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Congo Mod

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Game Version: TAD
Hi guys!
I have a new awesome (fantasticamazingincredible) mod for you. It is a new civ - Congo. Here are some features of this mod:

1) Consulate system

As well as the Asian civs, Congolese can use export, but in a totally different way. You don't get an export trickle from an each civilian you have, but you must gather it like a regular resource. For this purpose Congolese can build special Export Plantations. They are available from Age 3 and cost 400 wood. Export gathering is boosted by 3 upgrades in Export Plantations, plus it is affected by the imperial upgrade of coin gathering.
There are 2 European countries you can ally with - Portugal and France. You cannot change the alliance after you have chosen it. You can build 3 consulates (available from Age 3), where you can train certain units or buy certain upgrades. All of them cost export. All consulate units are cheaper than their normal analogs.

Portuguese allies (+1 range to all units)

Allow you to train:
- Portuguese Colonists - villagers, limited to 50
- Jinetes
- Rabaulds
- Culverins

Allow you to research:
- 15% Mill upgrade
- 20% Export Plantation upgrade
- Mercantilism
- Factory Wagon

French allies (+15% Building hitpoints)

Allow you to train:
- Coureurs - villagers, limited to 40
- Voltigeurs
- Howitzers
- Culverins

Allow you to research:
- 20% Plantation upgrade
- Rifling upgrade (3x agaist HI for all skirmishers)
- Analog of Wilderness Warfare (20% Coureur, Natives, Skirmisher hitpoints)
- Mercantilism

2) Home City shipments
The biggest part of unit shipments you can send resemble the Chinese armies - you get a combo of different units. The only shipments that send you one type of units are Batta Musketeer shipments (see below) and Age 3 mercenary shipments.
Every shipment except infinite ones also gives you a tiny Export trickle.

3) Age Up Techs
Congolese Age Up system is a peculiar mix of European and Native ones. You have a choice of 4 politicians when you age up to colonial (Messenger, Chief, Wise Woman, Warrior). Let us suppose you choose Messenger; you will have a choice between Chief, Wise Woman, and Warrior in age2 then. You will have only one choice when you go to Age 5 then.
- Messenger: fast age ups
- Wise Woman: cords of wood and a boost to Wood gather rates
- Chief: bonus to all Congolese warriors HP
- Warrior: Batta Musketeers (see below)

4) War Chief
Your War Chief can gather resourses. That's weird, right ;)
Age 1 gather rates are similar to 1 villager, age 2 - 2 villagers and so on. Age 5 War Chief gathers as fast as 5 settlers. All economic upgrades affect him too.

Important: though the War Chief is tagged as villager, all units deal their regular damage against him. For example, he can not be countered by Oprichniks.
I banned War Chief to shoot animals. He gathers food from living animals though. It may be fixed somehow in future.
War Chief doesn't have an ability to stun guardians or kill them in one shot, but he has greater multipliers against guardians.

5) Army
You have only one kind of barracks - War Hut. There you can train 6 kinds of warriors:
- Bakongo Archer - archer with a very low base attack but an extreme shooting rate (shoots 3x faster than a musk). Available in Age 2.
- Bakongo Spearman - simple pikeman. Weaker and cheaper then a normal European pikeman. Available in Age 2.
- Bamba Swordsman - tagged as heavy cavalry. Fast moving cavalry-like unit that deals area damage. Has much less hitpoints than hussar though. Available in Age 2.
- Loango Spearman - a mix of Musketeer and Dragoon. Heavy Infantry than beats Cavalry in melee and Heavy Cavalry in ranged combat. Moves as fast as a musketeer. Available in Age 3.
- Incendiary - slow and cheap infantry good only at destroying buildings. Available in Age 3.
- Drummer - an expensive unit that has a Speed/Attack aura, but can not fight. Limited to 3. Available in Age 3.

- Batta Musketeer - very strong HomeCity-only musketeer. Has a greater range than a standard Musketeer. Costs 2 pop.
- War Boat - a universal boat. Train limits are increased when you age up.
You can also research some Arsenal-like techs in your War Huts.
Important: All your warriors are upgraded automatically when you age up. This makes Congolese really strong in late game. Boats aren't upgraded. Bakongo Spearmen are upgraded only to Elite. Drummers aren't upgraded.
6) Settlers
You can train 49 settlers from TC, + consulate settlers. You can train 99 Fishing Boats like every other civ.

What is important too:
- This mod will not use any new unit models. I simply can't make them. Paint is a limit of my skills in graphics. Most of the models were taken from the Aztec. Just like the flag and Home City design.
- All units speak Aztec. It is quite hard to find some Congolese guys to record the necessary phrases I think D:
- I want this civ to be balanced both in supremacy and treaty. For this purpose I will patch the mod according to your suggestions until it is balanced ideally.
- Congolese Home City can be normally created both in single- and multiplayer, but you can not create an Aztec Home City while this mod is activated. If you already have an Aztec Home City, you can normally play it.

Find some people to play with: https://discord.gg/0tnCyBW8U6du4snP
Watch the Congo Mod broadcasts: https://www.twitch.tv/capryanprice
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lord aic hello,
first of all, the idea is great, good work man.
firs suggestion from me, would better to make it for TAD only and explain why.
As you see mod is small and install full version and use mod that adds only one race not relevant, as many great mods are released who will add many civils.
Many people likes tad and if search, find that download onli aoe 3 is dificult to find, you must download complete edition, tad or twc. But tad is most playeble.
Second suggestion is that make indian textures for tad version. it will be most relevant. also, you can download tad designer mod and find new buildings and units here, what will help you much.
at last, my suggestion do two things also, made ninja style japan, it will hightly raise your mod rating and add egupt too. why? because egupt was porto franco and way to go in congo.
I can give all suggestions making them.
good luck to you

best wishes
Aic Ual Goun

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