... which is one of the many purpose of gaming.

Creativity: 5
This is my favorite part, here and always. This story's got 4 interesting sides:
- It's a perfect exemple of what a very good AoE3 scenario could look like. Unlike the original campaign.
- It also shows some creation and the few inventions that AoE3 allow a designer to do.
- Many people, modders, took a very interesting part in the making of this master piece.
- And the result, and what really thrilled me out actually!, are these cinematics among the most amazing ones I ever saw through the game stuff. I'll never forget this floating bridge... okay maybe I will... but not soon.
So, It's almost an AoE3 classic already. But also one of the most inventive I've played so far. There are so many tricks and events... that some of those events... fire without the player noticing. Which is called being more than extremly generous! I saw the harbor door auto trick right before... I won. Maggo Merlino...

Map Design: 5
Nothing unbelievable but this is too me a triggers kind of map. So my way of rating is to go for a 5 anyway, since the scenario by itself deserves a 5. And this is not the most important part in my opinion so I won't take the whole thing down for that. I don't care about " unelievable " overlapping buildings which look like... stupid overlapping buildings.

Story/Instructions: 5
I didn't get lost. And I'm average smart, like anybody else. So it's gonna be a 5.

Additional Comments: 5
Great Additional Comments. They really deserve a 5 as well.
Just kidding. Never know, this could make a 6 rating. We'll see.
A classic. The reference to me as the AoE3 scenario. Strong and fun to play.
A classic already. As Istari's " The Hobbits " is to AoM.

What else? That's an easy one:

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Map Design5.0
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