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Chapter 5 - Extra - 1805 Trafalgar simulation (BATTLEFIELD)

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Game Version: AoE3
Single battle scenario (tactical only-no strategic). Again Player is United Kingdom.
Best way to win: try the Nelson's tactic, ie penetrate perpendicularly the enemy fleet and divide it in two parts.
"England expects that every man will do his DUTY" - Lord Nelson.

The position of the boats at the beginning of the game is according with real data.
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File Author
BRODOLAS FRENCH CAMPAIGN "From the Revolution to Waterloo" - CHAPTERS LIST
Note: Scenarios marked as "Battlefield" are done by using real maps and real battle data
(at least i tried to do my best). Please note it when giving a rate: are single battle scenarios.
Some other maps are real, others are re-creating the strategic and/or historical situation.
Hope you enjoy it!
Chapter 1 - La Revolution Francaise - Les annees lumiere
Destroy La Bastille and build the Republic.

Player is Revolutionary France, Garde Nationale Francaise, gen. La Fayette.
Enemy: France (King Luis XVI Loyalists), Spanish troops, British troops and navy,
Dutch troops, German troops, Swiss mercenaries, Pedmont's "hunters of Alps" together with Austrian brigades.
First part of the French revolution. Loyalists still control cities in northern France,
there are riots in Paris and also near the German border.
Dutch and Prussian troops are entering in France, fortifications are vanished by gates opened by Loyalists.
By the coasts and by the alps, enemies are entering while Swiss mercenaries are withdraw.
La Bastille must be destroyed, traitors must be killed.
Run to Brest and Lille: in Marseille patriots are on arms,
but don't forget that industries of southern France must be defended.
Also from the Pyrenees, Spanish enemies are crossing borders.
It is important to defend the borders, but the real goal is to defeat the traitors.
The Revolutionary Government has spies abroad that are giving some informations:
for the moment does not matter, this is a civil war that need to be solved on the mainland.
Trigger: With last loyalist building destroyed, battle is won.

Chapter 2 - La Revolution Francaise - Les annees terribles
Last internal wars in Vandea while Kingdoms in Europe want the end of the Republic.

Spanish, Germans and Dutch are enforcing their Army, determined to drive back our Country
to the Ancient Regime. France is living an anarchist moment and need law and order.
This situation is making the army weak, soldiers have no payment and often only little food,
inflation is flying: economy risk the stall and need a good administration.
The Republic does not have money to build new facilities: what is existing, must be safeguarded.
Defend industrial areas of Paris, Bordeaux and Marseille;
but don't forget to find and kill all the Loyalists: their headquarter is behind the enemy lines,
on "the Republic of the Seven Netherlands United", protected by Dutch and British Army.
On South, Pedmontese/Austrian army is fortunately not really strong: there,
General Bonaparte will create the "Army of Italy"... time will tell.

Chapter 3 - La Revolution Francaise - Avant la mi-octobre! Quel pays! Allons il faut faire la paix.
Taking Holland and defeating Austria. Meeting up at Campo-Formio.

First the good news: Spain is now an ally, internal wars are on every italian kingdom and Pedmont
is technically defeated. Switzerland still neutral as usual and volunteers of the Cisalpine Republic
of Italy are taking control over their country under General Bonaparte
(Note: Bonaparte is "Hero Washington", on the alps with his brigade).
Our spies reports that rebels of the Republic of the Seven United provinces of the Netherland
host a governative building of Austria, that again is planning to finish us.
We must fight the British army in Holland, defeating once and for all the Coalition.
Our spies report heavy artillery and fix guns behind the Rhein river.
There is chance for a fast rush? I don't think so. Sincerely, our Country is almost at the collapse.
Is simply realism: in France there is too much corruption,
Companies and production sites are closing and will not reopen,
government need money for the large investments which is needed but the state coffers are empty.
The hope of having funds from fishing wales on the ocean,
is vanished by the British fleet that is constantly bombing our coasts, cities and villages.
Civil population is proven also by disease and poverty, and decreasing... decreasing...
It must be found a solution quickly!
Note I: trigger to win is "destroy all austrian (german pink) buildings".
If Bonaparte (ie Washington) die, you lose. If Paris will be under attack, you lose.

