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Francis Black : The Renegade (6/7)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
FB1 Freedom Cry

Francis Black's memories

Scotland, September 12,1632

Mother died suddenly there is little, fever, in one week was over. Father had collapsed and left the family estate to the new world.
The stories that tell us when we were young we always intrigue me, a story about an fountain ..
And if Morgan was left searching for this legendary water to bring mother back to life. This water able to bring her back among us?
We have never reviewed our father.

Caribbean's archipelago, March 20, 1640

I became captain of the company of the West Indian Compagny. To serve my country of course, but also to discover the new world which is my so much.
While Philip becomes a formidable trader I secure the trade routes of its majesty. One day I would go in search of father and I would find this water miraculous.
I would become immortal, the people I love will preserve to death.

New England's Coast, April 14, 1643

Philip accompanied me for his last trip, he'll settle on the continent to raise his son, John.
This port does not seem very well and securing, I have two words to say to the port's captain before leaving.
It is decided I'll go get that water, it's time.

Scotland, September, 1647

After that battle I was wounded and repatriated to the country.
The injury left me in a state of permanent weakness .. I can not stand to stay here in this room to shiver and suffer.
I need to see the sea, to sail again. My ambition to find the legendary Fountain of Youth which speak my father is always stronger.
Maybe I could become the man I was drinking this water ..
I demand my old friends, Jenkins to help me for leave this room, my wife is my son Henry will understand.

We leave the port tonight aboard a merchant ship at destination of american settlements. I already feel my strength returning, the sea ..
My injury still makes me suffer but I all the same turn the helm of my ship.

Bayou's Coast, January, 1649

Here I am at the edge of the Bayou, I finally found a clue. The ancient ship of my mother.
Here near the port of slave traders, is the Burning Paris. These dogs are transformed into a slavery boat.
I'll recover this vessel may be that my mother has hidden something that can help me find the fountain's water.


FB2 Froggies on the Sea

Bayou's Coast, January, 1649

The slavery ship is mine, I am again a captain. I dig this background ship in height, one of my men found a cache in the captain's cabin.
Under the floor to find a small chest, gold, an old treasure map in dingy, and an Aztec ritual stone.
Without knowing why I knew this was a special stone. My mother was a pirate, she was necessarily kept some-thing of his adventure before returning home and definitely not a useless memory.
Without thinking I took out my sword and shot the man. Nobody had to know for the safe. Confidence has longer relevant in our time.

I will study this card, maybe it tells the story of my mother at Lake of the moon. I will resume my quest ..

New England's, February, 1650

My first research had nothing to give, this time I would not make the same mistake. I have powerful allies needs to achieve my goal.
So I returned to the British Navy under a new name, Wyatt. After all Black Francis disappeared years ago ..

My mission now is to defend the English coastal colonies of New England against the French cursed.
This is where I meet this young officer, barely twenties but already so over him. Like most officers is a parvenu aristocrat. But I feel something else home.
Maybe I've finally found an ally that is worth the blow ..


FB3 Old Rancor

Archipelago of the Caribbean, May, 1651

Convinced of my usefulness young Warwick present me to his superior in Boston, Lord Pendelton. He explained to me their plans and vision.
I would say that I joined only to find the fountain but deep down my vision seduced I fear ..
Thus I joined the circle, the enemie of my family. But after all Francis Balck is dead, one remains Wyatt.

I quit the British Navy to serve better the Circle. I became a renegades for my country and my old family. What matters only power matters.
Scholars Circle found the origin of the stele Lizzie, there another. They would open the door of an ancient land named Aurora. If Lizzie was in possession of this key she should probably be linked to the fountain.
We must find the second key. This valley may be the answer to all my questions. A morning, Warwick comes to me overjoyed, the scientist had located the site of the second stele on the island of Tacarigua, a Portuguese colony.

To this end I joined the Spanish colony Cuaraga, Lord Warwick Pendelton and my wait. Pendelton is low, a Grand Inquisitor must be strong and determined. Pendelton more like the trader that the warlord.
Warwick is I think one day we will arrange to reorganize the hierachy ..

