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N3O Added Pack

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File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
Things included:

AI does not override original Draugur/N3O AI

Cavalry Archers may hit and run with Parthian Tactics/Nomad Drill.

Several shakeups to Native American Civilization unit pickers, India, etc.

New Units added: British Lancer, Russian Hussars, Russian Dragoons, etc.

Several units available in the scenario editor.

A few techs, such as Jaeger Korps, British Cavalry Regiments, Portuguese Merchants, etc.

Last remarks, Britain does use it's Lancer.

AI now uses 15 Fishing boats, +10 economic pop.

Increased from 58 to 70 Build Radius, tested on Caribbean AI does better and transports at two different locations to attack, Hard increased to 1.40, Expert to 1.80, chang-ups to Japanese AI being tested.

Economic pop increased to 100, 90-10 for hard, limiter set for France/Holland at 85, 65 villagers, hopefully fishing will prevail better, and increased to 0.80 both hunting, fishing, and 0.81 for gold, and 17 gatherers for wood.

best of regards,

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File Author
Hit her when she's well oiled!
vino90m Hello murdilator

First of all i appreciate your effort for this wonderful mod

I like the way you provide new stuffs to warchief and Asian civics through Aztec temple,tribalcouncil hut, monastery which not found in any other mod (to my knowledge )

I hope u feel free to listen other suggestions, if u feel free so consider followings. If you disagree kindly ignore

Some unique techs similar to "impshipspanishcorsoletes" for asians.. where India gets urumis, Japan gets consulate ninja or consulate Ronin, China gets irontroop or manchu

To many elephant units for india, so kindly elimate flail elephant . The remaining present with some changes

1) melee elephant (mahout is fine but it's attack animation is strange. Usually soldiers mounted on elephant don't attack like this. If possible kindly set its attack move similar to howdahs melee attack move)
* Good Vs infantry (both handinfantry and rangedinfantry) no penalty against heavy infantry
* Great siege damage
* Great melee damage (strongest of all melee units)
* Make "yphcindianmonkfrighten" shipment also affects this unit
*Ability to stun enemy units

2)Ranged elephant(howdah)
* Stagger ranged attack set Minimum range 3 and enable stagger hand attack in tactics file

With regards

File Author
I listen, and I obey.

America is like England, it's like France, etc. etc.

The end of the world, will be about culture. And it will happen, in the peace between Russia and America, the superpowers of the East and the West.
Eoatres Excuse me murdilator, I have two questions:

I'm overall new to the game and mods, and I'm confused, I see you have 5 threads of the N30 mod, this one being the latest, it may be a dumb question but I'm really wondering, do I have to install all of them starting from the oldest all the way up to this one?, or just this one?

I was also looking for AI mods to play with a friend, and I found the following (two from you)
1.- Draugur_AI
2.- The AI4 - Coward AI
3.- and the AI found on this mod (N30)

So which one should I use?, which one is better?, "Coward AI" is able to build walls, does N30 have this feature too?

Thank you :)
File Author
I don' serve people.
File Author
You don't have to install from base up to this one. You can just install this variant by itself.

The N3O AI doesn't work without the patch, but the standalone versions made for the basic game work with patch or without the patch.

You will get this error message (AILoaderStandard .xs failed to load). That means the code contains technologies that aren't used for the regular game.

The N3O AI for the mod is better, actually, is the best version of the AI script, but I have been working on the AI Helot Major script and have problems with Japan buildings units.

The AI Helot Major can be used for regular games, and will show development like Halberdiers, etc.
File Author
I love women and am a fine hussar! Please download and try this work!

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Art and Sound5.0
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Size:9.01 MB