Chapter 4 - Extra - Capt. Hornblower
"The old adversary may wear a new face, but whatever mask he chooses to hide behind,
a Frenchman is still a Frenchman and we will beat him as we always have beaten him!" - Sir Edward Pellew

Napoleon rules in Europe, but not on the seas.
So, player this time is United Kingdom, on an imaginary map. Ally: One colony of The Netherlands.
Enemy: Colonies of France, Spain, USA, Portugal, Pirates. Maltese forces neutral.
In order to win, you must destroy the french colony. You must create a port and a fleet on this island.
If Commander Hornblower (the Port Authority) die, the battle is lost.
Enemies are a lot, but scared by the Royal Navy. They will not attack your island,
but the enemy will fight a naval battle against The Netherlands, your ally.
Use this moment to find and colonize another island. Must be somewhere in the south west...
Note/trigger: is an easy scenario. The enemy will only use the default fleet and will not built a new one.
Enemy will not try to land to your island. NR scenario.

Chapter 5 - Extra - 1805 Trafalgar simulation (BATTLEFIELD)
Battlefield based on the real battle data. Defeat Villeneuve (French navy) in order to win.

Single battle scenario - no strategic - tactic only.
Again Player is United Kingdom.
Best way to win: try the Nelson's tactic, ie penetrate perpendicularly the enemy fleet
and divide it in two parts.
"England expects that every man will do his DUTY" - Lord Nelson.

Chapter 6 - 1798 Egyptian campaign - Part 1 - The lifeline is firm
On seas, British rules: supplies need to cross the desert.

Player is France (Napoleon), one ally (gen. Alexandre Dumas). Enemy (Turkey), 3 enemy bases.
Some british troops, enemy.
The French army need materials and a safe lifeline.
Defeat the turkish bases on the area.
Economy & triggers: Extremely low wood sources.
Market is very important, and it is important to invest on the defence of Dumas headquarter.
Dumas can be inside a building. If he die, you lose.

Chapter 7 - 1798 Egyptian campaign - Part 2 - Revolt of Cairo

xxx This scenario will be published on request, please give a rate to an existing scenario.

Chapter 8 - 1800 Italian campaign - Part 1 - From Alps to Po valley

xxx This scenario will be published on request, please give a rate to an existing scenario.

Chapter 9 - 1800 Italian campaign - Part 2 - Battle of Marengo simulation (BATTLEFIELD)
Single battle scenario - no strategic - tactic only.

xxx This scenario will be published on request, please give a rate to an existing scenario.

Chapter 10 - From Ulma to Tilsit

xxx This scenario will be published on request, please give a rate to an existing scenario.

Chapter 11 - 1805 Battle of Austerlitz simulation (BATTLEFIELD)
Single battle scenario - no strategic - tactic only.

xxx This scenario will be published on request, please give a rate to an existing scenario.

Chapter 12 - Peninsular war 1808
Must invade Portugal, must safeguard Bonapartist Spain.

Player is France (Napoleon). Ally: Bonapartist Spain. Enemy: United Kingdom and Portugal.
Fortress and fortifications are protecting the mainland,
but Bonapartists in Spain are under attack by british and portuguese.
You must defend the Spanish village to the last man.
In order to win, defeat United Kingdom forces on the area.
Note: Since the Player will be in a safe situation from the beginning,
this scenario can be easily used for training the "rush strategy".

Chapter 13 - Extra - Peninsular war 1812
By the end of 1812, the Grande Armée that had invaded the Russian Empire had ceased to exist.
It is time to counterattack.

Player is Spain's Kingdom Army.
United Kingdom is ally.
Enemy: Spain (Bonapartist) and France.
We must take control of the two streets that are crossing the area.
French is well defended in their positions, but you have explorers and partizan troops behind enemy lines.
Be careful at the enemy's artillery.
We have just received reinforcements from England: is time now to attack Napoleon's Army and free Spain.
Trigger: destroy all the french buildings in order to win.

