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Downloads Home » Miscellaneous Files » Draugur AI build walls for custom large maps

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Draugur AI build walls for custom large maps

Author File Description
Commodore Cedric
File Details
Game Version: TAD
by Commodore cedric

Good day everyone! this is my version of draugur ai of felix. i made this ai mod based on draugur ai, since it becomes the standard ai for all Age of empires 3 single players. the goal of this mod is to let the players experince having an active ai that build walls. first of, i would like you to know that im not a programmer and all i did is copy, paste and tweak the scripts that i found on some scripting tutorials. especially the ai tutorials of mudilator.


1. This AI is the same as the Draugur AI of Felix Hermansson, but this ai build walls

2. Aztecs and Asian civilizations AI now convert their walls into gates

*Note: you can disable the wall buildings of AIs by openning the AImain.xs using notepad, find the 'rule delaywalls' and retype 'active' to 'inactive'

*Note: if you deactivated the wall building of AIs you are no longer in need to copy the techtree file. The techtree file allows the asian civilization and the aztecs to convert their walls into gates

3. Ai upgrade their wall at post-industrial age

4. this ai is best to use on larger maps and also to avoid wall obstruction

5. Plus top rated custom maps from age of empires 3 heaven

*Note: there are large customs maps here, and i recommend you to play this ai mod on the land maps made by RF_Gandalf

i set the radius to 59, because i think that is the best size, it's not to small to interfere the circulation inside the AIs base and not to large to touch the base of their allies. if you want to adjust the radius, just open the AImain.xs using notepad and find (Ctr+F):

"aiPlanSetVariableFloat(wallPlanID, cBuildWallPlanWallRingRadius, 0.0, 59.0);"

just replace the number 59 to whatever game radius you want for you wall

and click next to find the second script and replace again the value.


just move the files to the game directory, to be specific move the aiDraugurMain.XS, aiDraugurHeader.xs, and aiLoaderStandard file in:

My computer/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/AI3

and the techtreey.xml file in:

My computer/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/data

be sure to replace the existing files. if you want ot uninstall it, i added the original files in backup folder

There you go. if anyone noticed where i messed up, please let me. thank you!

by the way, is there any experts here, cause i want to ask something. do you know how can i place the walls over the trees and trade route only? or how can i make the ai build walls over trees because i want to make sure that the ai dont place a gap between walls. i tried to put a <Flag>PlaceAnywhere</Flag> into every wall script, it works but the ai still leaving a gap and it also allow them to place a wall that passes through the buildings. help! just leave a comment.
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TheSepoyWarrior It's good that you did something. But it is very common now. Most major mods already have this feature.
Commodore Cedric
File Author
thank you. yes, most major mods have these feature but i want it for the original version. i tried other ai wall mod but most of them have issues like aztecs and asian civilizations do not build gates, not upgrading walls, there is a good mod that i found, it has better early and mid game ai action than this ai mod i created but when i try to command my ally in late game, they wont even respond in action even they have lots of soldiers and they are so inactive. for that reason, i used the draugur ai as a base ai for this mod and add wall feature.
Panmaster2014 There's no way to build around trade routes or trees directly.
The wall plan can build in a fixed radius x or from point a to b in a straight line. There is also an area option which crashes the game.

There's also these untested, unused functions:
bool aiBuildWall(int buildingID, int escowID)
bool aiCanBuildWall( int=-1, int=-1 )
bool aiDoesWallExist(int buildingID)
bool aiGetWallRadius(int buildingID)

[Edited on 06/30/16 @ 01:07 AM]

Commodore Cedric
File Author
Hello Panmaster. Thank you for the information. it's so sad to hear there's no way to build around trade routes or trees directly, because that's the only solution i can think of for those wall gap problems cause by the trees which i think it will not look awkward. i don't understand much of the script, but do you think programmers can add additional or necessary rules in the game?
Panmaster2014 The only chance is for the people that made the hardcode patcher http://aoe3.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3776 to reverse engineer the Age3y.exe to add AI functionality.

The AI needs building repairs most of all.
Commodore Cedric
File Author
Wow this is awesome! i wonder what changes will happen in future updates and how will this impact the modding community.
Omkar Great! I will give it a try.
Well, i like much this code, i using him on my mod and name is Age of Empires III: Special Civilizations and i gived credit of this author on my mod desc.


[Edited on 05/07/17 @ 09:02 PM]

Defeating the AI is more harder now.
I personally like to add handicap to make it more interesting, too bad the ai doesnt spam musk or skirm

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