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AI Made For Skirmish and Rush games

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Game Version: TAD
AI Made For Skirmish and Rush games

Hi this is an improvement version of the AI working on the ''AOE 3 Asian dynasties'' .

This AI is an improvement over the standard AI created by ensemble studios.
backup your original AIMAIN in safe place .
replace this AIMAIN in the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\AI3 .

Summary of changes :

Description :

Things that are changed in the ''AIMAIN'' :

-The AI now is more aggressive creating biggest army ( infantry , cavalry ) , AI don't waste eco for artillery that he can't handle it well.
-Eco is really improved, now the AI creates the maximum gatherers for every civs plus all civs in the game can handle the eco update at the right time.
-military updates for civs are better handled , now civs improve their military according to ages Units and ressources .
-Asians civs can handle better their consulates (creating military) from there.
-Native civs can use their dances with efficiency .
-researching for the ultimate uptade eco+military in the last age .
-other rules or scripts that can improve every civs on it own .
-And a lot of others improvements not mentioned.

Things that are little improved or not changed at all, and can be improved in the future depending on my working time :

-Navy and their builds in the navy manager
-Death match games
-Treaty games (Difficult because of the time for the "Treaty Games" for each treaty you have to write many
scripts for each civs In order to play well according to the time of each treaty)
-Only small changes for the HomeCity Cards in the ''SPCInit(void)'' and the ability to choose cards in the ''void shipGrantedHandler" .

This AI is just an Alpha some Scripts and functions are just experimental and can be improved later with the things menioned above
Have fun playing This AI version Especially in '' HARD '' and '' EXPERT '' modes this was made for it .
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Scott E Dawg Sid: I take it you didn't use the Drauger AI as a base? Because the AI.Main file really is the original default file; even Drauger didn't change that file, he just made a completely new file used in place of it.

I've been waiting to see a good rush/skirmish AI mod. But why go light on enemy Artillery? Artillery is the hardest opponent to beat; it's why the Sioux and Aztecs usually do so poorly in late game--they can't beat European artillery, they get blown away as they rush towards it.

Well, I'll certainly check your AI mod out anyway. Could be all it'll need (to suit me) is for the enemy AI to use more artillery. I can prolly figure out how to change that....

Thanks regardless, for MAKING a new AI mod. We've been seeing very few mods these past 2-3 years, Murdilator is about the only person making AI mods any more (and he has made some very good ones).

Time to download this file and start seeing what it can do.... ;d
File Author
hello scott :) thanks for the comment
to ansewer your questions : yes some sorts of script are based on AI draugur (wich is the absolute refrence ,i hope that i will surpass it ) the others on others modders Big thanks to them All . but i didn't copy their work at all instead i studied their works and i changed some of them ,and I come up too with a lot of changes some news scripts and functions too .
for Artillery why did i remove it the reason is mainly because the AI is completly a mess at using it : ex : pathfinding , sometime the AI attack with only one Unit (it grab the Artillery unit and it go attacking the enemy base regardless if it create an army or not , army : (composed by infantry and cavalry) wasting not only the Artillery Unit but a lot of ressource on the process) .

Hope you will like this AI
more Update will come in the future depending on my time working of course .

[Edited on 03/12/17 @ 01:44 PM]

Panmaster2014 How can you tell what the treaty time is?
There is only aiTreatyActive().

Have you tried using aiTaskUnitWork() to control the artillery instead of plans?

Attack plans are not only unreliable as you have seen but also very bad for performance.

[Edited on 03/17/17 @ 12:27 AM]

File Author
hello there to answer you :
In my knowledge aiTreatyActive is a Bool type function , this function is hidden in the exe AOE3 launcher compiled source code , ( a lot of functions and scripts too are hidden to us modders ).
the ''aiTreatyActive'' is a function to check if there is a treaty game mode , not th time count itself i think , there is four type of treaty modes : 10 min , 20 min , 30 min , 40 min , for each you have to play differently exemple :
( diffrent Deck Builds , different launch attack (how or when to boom and rush , know how to configure the eco and the military........)
meaning diffrent gameplay for every treaty mode , this only for just one civilisation , but just like you know there is 14 civs wich will make 14*4=56 builds and a lot of scripts for every build and treaty now imagine that , it will make a lot of time to implement all of this , you'll have to play and know all the civs aspects in the four treaty types if you want to make a solid AI game to challenge humans players( this is the hard part for what i was refering )

aiTaskUnitWork() like every aiTaskUnit are a powerful task command type that give an order to execute a work , yes perhaps it is the solution for micromanagements of Units in the game i thought of that too but honnestly i don't know how to implement this in the AiMain for now .

[Edited on 03/17/17 @ 10:25 AM]

JohnGreek We will play and test your AI on our Lan games. How does it handle deck building? I mean, does it look for a card name or a card position in the relevant text file (# of line)?

I will post a review or even a comment after about a week or testing, unless it becomes obvious that it is really bad, but I sure hope it isn't.

Edit: Not sure whether to write a review, especially since you don't seem active here. If you are, please show a sign of life so we may give you some feedback.

[Edited on 10/22/17 @ 01:49 PM]

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