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Thomas Black's books (6/6)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
First scenario of campaign of Thomas Black
Thomas receive a dusty book that related some adventures of his family. You incarnate Thomas and his ancestors. In this campaign you go to the research of a fabulous treasure lost over the ages in the track of your immortal ancestor.

Update: EPILOGUE in txt.files


TB1 The Zulu War

You are Thomas Black, descendant of the Black family. Your family is from the brother of John Black left in the England.
In 1879, long after the fall of the circle is the young lieutenant stationed in Africa during the British-Zulu's War.

Letter to Mathilda Black,
Tanzania, August 6, 1879

I received this morning the book you sent me, the one you found in our family home. He's recounted the adventures of my family on some ages.
I would love to read it but this war occupy all my time. And this heat is unbearable, the Zulu leave us no respite.
Our commander, Lord Rochester, like many British officer is a man arrogant, ruthless and especially unskilled.
I do not know when I return to my dear country but I hope this will be as soon as possible.
I thank you once again to worry about me and find me a distraction in this infernal country.
I must leave you, I already hear the warriors Zulu war drums, Rochester're about to call me panicked.
Did fear I would survive in this war I promise you.

I love you



TB2 The Ambitious Man

Francis Black's book
Scotland, September 12,1632

Mother died suddenly there is little, fever, in one week was over. Father had collapsed and left the family estate to the new world.
The stories that tell us when we were young we always intrigue me, a story about an fountain ..
And if Morgan was left searching for this legendary water to bring mother back to life. This water able to bring her back among us?
We have never reviewed our father.

Caribbean's archipelago, March 20, 1640

I became captain of the company of the West Indian Compagny. To serve my country of course, but also to discover the new world which is my so much.
While Philip becomes a formidable trader I secure the trade routes of its majesty. One day I would go in search of father and I would find this water miraculous.
I would become immortal, the people I love will preserve to death.

New England's Coast, April 14, 1643

Philip accompanied me for his last trip, he'll settle on the continent to raise his son, John.
This port does not seem very well and securing, I have two words to say to the port's captain before leaving.
It is decided I'll go get that water, it's time.


TB3 Russian Romance

Henry Black, Scotland, September 7, 1647

It was during this battle that my father was seriously injured. He survived but his wound left him in a permanent state of weakness. It return at home with our mother.
His quest for the fountain never start. This permanent disease, my father became irascible and angry, his life fantasies of eternal regain him.
On this day of September 1627 father has disappeared from his room. One of his old friends also disappeared and the boat left port. What do you do so?
It would not be left in search of this legend in his state.

Scotland, September 16, 1648

I decided to leave, I age now. My mother was very wrong way, follow in the footsteps of my father and serve as a soldier ..
My brothers and sisters will handle well the Black field.

Russia, September 16, 1652

4 years to the day that I left the country. I fought in several country in Europe. Finally I wanted to explore the eastern countries.
I had to leave my side name here. Your best not to reveal my origins among all the bandits and throat's cutters. Henceforth they know me only by the name of Henry and it's very good like that.
Shortly after I arrived in the borders cities I've met an extraordinary woman. We lived beautiful moments always between two raids.
Finally we entered the service of the terrible Red Duke, one of the closest advisers of the Tsar.
He reigned a strange animation Russia, rumors speak of a gigantic army heading east, be saying to invade the americas. What folly!
We Were our mission different, we traveled away in the heart of Siberia following the army some time before leaving with a substantial force toward a strong powerful Cossack.
These rebels were perishing, Katharina hate them and I was nearly all for her, even to brave the cold and to cross swords with the terrible Cossacks.


TB4 In the Far Lands

Siberia, September 29, 1652

Looks like these Katharina and friends know what he was going to find in these caves. The Cossacks Protect these inscriptions for years. She recount an expedition that took place there over 80 years.
A Cossack particularly adventurous, Alexei Toukianov. It would be left with 50 such companions explore the mysterious Asian lands.
There are 70 years, 10 years after the departure of the expedition, a man returned to the shelter of the Cossacks, he affirmai return of this expedition and he had discovered something extraordinary.
The Legendary valley of Shangri La .. After a mutiny Alexei was left for dead in the valley while his men abreuvais of these treasures. Man mourrus shortly after without being able to reveal the exact path of this magical place.

The Red Duke is so interested in this old legend .. And Katharina enthoutisaste seems more than ever. We'll go in search of a legend like my father ..
But after all immortality .. it's not so bad ..

Tibet, December, 1632
We arrived at the end of the Cossack track, Katharina shudder of impatience, if we want to have a chance to find this valley we will have to ally ourselves to the premises. This is great regions was ravaged by marauding Chinese, they will no doubt grateful to their future saviors.


TB5 Legend or Reality ?

Tibetan Mountain, December, 1652

We rallied to our cause and the tibetans and the chinese bandits survivors, all eager to discover this legendary place and these treasures.
The monks showed us the way to the mountains, the door of Shangri-La is not very far.
We must pave the way pending the Red Duke'renforce, the Chinese will help us.

We arrived a week later, Katharina seem so excited. Alas the way to immortality could not be so easy.
We felt already seen the bottom of the parade, until a sinister khnight appeared on a promontory.
His black armor shone in the moonlight, he announced that the eternal guard exterminate anyone try to enter Shangri La, then began a long night.

We must to build a makeshift camp an we are waiting behind these walls of iced find a way through these canyons, the presence of these strange warriors will confirm it the legends?
Any wealth and power we are waiting behind these ice walls ?


TB6 The Mystical Valley

Shangri La, December, 1652

We vanquished! These eternal warriors were formidable opponents. We put them under guard awaiting the reinforcements of Red Duke.
The valley is majestic, a real Garden of Eden. Alexei, now prisoner told us his story.

After the terrible mutiny that marked the end of his expedition he was left for dead with these faithful near the door Shangri La. The villagers help him once the mutineers was annihilated by the eternal warriors.
He nursed thanks to the power of the valley, and with time and Alexei these lieutenants understood how the power of this valley were dangerous.
Since they have become thanks to their bravery protectors of the valley, Alexei and his cossack's knights, at the head of the eternal warriors.

I fear that Alexei's words are true .. This power can fall in the hands of such a man as the Red Duke or this strange confrery to which he seems to belong ..
It was more complicated to convince Katharina, I noticed his lust for power during our trip. The fact that it was me revela it was indeed the bastard daughter of Duke Red, as rumors let him pretend.
Despite all because she heard and know better than me the Circle's vices soon realized that what we had done would be irreparable if we let the Duke arrived.

I liberate a few warriors with them we will resume this valley men who, a few days ago was under our command. Katharina accompanies me a heavy heart more undecided than ever ..
She'll be able to confront to her own father for the good of humanity?

THE Epilogue in a txt. files

Sorry for bad english but it's not my native language.
yet I think the scenario will be quite understandable
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
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Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 3
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Grandiose Maps! Grandiose Campaigns!

Now, help us with the following: How long did it take to make these scenarios? I really appreciated the first one, Zulu, and the last one, Shangri La, and now, what does it take?

4.4/5.0, definitely!



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