Chapter 14 - Russian campaign 1812
« Ils en veulent encore...donnez leur-en » - Napoleon in Borodino

Player is France (Napoleon).
Army under player's control:
- Marshall Davout: right wing army (at South)
- Marshall Oudinot: left wing army (at North, displaced with ally)
- Marshall Ney: army at center, with Marshall Murat Cavalry and Imperial Guard.
AI controls Ally: Gen. Macdonald (France), Gen. Schwarzenberg (Austria),
Prussian battalion, Italian battalion.
Enemy: Zar Alexander I, Russia. 2 Russian commands.
Gen. Cicagov control the Southern Army and the city of Smolensk.
Gen. Kutuzov control fortifications and the Northern Army. He is the responsible of the defence of Moscow.
We're far away from our Country, and every day brings us one day closer to winter.
This campaign will now decide what Europe will be: or one Country, or a return to the past.
In front of us, the Western Dvina river and the Dnieper river. Moscow is far away at East,
on the limit of the map.
Should we send the Army to defend the left wing, on Polotsk direction, at north?
Should we defeat first the Cicagov army, coming from south of our headquarters?
Should we have to run behind the Russian battalions that are withdraw?
Or leave the battlefields and rush to Moscow by forced marches?
Napoleon, we are awaiting orders.
We must defeat Kutuzov and bend the Tsar to our will.

Chapter 15 - Russian campaign 1812 - Part II - The retry
Sitting in the ashes of a ruined city with no foreseeable prospect of Russian capitulation,
idle troops and supplies diminished by use and Russian operations of attrition,
Napoleon had little choice but to withdraw his army from Moscow.

Player is France (Napoleon).
Under player control: La Grande Armee (in Moscow) and rearguard garrison.
Marshall Ney, Marshall Davout, Marshall Oudinot (ie 3x units Washington); Murat (unit Black Knight)
and Napoleon (explorer) are the General Staff.
Ally (AI): Italian brigade, Prussian brigade, Gen. Macdonald (France), gen. Schwarzenberg (Austria).
Enemy: Tsar Alexander, gen. Cicagov, gen. Kutuzov.
It's time to return home. Even occupying and burning Moscow, the enemy has not been defeated.
Must be organized a new Army in France, to be ready for a new war next spring.
Russians are enforcing their positions, civilians are forming partizan troops,
and their cavalry is constantly searching for us.
Now, the rivers are freezing at North and it is possible to cross them, but probably would expect ambushes.
Or should we try to do it?
In order to save our lives, we must be fast or we need to find a weak point on their defence.
Our rearguard can help us crossing the rivers, somehow.
It is also important to fortificate our weak defence on west,
and prevent any further attack done by our allies: we are not ready for a battle there,
where we have only our coaches that are waiting for us to lead us back to Paris.
Mission: Lead la Grande Armee from Moscow to the garrison at west, where the coaches are.
At least the Army General Staff must survive.
Trigger: Mission will end when the General Staff approach the coaches.
If you wish to continue the game, attempting to defeat completely Russia, just don't go with the General Staff to the coaches area.
At the end you will (maybe) win on traditional mod, ie "all buildings destroyed".

Chapter 16 - Extra - Battle of the Nations simulation I (BATTLEFIELD)
(Battle of Leipzig, player is France)

Single battle scenario - no strategic - tactic only.
xxx This scenario will be published on request, please give a rate to an existing scenario.

Chapter 17 - Extra - Battle of the Nations simulation II (BATTLEFIELD)
(Battle of Leipzig, player is Russia)
Single battle scenario - no strategic - tactic only.

xxx This scenario will be published on request, please give a rate to an existing scenario.

Chapter 18 - From Elba to Paris

xxx Work in progress.

Chapter 19 - The Hundred Days

xxx Work in progress.

Chapter 20 - Battle of Waterloo simulation (BATTLEFIELD)
La victoire est a nous!

Single battle scenario - no strategic - tactic only.
Units scaled 1 to 500. Destroy the Coalition now and for all and change the History.
Trigger: Defeat the coalition's army and occupy the enemy's headquarter in Mont st. Jean.

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 3
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

A fun scenario that adds depth and playability to a mass-navy engagement!

I liked the amount of Frigates (27) present for the player, and (34) to Villeneuve's navy. The Spanish navy could have Santissima Trinidad as a one Frigate/Monitor with more HP?

That said, the scenario works in the player's favor and he is able to manouveur his frigates into barrage and attack patterns.

Hard first time, easier second time around, this work presents the player a challenge and makes the lagtime hurt a little.

Galleons give the player close-up combats, and Frigates give him long-term action.

A pity that no ships 'strike the flags', of course.

Overall fun and inspiring!

Ocean filled with dread warships is exciting, and little improvement for ship quality gives the taste of a bitter-end to no-ends finale!

4.0 at least!

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