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The Fallen (6/6)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
L1 The Red Dragon

The story takes place in a forgotten kingdom on an huge island near Japan and the Chinese coast.

After years difficles Imiko the Queen ascended the throne of his father and shares power between the order of the Silver Hand, warrior monks holding the religious authority over the island and the representative of the nobles, as corrupt as deceitful, Maezin Lo.
Liu Zao You are the son of the commander of the Iron Guard, the elite guard of the queen.

The country has just emerged from a terrible famine, the Queen by his diplomatic skill has managed to conclude trade agreements with neighboring powers. There now remains only one problem to settle ..
The horde of the Red Dragon. Once a band of looters coastal low skilled and poorly equipped. But since their attacks are more organized, their ranks were tripled and are equipped with weapons of a quality that can compete with the Iron Guard itself!
Many wokou pirates have joined them, hoping to touch their share of the booty, we must end before it is irreversible
The captain Liu jeuen therefore share alongside his father defending the honor of the queen. After several skirmishes based red Lord was located far north of the island in the mountains of the Dragon, it's time to hunt these disbelievers the country once and for all.

Liu unknowingly share has meet his destiny ..

L2 Meet your Destiny

Liu Zao notes :

After the fall of the Red Dragon peace returned .. The man we liberate, the prophet, is fascinating. His knowledge seems infinite, we became friends soon as our perspective converged.
The Silver Hand, an order of monks decadent impose their laws for too long on royalty, my father appreciate them well as it did not manage to save my dear sister Sayuri of the yellow fever ..
Arrogant and greedy it were almost as rich as the Queen .. Obviously fierce hostility fell between them and the Prophet who reveal a much tougher opponent for them stupid courtiers of the Queen.

The Prophet predicted a tragedy coming soon on the Kingdom, a catastrophe without precedent .. We all had to do to protect our people and the queen ordered the construction of a massive fleet order to escape if ever prophecy of the cataclysm were to waas exactly.
The wise old man had when he had another idea. With the support of Maezin Lo he began building a great monument. I've never been very believer but I trusted him after all ..
The only obstacle that stand against our salvation Were the monks cursed hand money .. Their thirst for power has lead us to our loss .. It was time for me to take care of them.
To prevent a civil war I went against the advice of my father and the Queen, only supported by this corrupt Maezin and my friends prophet ..
These ancient faithful will help us find evidence of Silver Hand's corruption. So my people could be ready in time to escape to a better land.

L3 The scourge is coming

Liu Zao notes :

This is a great victory, while we invest the Hand silver's fortress, one of our adept has discovered the entrance to the secret library of the order, under the Great Budha. Soon the servants of the cult brought us the entire box of documents and missive.
This is where we found the letters .. sending weapons, food, recruiting mercenary company, attacks orders .. the Silver Hand was financing the Red Dragon!
The traitors were finally reveal their thirst for power had cause irreversible havoc on all the country.
The order was tried before the courts and the queen reluctantly had to order the purge .. Meanwhile the construction of the great monument of the prophet approached the end.
I exposed the traitors, do you think that I was to thank? NO ! My father, all the other commanders judged me harshly. Undertake a mission without the order of the superiors, even to save their damned ass from certain death seem inconceivable ..
But my father gave me a second opportunity a few weeks after the fall of the last monastery. A plague had already ravaged certain village. This had kidney disquieting, but soon news Mazao the city providing the entire kingdom in wheat, we reached.
Accompanied by a Iron Guard's commander to investigate .. My father told me all the command, I would do whatever it takes to save my country, I promise ..

L4 A Kingdom betrayed

Liu Zao notes :

I'm not proud of what I did, but I did what was necessary. It is a pity that the iron's captain has had opposed me, but he did not understand ..
The threat of the Scourge is not, we lost many men and the kingdom has never been so weak. Luck would have it started turned ..
It was worse than that ...

When I arrived on the surroundings of the capital I have come across many refugees, they all spoke of the inauguration of the great Torii and what has followed. The prophet was saying words in a unkown language and a white mist was leave of the Torii ..
This is where the massacre took place, dark warriors have emerged from the gate, those who were able to escape. Refugees talk of them faces wan as death and bloodshot eyes. The Onnis, a race of demon inhabiting our legends are there ..
The prophet us all fooled .. The purge of the Silver's Hand, the scourge, all this has weakened our island, we even built the instrument of our own destruction, Torii. The Onnis henceforth have a whole kingdom available to them, if we do not stop them here they will expand on the coast of our neighbors and more ..
I arrive at the walls of the city, she is in flames .. I shall soon find my father and the Queen. The evil portal must be destroyed .. This deceitful and liar prophet must die. I just hope it's not too late...

L5 At the End of the World

We destroy the portal, but at what price. So many people died .. The prophet and these monsters have managed to to escape by stealing the boat we same we built.
On my honor I hunt this creature to the end of the world if it necessary. The queen spent the following days has mope, nobles, and my father did nothing either.
I knew what it was left to me, I gather our remaining troops, exalted their rage and fury of a fine speech, and we sailed aboard our last barges.

We have long sail eastwards, without losing track of the Prophet, these followers were poor navigators and catch up was easy. We have reach coast distant, frozen. These ratings belonged to a huge continent. A new world ?
No matter we landed and established the camp. What we found in my instigate fear .. In secret, the adept had, for years probably, start here from the world build another Torii.
By mid-aside land, surrounded by powerful wall is found a different way to the world of Onnis ..

The natives of the regions, the Nootka, we have helped to settle. We are almost ready to attack when the boat arrived ..
An emissary of the queen ordered us to go with the troops. To abandon this crazy revenge. Poor fools them understand nothing. If we do not stop them here, the Onnis will spread to this continent and back.
For the good of my people the emissary must die. I would burn up my own ships if it can force my troops to stay and fight.

L6 The Fallen

7 years have passed since the Onnis is kicked out of this world, I'm going to the end of the world to save my country. I give up my soul to stop this damned prophet.
And what reward did I have? The contempt and hatred of my fellows. All that I have done I have done for my father and my queen .. They blame me on the massacre of Mazao, the annihilation of the White Hand and my crazy revenge.
What ingrates! They would all be long dead without me and this world would ravage. I have no home, no family .. I am the Fallen.

At the fall of the Prophet, my men you abandon me, learning that I had to burn their only chance to return to the country. I was left for dead, but I made stronger and more determined than ever.
I wander long on this distant land. Now I'm back over the years I joined the land of my ancestors, I gather the old enemies of my kingdom.
I offered my help to the Scented Emperor of China. He offered me an army in return for my loyalty once im' on the throne. Loyalty, this word has meaning marshes, but he'll know soon.
With these troops I submitted wokou ancient clans and pitiful remnants of the rebellion of the Red Dragon. Nothing can not stop me now!

I'm back at home, they rebuild. The Queen has established his new palace in south of the island, far from his people. All my former companions and teachers gathered here Maezin these intriguing and noble Ishimi my father and his elite guard, and ungrateful queen.
Once this fortress get burned, and its leader died, that Kingdom will be to me, finally get a king worthy of him!

Ending in a another files

Sorry for bad english but it's not my native language.
yet I think the scenario will be quite understandable
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