My target is clear now, I'll take advantage of the old resentment between the Portuguese and Spanish. The Gouvernor Torrez seeks all available assistance to capture Tacarigua's fort.
Once this colony fire and blood, the excavation site will be to us .. I found this stele and the immortality is mine


FB4 A question of hierarchy

Archipelago of the Caribbean, May, 1651

The ancient steles are us, our savants have already localized the possible place of Aurora .. One downside, we now have to work with the Spanish.
Mendoza proved far less manipulable that idiot Torrez. Whatever we nosu serve the Spanish to the end, once we reached our goal unchained the power of the Circle!

New England's land, June, 1651

More urgent business waiting for me alas. The Spaniards went ahead, I'll join them with the Burning Paris later.
Warwick made me come here in the heart of the land. Pendelton Lord, our great inquisitor is low, it always has been. Too diplomat, not active enough. At this rate the Circle find the Fountain in many centuries!
The time came dest change, we need a new leader, a leader of the caliber of Warwick. While still young he has already many supporters in our ranks.
Most dignitaries Circle are for a change of power .. What more?

We are facing the Fort Cheshire, Pendelton probably do not expect that! Warwick'll bring two murderers with a supply wagon. If it has come avoid Dante, Pendelton's bodyguard, this damned armored colossus, it should not be too much problem ..


FB5 The Two Entry

Pendelton is dead and the place of great inquisitor is vacant. Most of the dignitaries of the Circle support Warwick. It is only a matter of time before his appointment he will be the younger Great Inquisitor of the Circle's history.
May you stay there for a long time. He never thought that the stone's key could lead us to the fountain. How could he have done so? I should have explained to him that I held them from my mother, I would have betrayed myself.
He is therefore returning to England in order to prepare his future appointment and no doubt eliminate his opponents.

However, he gave me his support, entrusting me with a modest detachment of the Circle as well as a small private fleet. I joined the Spanish armada of Captain Mendoza along the coasts of the Yucatan, more precisely on the ccrab's coast where our erudites have located the mythical Aurora ..
The Spaniards can still be useful to us, I will play on the cupidity of Mendoza. A high concentration of pirate took place on the small islands that border the coasts. Not to mention the indigenous cannibals that swarm in the jungle. If we add to this the potential guardians of Aurora, the new Spanish conquistador will not be too much.
With a little luck it will be sufficiently weakened after the fight to fight against my guard of the relics.

My goal is clear. Find the two entrance of Aurora, the one hidden in the heart of the jungle and the one between the waves between the high cliffs that border the jungle.
Once this is done it will be necessary to clean the odds and find an operational base for my troops, the pirates will entrust their camps once their fleet annihilated!
As for the savages or the guardians .. If they are stupid enough to oppose us, well, let them die.


FB6 The Lizzie's Mistake

Aurora, July, 1651

Francis Black:
We have discovered the entrance to the ancient city, will sweep us by land and sea. These savages have no chance.
The fountain will soon be mine, the pirates and the Spaniards can keep the gold, only immortality counts.

And now everyone starts again. How did they find us? Years ago when the knight Morgan helped us during our exodus, we found the asylum here in our Aztec friends.
And here they have to pay their generosity. This water will always attract misfortune I am afraid .. We must defend the great Temple whatever it costs.

Lizzie .. Lizzie .. Why keep this stele? Why did you want to keep a guarantee? Your pirate temperament no doubt ..
But, by your own fault, the war has fallen again. Perhaps I shall never have to leave the country. Francis might not have followed this path if I had been present.
This is no longer the hour of regret, I have followed closely the progress of our son. But helas I arrived too late, Aurora is already attacked ..
The Aztecs are fighting for their homes, the Incas for the fountain. I fought for our faults. I'll fix that, Francis is going too far ..

Sorry for bad english but it's not my native language.
yet I think the scenario will be quite understandable
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ancientgamer This is way too hard man. Am still stuck at the first one! How am supposed to fight with only infantry like Slaves? I mean siege of anything is impossible! Atleast lay some clues around. Not good.
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